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  1. Down in the Valley, we've had one of our most significant roster turnovers in my 13 seasons as Athletic Director this past offseason. With NINE new players, exactly half of the team is made up of new faces. with our returning veterans facing new leadership roles in helping them learn the ropes. That being said, I thought it would be a fun and good ranking idea of rank these freshman by order of importance. Lets start off with number 1! And that concludes our list! I know a ranking such as this can be divisive, and hopefully no one is too unhappy with where they landed. Also I should note that... Roughly 1100 words, claiming as my article and rankings this week.
  2. Town just got crazy unlucky with the vigilantes shooting each other. Is what it is. Vote Wheaties again.
  3. Vote Wheaties, unless he's been framed multiple times, he's bad.
  4. I'm on mobile and can't figure out how to change text color lol. I voted yesterday and will do so again today.
  5. Yes, he and Caboose shared the same goal. Caboose was doctor.
  6. So, uh, does the receiving cap not apply to TEs? Damn.
  7. Ridog and Wheaties are "at odds with each other". So Wheaties is confirmed bad.
  8. Can we get a vote total @omgitshim Also my only concern is could the Mafia frame Wheaties since they know I'm investigating him tonight?
  9. Not our best game, but some good to take away! Sonfire with a very efficient, mistake-free day @oilmandan! And our RBs both had nice consistent games @evryday @fishy Davis quietly having a very strong season as a #1 WR @Josh, and Wright was perfect again @FNHurts! On D, Hat led us in tackles and picked up a PD, and Frostbeard had our biggest play of the game! @Mr_Hatter @FrostBeard Onward and upward!
  10. Tfw when I get a notification that someone fire reacted to the post at the start of the game, knowing what they're in for.
  11. Dude, seriously. You were up by three touchdowns with 2 minutes left. Calm down haha
  12. Blame me going Very Slow tempo for this game to try to shorten the game haha
  13. Woof. Guessing this only got GotW status because we needed two. Ah well. We knew this year was going to be a bit a reloading one.
  14. Yikes. If no turnover here, that's the game.
  15. @fishy first career touchdown!
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