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  1. Wizzy started varsity as an 8th grader and led his team to 5 state titles in the state of Montana. During his time at his highschool he led the mid west averaging 8 yards per carry and led the mid west in total yards with 1.6k a year on average. Not only that but he was also very good in the passing game averaging 700 receiving yards a year. He now holds almost all the school records and is the all time scorer for high school. Wiz Khalifa plays 4 sports he plays football basketball baseball and track. When wiz Khalifa was in 8th grade the high school coaches got approval from the state board to let wiz Khalifa play varsity ball. When he was in 8th grade he was 6 foot and weighed 190 pounds by his senior season he ended up being 6 foot 2 inches and weighed 220 pounds with only 9 percent body fat. Wiz Khalifa struggled at first with the playbooks and getting along with his teammates, he was immediately thrown into the starting Half back position. Things really didn’t start picking up until mid way through the season this allowed them to get hot late and ended up winning the state title with wiz Khalifa being named mvp. That year he ended up with 7 yards per carry and 1.3k yards his lowest stats of his career. Wiz Khalifa was a big team player and after his first season he was a team captain and team leader everyone looked up to him even though he was only a freshman. He chose to not deal with girls in high school and was nice to everyone he also wasn’t a big party guy either because he knew he could be great and didn’t want to ruin that chance by doing something stupid. In his sophomore season scouts were already coming to Montana to watch him and he was already getting offers sophomore year. Wiz Khalifa was ranked top 5 in the USA for his class in sophomore year and by senior year he was ranked number 1. With his birthday being in July he got to graduate when he was 17 making him still really young and full of potential. He now looks forward to college and hopes he can trust in god for his choosing of his next school.
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