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  1. The EFL means to me that there is a community out there that enjoys simulation leagues as much as me. There are other people around the world who enjoy taking time out from their day to post, write or make graphics on a website for a fake league. We all gather to sit inside the game threads, (those who do) and we wait for someone to post results from a simulation engine. We earn points from our writing, graphics and postings around the league. It's interesting that something like this brings people from all around the world together to enjoy the sport of American Football. The support the memb
  2. Yeah well, I hope the Carnage lose in the playoffs
  3. I'm going for most yards in a career by a RB not only in Manchester but the league. Not sure that mark but I'm gunning for it.
  4. Exactly, I think I am leading the league at like 170 TPE or something. I'm proud to have 2000+ yards each season.
  5. Again, I've only went under the century mark once. I've carried the ball pretty well.
  6. As long as the Mammoths never win, I'm game.
  7. That's cute and all but it ain't for me. This team wasn't going to win one even if we had an "rbbc".
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