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  1. 1. Fresh new season, how was your off-season? 2. What's your personal goals this season? 3. What about team goals? 4. Favorite spot to go on vacation? 5. Favorite movie snack? 6. Favorite movie genre? 7. Do you prefer joint practices or solo ones? 8. Which teammate would you consider a friend? 9. What gives you inspiration for your writing/graphics?
  2. Are you by chance done making that yet?
  3. I can't really say that I have any favorite moments yet because they keep getting robbed from me
  4. Snickett and Olaf are the very first two that come to mind when I think of hall of fame.
  5. Too bad this isn't old Jardy because he'd be a GOAT
  6. Wait we get TPE just for responding in here?
  7. 1. Biggest surprise game during the playoffs? 2. What are you working on this off-season? 3. Other than working on your game, what do you do to keep busy? 4. What is your favorite meal to have? 5. What pre-game song gets you hyped up? 6. What's one weird fact about your player(s)? 7. Water or gatorade and why? 8. Which is better Remember the Titans or Waterboy? 9. What is one motto your player(s) live by?
  8. I'd say make it a 600 word article that's needed which is 100 more words but make the pay 9TPE per week so they get the normal 6 and the 3 for a job
  9. Of course the east conference game has more excitement then this smh
  10. That was his first QB, not this one but I get it
  11. I now know why you take breaks, if you aren't enjoying the league anymore, what's the point right?
  12. I'd say it's more so Wheaties/the sim engine, but sure think it's him
  13. Yup, happy for an inactive QB. Just don't copy him if you aspire to be like him.
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