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  1. https://www.whatifsports.com/forums/Posts.aspx?topicID=506014
  2. It was a quiet week for Tavon Warner as he was not involved with the playoff week for the first time in his career. The past two seasons he was in the National Championship for Ohio State where he came up short against USC twice. Now he is a member of the Miami Neptune who are home for the playoffs and will have the number one overall pick in the draft for the second straight year. “It was really tough being at home for the playoffs. It really makes you realize that you never want to experience this again. It is way better playing in these types of games than being at home and watc
  3. Questionable Coaching Becomes Focal Point of Postseason The EFL has always had some questionable coaching throughout its run as a league, but it has never been more apparent than in the latest playoff run. In both the college semi-final and the EFL final dreadful clock management that would be apparent to even a novice football fans cost teams playoff games and rightfully have fan bases up in arms about the decisions. First in the NCAA Western Conference Final Notre Dame faced off against USC. After sweeping the season series Notre Dame looked in control of the playoff
  4. Just like the sim thought it was safe to punt the ball with a second left. In reality no team is not using their timeouts to get the ball back in that situation and no team is going to punt the ball with 1 second left, but that is the sim we have.
  5. Everyone is just looking at how poorly managed punting the ball in that situation was but no one has mentioned USC should have been using timeouts to force the punt with over a minute left anyway. Just have to take the sin for what it is and realize the clock management is going to be awful.
  6. But wait..... 0:01Boudreux, D. returns the punt down the left side. 0:01Boudreux, D. makes two tacklers miss. 0:01Returned by Boudreux, D. for 70 yards. 0:00TOUCHDOWN! (Guy kick good) 17 16
  7. 1:46 1st and 10 ND - 32 Rush by George Jr, E. for 5 yds. Tackle by Buchanan, M.. 1:08 2nd and 5 ND - 37 Rush by George Jr, E. for -3 yds. Tackle by Thomas, S.. 0:39 3rd and 8 ND - 34 Rush by George Jr, E. for 6 yds. Tackle by Thomas, S.. 0:01 4th and 2 USC - 40 Punt by Hanson, J. of 30 yards. It looks like USC lost hope as they don't even bother to use timeouts
  8. 1:49 4th and 4 ND - 32 Pass by Lee, N. to Dog, M. was dropped! Incomplete. 1:49 4th and 4 ND - 32 Turnover on downs. Notre Dame takes over with 1:46 left up 6
  9. 2:57 1st and 10 ND - 38 Rush by Boudreux, D. for 4 yds. Tackle by Hunter, M.. 2:22 2nd and 6 ND - 34 Rush by Boudreux, D. for 2 yds. Tackle by Massey, J.. 1:54 3rd and 4 ND - 32 Pass by Lee, N. to Hands, B. was dropped! Incomplete. And ironically Hands cannot hang on to the pass on third down, bringing up 4th and 4 for the game
  10. 4:54 ND - 30 Hanson, J. kicks off. 4:54---USC - 28 Kickoff of 66 yards. Returned by Boudreux, D. for 24 yards. 4:46 1st and 10 USC - 28 Pass by Lee, N., complete to Dog, M. for 7 yds. Tackle by Williams, L.. 4:08 2nd and 3 USC - 35 Rush by Boudreux, D. for 6 yds. Tackle by Cypher, C.. 3:40 1st and 10 USC - 41 Pass by Lee, N. to Okolocha, N. is incomplete. Broken up by Richard, S.. 3:34 2nd and 5 USC - 46 Fighting Irish Penalty on Williams, L.: Encroachment. 3:34 2nd and 5 USC - 46 Rush by Lee, N. for 1 yds. Tackle by Hernandez, D.. 3:07 1st and 10 ND - 38 Fig
  11. 4:54 4th and 2 USC - 24 41 yard FG by Hanson, J. is good. It's a 6 point game with under 5 to play 10 16
  12. 5:49 1st and 10 USC - 32 Pass by Wang, K. to Wolfe, M. was dropped! Incomplete. 5:42 2nd and 10 USC - 32 Pass by Wang, K. to Kersey, C. falls incomplete. 5:35 3rd and 10 USC - 32 Pass by Wang, K., complete to Kersey, C. for 8 yds. Tackle by D'Attoria, R.. And they choose to throw the ball instead of take more time off the clock, but Hanson will come out to attempt a 41 yarder to make it a 6 point game. Hanson is 2/2 on the day so far.
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