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  1. Need to start calling some passing plays if they want to get in field goal range In time.
  2. Who put butter on everyone's hands?
  3. "Hello, I am creating this blog to highlight my journey in the ECFA and what it's like to be a college athletic. I am a long way from home here in New Mexico, but I am learning to enjoy it. The desert has its own beauty to it once you let yourself see it. Anyway, I've had an exciting couple of weeks. We just finished our first two games and while it was disappointing that we lost our last one, I caught my first pass in the ECFA. Coach has been relying a lot on our running game, so I haven't gotten a ton of chances to catch the ball, but I did today. I was so nervous that I was going to drop it and Washington wouldn't throw it to me anymore, but I caught it for my first stats in the ECFA. I need to get back to work and hit the gym. We are working on our running game with Whittaker and Doberman pounding the rock nearly 60 times a game between them. I need to get stronger so I can make the blocks they need me to so we can be successful. Thanks for stopping by for a read until next."
  4. Athens Carnage Last year Athens made it all the way to the Championship game and just fell short of winning it all, now they have come back with a vengeance looking to secure another championship for their team. Athens had a quiet offseason only recruiting one new player to the team, but still, looks poised to win it all. Athens did not recruit many new talents but retained many of its key contributors including a pair of linebackers that terrorize quarterbacks and a redshirt sophomore that looks to impress the EFL scouts with his play. Quarterback Dogwood Maple will be leading the charge for Athens this year and has already put the league on notice for a breakout campaign. The newest member of Athen’s squad is freshman Klaus Dressler. Originally from Germany, Dressler looks to bolster an already formidable linebacking core manned by Rinky Runkman and Taco Bell. Coach had this to say about Dressler “His enthusiasm and potential were evident from day one! It's always nice to get a new recruit who immediately wants to learn everything they can.” It is no surprise that Athens will be right back in contention. Their young and developing roster will surely take the league by storm and show them once again why they are the best. Manchester Lookout Manchester finished second in their division and are fighting with Athens for a short at a championship. They have two star players in sophomores Josha Jones and Billy Burner. These two will lead the offense and make the lives of Manchester's two new receivers, Brian Harper and Vik Rakdos. While neither wide receiver was the most highly recruiter of their class both look to play a major impact on a team that is looking to win it all. To compliment their running game Manchester and brought in Mustang Rushmore one of, if not the top running back in his class. He will be looking to split carriers with the sophomore Billy Burner. To round out the defense two new recruits were brought in to bolster the pass rush and the DB room. On the other side of Senior CTRL-ALT DELETE will now be Freshman Ulrich Orzhov. Orhzov will be tasked with a big roll, taking pressure off CTRL-ALT DELETE and putting the QB under pressure. Prince Saxton jobs seems to be even more challenging. Entering a stacked DB with the likes of Sophomores Lamar King, Jeremetrius Creed, and Huey Newton, Saxton will need to perform at a high level to stand out from all of their star-studded talent. Thankfully this deep DB rooms give Saxton plenty of help on the back end with an excellent pair of safeties and King taking on teams #1 threats leaving Saxton to cover less talented receivers. Overall Manchester had an excellent offseason building on an already talented roster. Their quarterback and running look to lead the offense with their passing game developing as their wide receivers get more comfortable. The defense looks to develop into an even more formidable unit and capitalize on their talent that will soon be leaving for the EFL. I can see them trying to win it all now while their window is still open for a Championship.
  5. Trenton Generals The Generals have only one three games in the last two years and Coach BeastTakeover is under pressure to bring the Generals back to relevance. With the hiring of Assistant Head Coach Young buck this season might be the turnaround they are looking for. The Generals' recruiting class is an exciting one with many new players at key positions along the offense and defense. The future of the generals lay in their two Freshmen Quarterbacks Miles Jewell and Ren Yusaki. Coach BeastTakeover has this to say about his Freshmen Quarterbacks “Miles Jewell showed he came to play and quickly signed his contract” and that “Miles Jewell he is already looking like a superstar hitting players in the right spot at the right times.” Coach BeastTakeover went so far as to compare him to Generals legend Lowell Roffel. On the defensive side of the ball the Generals have recruiting two stud DBs in Ta’von Abner and Demetrius Demarcus and a young pass rushing star in Gianpiero Tralfamadorian. Coach said that their junior safety Jason Tuigamala hasn’t been committed to the team as much as Coach would like so these two new safeties might be looking to take his starting role. As well as praising their ability to play safety coach touted the ability to play Ta’von Abner and Demetrius Demarcus in the box as a Dimebacker or on the boundary as a CB. He has shown a lot of faith in these young guys, and we will see if they perform. Along the DL Coach BeastTakeover brought in pass rushing stud Gianpiero Tralfamadorian to complement Micah Parson Jr. Already during training camp Coach has praised his stud pass rushing saying “Gianpiero looks to grow and continues to ask questions and how to better his player.” This year will be a true test for Coach BeastTakeover if he can elevate his freshmen and develop them into a core that can win a Championship. Biscayne Bay Pirates The Pirates had a disappointing year in the 34th year of the league but had one bright spot, running back Kyle Lowry. Lowry broke out as the star on a Pirates team that had little offensive prowess besides the running back. Coach AW13 believes Lowry’s will break out in his sophomore season coming into the league as one of if not the best running back. The team hopes to use Lowry excellence to help the development of their young signal caller, Subway Jeff II. Coming into his sophomore season alongside Lowry, Jeff needs to take the next step to show he can elevate the team around him. Despite having a star running back and developing star at quarterback the team has neglected to provide Jeff with a good supporting cast at WR or a defense to give Jeff the opportunity to shine. The Pirates are looking to start two senior wide receivers who have done nothing to impress anyone across the league and have lacked any development. If the Pirates want to see success with their rising stars, they will need to provide the necessary support. Coach AW13 has said that recruiting has been a challenge for the team, and they are looking for some assistance in that regard to get the team back to contenting status. We will have to see if the Pirates star will be able to bring the team to a respectable record or if they will be dragged down by the lack of supporting cast.
  6. "Guten Tag, I want to thank everyone who has helped me along my journey to signing with and playing for the Athens Carnage. I would not be here without the support of my family, friends, and coaches. I will be keeping a blog over the course of my collegiate career to keep y'all updated on what American Football is like. I already know my phone has been blowing up from my friends back in Hamburg asking me what America and what being a Football player on the best team in the country is like. Athens might have to expand their broadcasting to include Germany. I just recently signed my contract with the team and got into pads for the first time at practice. I am stunned to be on the field with some of the best players in the country and get to call them teammates. Coach has already gotten onto me to stay focused and keep my head in the game every time I step on the field. I do want to thank my teammates Taco Bell and Rinky Ruckman; they have helped me settle into college life. I got to go now, better get back to my film study. Auf Wiedersehen."
  7. Jordan Von Houttum is happy to accept the Scholarship to Roswell. Go Encounters
  8. Jordan Van Houttum - Cole Kmet Klaus Dressler - George Karlaftis
  9. Welcome to the EFL killerwhale1984! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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