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  1. If it hasn't been filled yet I would be interested.
  2. Who has been the most surprising EFL/EFCA team?
  3. Trew Nix II grew up on a farm so he was very familiar with hard work and dedication. He only started playing football during his Senior season. Trew's family was always worried about the injuries that could happen to him. He was always undersized at 5'7 and 175 pounds, until the summer in between his junior and senior year. He grew four inches over that summer. As he started to grow Trew realized this might be his last chance to convince his family to let him play football. He took weight training seriously and was able to put on 15 pounds during the summer using his own program. His family was still a little nervous but because of the added height and weight they decided to give him a chance to play for one year. Trew would go on to put on another to put on another 20 pounds throughout his senior year. Putting Trew at 6’1 and 210 pounds. Trew was raw during his first and only season but started right away at Strong Safety. Because of his speed, strength, and athleticism he excelled during his Senior season. His coach would take advantage of his athletic abilities and lined him up often in the box. This allowed Trew to use his speed to attack the backfield often. Trew broke out of nowhere and had colleges scrambling to see who this kid was. During his senior season he had 75 tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, and 1 qb sack. He also had 3 pass break ups. He relied heavily on his athletic ability to make up for his technique. He had a couple of chances for interceptions but was unable to secure any of those catches. He relies too heavily on his athletic ability at times and his technique suffers. Going into the next level he will need to be trained up on the nuances of the game. He has committed to play for the Roswell Encounters in the ECFA. The Encounter are getting an incredibly raw player and we are excited to see where his career takes him at the next level.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I am excited to be a part of this community and this league. I just received the messages and for now do not have any questions but will be sure to reach out when they come up
  5. Welcome to the EFL SassinMe! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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