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  1. 1. What ECFA logo is the worst looking to you? 2. Why is that logo the worst looking to you? 3. If you could make an OL would you and why or why not? 4. If you could replicate one previous EFL players career, who would you copy? 5. What made you choose that person? 6. How do you feel about the question of the week being added for TPE? 7. What could make the sims feel more immersive? 8. How would you feel about an EFL Hall of Fame game (one that features two random teams added each year and two one offensive and defensive player added to that current roster each time but how they were in their prime)? 9. We know you are here at the EFL but would you suggest the EFL to a friend? 10. What was one of your favorite EFL OR ECFA seasons? 11. Do you actually read the sims or just skim past until you find the results? 12. Tag one member who has been the most helpful to you in your time here in the EFL and thank them with a few words.
  2. How about a freshman vs sophomores kind of tournament or something along those lines
  3. 1. Pretty excited I won't lie 2. Pretty decent I'd say 3. A more than halfway decent player 4. Well my filler can go wherever he pleases 5. Both of my players 6. Kobe Bryant 7. Never give up, never surrender 8. Probably my future wife 9. No awards just some personal ones (like full career) 10. Offense I'd say 11. I'm not really different 12. That'd be a dragon for sure
  4. I just beat myself dude, it was a close one
  5. Guess it's time to beat myself
  6. I was talking message someone, sheesh
  7. Probably the points scored in a season definitely because no team seems to be able to consistently do what they did for an entire season.
  8. Probably go for most interceptions for a quarterback but that would be tough with the early season numbers
  9. Yes and this title belongs to me thank you very much.
  10. Another week of games down and more disappointment has happened. While my numbers look atrocious at times, I helped manage to pick up a win against the undefeated Los Angeles Reign. I guess the takeaway from that would be the fact that our passing game was pretty decent and I didn't turn the ball over as many times. When you can keep possession of the ball and not really give the other team many chances to capitalize on your mistakes, usually you win. That isn't the case in every single game but it helps you because then you have more chances yourself to win games. My game is progressing at a decent rate and it seems like next season will be the big push for a nice playoff run. If the team can make some nice draft picks this upcoming off-season and maybe hit on a couple free agents things will get better. I've reassured the front office that I have faith in them to field a team that can win the championship as they already have past knowledge of how to get the job done. I will keep putting in the work to become the best possible version of myself that I can be and I hope that the rest of my teammates will do the same. Despite last year being a down year and kind of a retool, the team almost managed to make the playoffs. It was my first taste of a winning season and I want to keep that feel alive and keep it going.
  11. Gonna piggyback off of CIA and say Wolfpack as well, those first few seasons were brutal but we were still there for it.
  12. The reigns have officially been handed over to myself and I couldn't be more excited for the chance to shine. Well that chance is going to have to wait because there is no shining going on here at least for me. My performances so far in both weeks one and two have been unacceptable and frankly I am upset with myself. Granted this is only my second year in the league, I would have expected better performances than the abysmal ones that I have put up so far in this young season. In fact in interesting statistic is that I have thrown more interceptions than touchdowns and I am fairly certain that I lead the league in interceptions. The short sample size can be looked at long term as a potential disaster for New York unless I can get my game back under control. I know I wasn't exactly the best quarterback in college but I wasn't this bad right? Oh well, I am going to strive to put in the work each week and work my tail off so that I can become better. I have to keep the mindset alive that I will only get better in time and that these games were just against defenses that were better than our offense currently is. All these incompletions from myself need to stop and the interceptions definitely need to go somewhere else. I will be making sure that I do my part to get my game better because the fans of New York deserve a winner and that is what I will be.
  13. We already have the facts from @Tater_Tot for what could happen, why not play around and explore the possible change? I mean are we really afraid of change that much in sim leagues? Above is all the proof you need to learn about the new sim engine and how it could benefit the league. Could we circle back to this and really put some thought into it? Ab
  14. Definitely in for a treat with this one
  15. Literally I would have a quarterback and a pair of receivers because I am a fan of a heavy passing attack.
  16. QB and a pair of receivers to show up Dan's CB's
  17. I second this and go Frontier too!
  18. 1. Are there more windows or doors in the world? 2. What weighs more a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers? 3. If you could have one superpower what would it be? 4. If you could erase the negative things you did in one year, what year would it be? 5. What was one favorite subject you enjoyed in school? 6. Would you prefer baked foods or fried foods? 7. What flavor of ice cream is best? 8. Do you have a phobia? 9. Do you have any hidden talents? 10. What other sports do you enjoy? 11. Do you have any pets and if so what are they? 12. Do you have a favorite number and if so why is it your favorite?
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