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  1. The SCW will go ahead and only lose one more game the rest of the season
  2. @Kuesmo is based off my Native American language. It translates to “Who is Mo?”
  3. 3 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1INT. Game changer let’s goooo SCW! #StaySavage
  4. The best part for me is just getting to experience a season in this league. everything from presentations, stats and watching how teams decline and excel from predictions.
  5. DAWSON WITH A 141 QBR! He’s elite! Led team with Tackles.. I’m on the way! Let’s go! #StaySavage
  6. Punters with a big role that’s always a W. Williams had a good one
  7. A huge point in joining the Wraiths was my QB Zimmerman! Dude is an absolute beast!
  8. The most exciting part so far in the EFL has been the chats with other members in the league. Especially the recruitment process was quite interesting. I have enjoyed finding all the ways to gain TPE, it is a very deep league.
  9. Keatnor looks to be a beast! Best of luck to you.
  10. Maurice lll FRESHMAN YEAR: Maurice Alvarado lll was not an incredible athlete heading into High School. He actually wasn’t able to make a football team until his freshman year as he was just a 5’8 kid with an average leg as he played soccer growing up. He made the team originally as the backup kicker. Maurice had one of the most accurate legs but just couldn’t get the distance in. Heading into the season Maurice mainly focused on his schooling and theatre while maintaining football practice as it looked great on his resume. Once the season began his team the Orange County Oranges eventually went 5-8 and missed the playoff in its entirety. The starting kicker who also was the starting FS only missed one game due to catching a severe flu. Maurice had only two FG attempts. One from 23 and another from 26. He aced them both with a career point total of 6. SOPHOMORE YEAR: After school ended he just went home to study and relax as most kids did. What he didn’t notice was as he didn’t leave the house much and kept to himself, he sprouted into a 6’3 200 pound young man. To begin his sophomore year Maurice maintained his hobbies and awaited tryouts for his team as he wasn’t a lock based on everything he experienced in his 1st year. Maurice was actually a huge nerd in the theatre scene. Maurice has always been a star in center stage and it had actually caught the eye of the current high school DC. Maurice was the star of the newest play at his HS. The way he was able to move so fluidly, and move his feet so clean and effortlessly the DC had to find out why he didn’t know who this kid was! Luckily enough Maurice went to tryouts and already had a coach looking into him. After an impressive start the ST and DC wanted him. Maurice was still an insanely accurate kicker which landed him the back up kicker spot. Although he never improved past his deadly range of 35 ish yards. Even with his impressive start in tryouts he had no chance to start any games as he was still so unpolished as a LB. He dedicated more time into his craft and was slowly gaining more weight and more technical skills. Which he wouldn’t be able to capatilize on until his Junior year. Even as he didn’t play more than a handful of snaps a game mostly as a ST player, he accumulated 11 Tackles and one more FG from the 7 yard line. The team had amassed a 6-7 record missing playoffs again. JUNIOR YEAR: Throughout the summer Maurice dedicated everything he had into football and his theatre as he believed once football stopped he had another lifelong passion. To start his Junior year was a weird experience as with players graduating he was promoted to starting kicker and PAT specialist and the starting edge rusher. Maurice had the confidence in the coaches and his peers, this was the kick he needed to explode. A quick kicker overview saw him netting 11/12 FGs and every PAT was a success. His only miss was a FG from 45 yards which was a last chance attempt in the 2nd quater with 3 second left which was short but online. On the defensive end he had a wonderful complete season of 11 sacks accompanied with 24 TFLs and a FF. Maurice had put himself on the map with the regular season ending at 8-5. Although they couldn’t capitalize in the first playoff game where they were shut out 24-0. With a 1st year starting QB at the helm his senior year looked promising. SENIOR YEAR: To start his senior year the entire campus had this electric atmosphere. Maurice had worked and worked and was a huge 6’3 240 pounds and looked to be the best and biggest thing to happen to the Orange County Oranges. Maurice was reverted to backup kicker and permanent placekicker. Maurice had already sealed the deal as the star LB on the team. Throughout the season he made every PAT he attempted. Maurice was off to the most historic season in Orange County season. The first 7 games he had amassed a ridiculous 13 Sacks alongside 4 FF with 3 being recovered. You are wondering why Maurice only had 7 games played in his season, well a tragic incident happened off the field. Maurice Alvarado was doing his normal set on stage when evidently someone didn’t tie a knot correctly in the stage rafters. While he was rehearsing he heard a snap and looked up and saw a 30LB sandbag heading straight for him. Out of instinct alone he jumped out of way and accidentally fell off the stage breaking his left leg. This ended not only his football season but also ended his theatre year. Maurice preserved through it all watching his team go on to win 10 games and making but eventually falling in the HS Championship. SIGNING DAY: After the tragic incident Maurice was crushed because he thought he definitely didn’t put enough on tape to receive a scholarship. He was wrong. He received a multitude of letters of interest and even a handful of scholarship offers. Maurice declared that he would be joining the Savage City Wraiths and try to embody what it means to #StaySavage. Maurice hopes to become more than just another player, he hopes to make an imprint that lasts generations to come.
  11. WIthout a ton of knowledge of the league I believe Agrias Oaks will be a surefire HOF. 13 years of consistency at FB. 1 time FBOTY.
  12. (Please let me know if I am doing this wrong) Maurice Alvarado III - Eli Manning
  13. Good morning! I have found your experience on reddit and it is quite similar to an old instagram league for NBA. (covs2ksimleague if anyone played as well). I am a huge NBA/NFL fan and am very excited to create a player and see from there!
  14. Welcome to the EFL Kuesmo! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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