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  1. I's a new month so here we are again! The season has concluded and my players did pick up their intensity in the second half, which I still can't wrap my head around. Bad Name, CB on Roswell, is a weird dude. He just completed 49 tackles which is atrocious. There were bot players that had 1.5 times that number. There was no sack and no tackle for loss neither in all season. He had his moments however, coming up tied for fifth ECFA-wide in interceptions with 4 and outright led the ECFA in passes deflected (15). That is something I guess and a sign that he is at least a little bit ca
  2. i see my name, i am pleased, i drop a like
  3. i thought we were playing bingo out here
  4. Go on Bad Name 2, catch a touchdown or two
  5. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/53018-magic-number/ +6
  6. watch me do nothing again
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha of course not
  8. Dear diary, we've gone one week further in the season, and the news being reported in this player brand are still very much not newsworthy. The team of my WR, Athens Carnage, is doing fairly alright, standing at 6-0. Big ups to the management here. That surely is not is any way tied to my player because he plays like a fucking bum. I applaud Lefty for his commitment but despite numerous consecutive games where Bad Name 2 has the most yards of all Carnage WRs, this incredible fucking moron is unable to catch one single fucking touchdown. I give him like one more game before he is pr
  9. maybe my players will do some worthwhile and noticeable for once?
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