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  1. 1. If you could pick 2 other members to star in a movie, who would you pick and why? 2. What would be the basis of that movie? 3. If you could GM one EFL team, which team would it be and why? 4. Name two songs on your players playlist before a game and why are they rituals? 5. What is one or two of your favorite foods and is it local or not? 6. With drafts not being as big as they used to be, should careers be capped? Why or why not? 7. If you could pick a profession and be successful at it (other than football for your player(s)) what would it be and why? 8. In your spare time would you rather read a book or play video games and why? 9. What is your ideal matchup for this upcoming EFL championship and why? 10. So far this season, who has surprised you and why? Player(s) or team(s) 11. You got to throw a party for your teammates as a get together, what 3 movies are playing and why? 12. If you could add an attribute to the sim engine what would it be?
  2. What keeps you coming back to the EFL on a weekly basis?
  3. Surprising game for New York and sort of what is expected in Minnesota.
  4. Down goes the bullies of the EFL and the other up and coming bullies.
  5. 1. The season has gone 4 games for the ECFA and 3 for the EFL, what is one positive that your player(s) have done so far? 2. Flip the script and what is one negative thing about your player(s)? 3. Outside of your player(s), how has your team(s) performed so far? 4. What goal(s) do you have set up for this season for your player(s)? 5. The Athens Carnage are the only undefeated team left, how many more games can they win and who could potentially stop them and why? 6. The same with EFL and the Miami Neptune, who do you see potentially knocking them off and why? 7. The Wisconsin Brigade are 1-2, did you expect this to happen or what did you see their record after 3 games? 8. In the ECFA between the Biscayne Bay Pirates and Hades Creek Phalanx, who gets their first win? 9. The top of the quarterback race in the EFL is between Ajax Cole IV and Nathan Algren, who takes home this title and why? 10. In the ECFA it seems Martin Isaac II is the clear favorite to win the MVP, do you see anyone knocking him off and if so who? 11. What is your team(s) weakness so far? 12. If you were a GM and had the first overall pick in a re-draft, who would you pick and why?
  6. So after a couple games of the new season things seem to be looking upward. During the first week of games, I managed to somehow throw for 353 yards but I guess that is expected when you throw the ball 49 times in the game. This is nothing to take away from Toronto's secondary because they did hold me to only one touchdown throw so that was a positive for them. The positive for me that game outside of the yards was the fact that I didn't throw an interception the entire game. We managed to get the win with the help of the ground game and it felt good to get that out of the way. Week two would see the matchup against the Miami Neptune and things wouldn't look so hot for me. I threw for a season low 188 yard and a touchdown but I also threw that dreaded interception that I knew was coming. Miami has always been known as defensive juggernauts and they showed it by slowing me down. Despite my best efforts to help us win, it just seems that this wasn't our week to win and they came more prepared than we were. Hopefully in the coming weeks things can pick back up again and we can get more wins in the win column and we can start climbing the rankings. Last season wasn't so hot for us and we managed to get the second overall pick and another weapon was added for me and so far it seems like he is doing well for a rookie.
  7. 1. The off-season ended, how prepared are your players for the new season? 2. Pre-season games already happened, how do you feel about your players performances? 3. Do your players have any pre-game rituals and if so, what is it/ or are they? 4. When not playing football, what do your players do for entertainment? 5. Name one move that you have seen recently and why you enjoy it. 6. What is one hidden talent that your players have? 7. If you were to host a party for your teammates, what's on the agenda? 8. Do your players come from backgrounds in the sport or have they worked hard and got here on their own? 9. Do your players have any rivals and if so who are they? 10. Do your players have any idols and if so who are they and why? 11. What goals do you strive for when creating or recreating? 12. Time to be thankful again and thank either a GM or AD who helped you out so far.
  8. Going to have to definitely have to say that it is going to be recruitment of new members to this league.
  9. 1. The draft just happened, who won the draft? 2. Was there any losers in the draft (team or player)? 3. What's your thoughts on events week? 4. Give me a season prediction for one or both of your players. 5. Who is one team who will rise from the bottom of the rankings? 6. Who is one team who will fall from grace? 7. What came first the egg or the chicken? 8. If a tree fell in a forest and no one was around to hear it, does it really make a noise and why or why not? 9. What's your players off-season workout schedule like? 10. Are any of your players allergic to any kind of foods? 11. Who do you consider the GOAT on offense? 12. Back to number 11 and who is that on defense?
  10. Trifecta


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