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  1. Michael Keatnor loved the game of football all his life. His dad was a well respected coach in the state of Tenessee winning multiple 5 total State Champion ships at John Collins Prep which, happens to be the school Michael Keatnor was heading to. Michael's freshman year was nothing special as he was the 2nd string quarterback on varsity. Though, this was the case it had nothing to do with his skill it was that the starting quarterback was 5-Star Senior Malik Jones. Michael learnt a lot from Malik and his father during his freshman year. Malik taught him how to read the field and control the game with pace. His father taught him to embrace his role and not to try and better yourself but, better your team. Freshman year passed and Michael, though not playing a single snap felt he learnt so much. Michael's sophomore year has now arrived and he didn't disappoint his first game against state rivals; East District High, Michael threw for over 400 yards with 4 Passing TD's as well as 2 on the ground. Michael ended his phenomenal sophomore campaign throwing for over 4000 Yards, passing for 36 Touchdowns, rushing for over 600 yards and also gaining 7 rushing touchdowns. He led John Collins to an undefeated record but, fell short one game from the state championship. Even though his season was one of the best among QB's in the country he wasn't getting any recognition. He went to few camps but, was never acknowledged for his short height. Only one trainer took notice of his talent and promised to be at his games next season. Michael started his junior year campaign underwhelming, a few weeks before the season started his father announced to the team at the college level next year and that their assistant coach will be taking over. This lead to bad morale in the locker room which carried over through half the season. It was affecting the team and Michael's play. The trainer took notice of his bad play and wrote him off the list which, led to the birth of Michael "Killer" Keatnor. The next stretch of games before the playoffs Michael put up historic numbers and carrying his team to the last spot of the playoff bracket. During, the playoffs Michael went on a historic playoff run which led to a state championship and they name Michael "Killer" Keatnor known all over the nation. Though, with all this fame, Michael was only given a 3-Star rating and still no offers. Michael's last chance at football was coming to a close. His 3-Star rating dropped to a 2-Star but, Michael didn't care because, he came to learn that offers and rankings don't determine the skill so he'll just let his game talk. Michael recorded his best season yet putting up over 5000 Passing Yards, 52 Passing TD's, over 900 Rushing Yards and, 10 Rushing TD's. Last week was his state championship game and Michael went off winning the game with a final score of 68-13. Michael has no offers during the end of his season though, a few more months are left and, a few more months stand between him and greatness.
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