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  1. I just can't catch a break huh smh
  2. 1. Well I haven't paid much attention to the pros but things seem to be going well up there compared to the college rankings 2. To be honest I feel the ECFA should go the route of the SBA with the SBDL and offer all college players $5M scholarships to help them get up to the pros quicker 3. I feel like the TPE earning is at a good rate, not too easy and not too difficult 4. I'd say maybe another recruiting rally in the way the VHL does with reaching out to Youtubers potentially, etc 5. I feel like the staff is doing pretty well and it's hard to ask more of people who have real lives 6. I mean it could be beneficial because it allows the lower rankings to feel like the higher ups are just normal people like them which they are
  3. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars 2. Anything R.L. Stine 3. 2K or Madden 4. Napoleon Dynamite 5. You like that? Dalvin is my dude! 6. JJ all day and it's not a competition 7. Probably the Bills 8. Bills 9. Packers
  4. Too close of a win Lookout but we still pulled it out
  5. 1. Baggy jeans you could fit a ton of stuff into 2. Middle I guess 3. Smell 4. Probably 5. Not that I know of 6. Sweat? 7. Not that I know of 8. No outsiders 9. I can't remember, it's been too long
  6. No doubt you will bounce back for sure
  7. No worries, just usually a smaller space can be harder yet easy at the same time to do stuff with
  8. It's decent but the size is way too big bro
  9. 1. 6.5 2. Hopefully alive 3. Lawn mowing 4. None 5. 2ish 6. Spending time with family 7. Me 8. An eagle 9. Be born
  10. Trifecta


    @Playoff Lonzo
  11. Not sure why we got game of the week when it wasn't close. Should have let it be Mammoths and Wraiths.
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