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  1. LB Jackson Star LB Clinton King LB Caleb Watt LB Chando Sabathia DB Jax Byrd DB Casey Archer DB Ronnie Screwtheherd Jr DB Cillín Mac Suibhne DB Xander Farmar
  2. QB Evander Wayne RB Marcus Johnson RB Tugg Bote FB Deegan Jackson TE Ragnar Jarvinen WR DeAnderson Sabathia WR Count Olaf WR Pat Kelley WR Otto Rocket
  3. I try to help provide feedback on graphics to help people better progress in that area.
  4. Trifecta


    What lol, what even did you say?
  5. 1. To win more games than I lose 2. To not be the worst 3. Their parents 4. Nope 5. They just ride the bus 6. Not sure what else needs to be added 7. Quiet and enjoyable 8. Can't say that I am 9. NY will regress 10. Dogs as cats are too needy 11. Got too many to list 12. With pineapple
  6. I'd much rather it be simple, give me PT, QOTW and an activity check, lengthen the QOTW a little to make it be like 100 words min, cutting down on the brand which can be eliminated through this and you still get activity across the board imo.
  7. Trifecta


    Oh, must be a younger person thing as I'm too old to know that lol
  8. Trifecta


    SF is rebuilding a certain type of beat? I'm confused at what this actually means.
  9. Take all the time you need, I'm not going anywhere
  10. Well if you come back, then I'll be waiting.
  11. Friday of this week or some time next year?
  12. Honestly would you think that a guy who goes out there and puts up the numbers and awards would get in over a guy who goes out there, wins rings but doesn't have as good stats or less awards? Honestly it's kind of hard to judge what really puts someone in the hall of fame in my opinion. You can make the argument for both sides as one can just be someone who is a great regular season person but on the other hand the other one may not be that great during the season but better in the playoffs. You can also throw in the classic, "Well footballs a team sport", but that can also be said for both arguments. Wouldn't it be that said player could have all those awards and numbers because he has a great supporting cast around him or the other one won those rings because of his team around him? Honestly I think a case can be made for either side and it's hard to decide which route I would take if I were placed on the committee. I don't know how those that are put on there can do it because I'd have a hard time turning someone away for someone else just because they either didn't put up enough numbers/awards but won rings or they put up numbers/awards and couldn't win the big time. Stop and think about it for yourself and I honestly don't think there is a legit answer for which player should get in over another when it comes to those scenarios.
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