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  1. I remember this. Their GM basically traded all their picks in the first couple years to win early. Respect.
  2. I'm nominating @TheCheese for being a positive presence, stepping up as a presenter and AD, and making strong contributions in all facets.
  3. Continuing for Season 28: Turner Award nominations will be public this season and beyond. Anyone that would like to recognize a user for the criteria listed below, may make a post in this thread, with the user's name, and hopefully can add a short blurb on why they think that user deserves the award. If there is a need for any discussion that can happen in this thread as well, but just make sure, to make your nominations clear and easy to find, when I go to tally everything up. Will keep this open until June 4th, around noon PST, and will start pulling nominations from here on Wednesday. Hope
  4. Welcome @neb! I see you've already created an offensive player. I think a couple teams are still looking for QBs, but let me know if you don't hear from ADs. You can also create a defensive player if you'd like!
  5. Hey Rangers! I thought it would be helpful to put all of our offseason activities in one place, so folks don't feel like they're missing anything. See below for all the possible TPE opportunities this week! This is your opportunity to get off to a great start for Season 28! Claim Spring Training - 10 uncapped TPE, can be found as "Training/Workout" on the right side of your player's update page. Spend Scholarship $$ - Variable uncapped TPE, can be found under the store on the right side of your player's update page - I will add your cash once Signing Day is posted. Ca
  6. @Lefty_S @LittleRiDog @Spartan @HuddleHussy @Siddhus @AW13
  7. Congrats to @Cornholio and team, and commiserations to @LittleRiDog and team.
  8. SEASON 29 RANGERS SCHOLARSHIPS Please Quote and Accept! If you have concerns, message me! $5,000,000 Full Benefit Scholarships (x4) Sr - K King Leonidas @thadthrasher Sr - SS Gunner Colt @HuddleHussy Fr - LB Yalla The Biter @OrbitingDeath $3,000,000 Full Tuition Scholarships (x7) So - CB Jaylen Washington @carnation199 So - FB James Minion @Minion So - RB Duke Dyer @qWest So - WR Mr. Big @denns So - WR Rudy Toth @DontCallMeCarson So - LB Tyson Kelly-Odom @qWest Fr - TE Tank Farrow @AW13 $2,000,000 P
  9. Damn, really wanted this threepeat. Still nothing to be ashamed of. 3 championships in 4 seasons, and 43-5 in the last three regular seasons is a hell of an achievement. Congrats to @MMFLEX and the Lookout on winning the championship!!
  10. Backbreaking penalties there. I think that's game barring a turnover.
  11. @MMFLEX ThErE's A fUlL qUaRtEr LeFt AnD yOu'Re At HoMe (jk)
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