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  1. Another season has begun for the Goncalves brothers. The Portuguese duo comes to the EFL from Greece, a place where American Football is yet to be explored. This duo arrived last season and funnily decided their paths separated at arrival. Leandro decided to play for the Manchester Lookout, while Leonardo decided the Athens Carnage was the place to be. After an off-season without much to talk about, the brothers stayed put and both have now signed with the same teams for this season. After two games, they've both been quite underwhelming. Leandro has 5 tackles in two games, while Leonardo has accounted for only 5 receptions and 25 yards on the high-powered offense of the Carnage. At least he has recorded 3 pancakes... yummy! What can we look for during the remainder of the season? The brothers have yet to show their quality, but they might still be able to if they work harder on the task. Their improvement this season will show everyone what they can accomplish in the EFL for years to come. And we can't wait to see what they do! Leandro and Leonardo is no longer the name of a Brazilian duo of brothers with fake names. These Portuguese guys are for real.
  2. Tonight, in the Game of the Week between the Lookout and the Carnage, another storyline could have been developed. The Goncalves brothers could have been together on the field. Well... on opposite sides, but together. That didn't happen. Leandro didn't lineup for the Lookout, but we were pleased to see his brother, Leonardo, on the field for the Carnage. Although he didn't have a monstrous game, it was a great showing for the Freshman, playing in his first ECFA game. He had his first reception, for a 22-yard game, and contributed well in the blocking game with 3(!) pancakes. For the Carnage, the game started on shaky grounds, with 2 interceptions on their first 2 drives, but you could say that riled up the team, put them back together, and turned them into the stronger outfit on the field. In the end, there wasn't a big difference between the two teams. It was a hard-fought game, that ended up going to the Carnage. Now, could the presence of Leandro help the Lookout beat the Carnage? Perhaps not... but we can't wait for the next time these two teams meet and we're able to see this pair of brothers share the field.
  3. Let's go, Leonardo!! Conquering Athens!
  4. Sheesh! 3 Mil? I'll take it! Let's go!!
  5. Leandro Goncalves, LB Leonardo Goncalves, TE
  6. I do agree with those who point out the season sack record. But I raise you the season QBR record which is Ja LongArm's S26 effort, at 139.2. That's a mega season, and although it seems these numbers are quite high, Cole Kelley has 4 seasons in the Top 6 and not one of them touches de 130 mark.
  7. Welcome to the EFL leandrofg! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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