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  1. The sim doesn't know that the sim is bad, and in that situation with all 3 timeouts left, punting is absolutely a defensible decision. Not the one I'd make, but not blatantly wrong. On the list of issues with this sim, punting in that situation isn't in the top 50.
  2. A team wouldn't punt from their own 28 yard line? Every single NFL team would absolutely punt in this situation.
  3. Jesus this is a 10 minute drive. Nearly 20% of the game in one post.
  4. Not Game of the Week (phew), but this game is huge for our playoff chances. #hookem! @denns @BigZouzou @Inflastud @evryday @MMFLEX @Josh @$Money$ @Underclass_Hero @NoobPanda @FNHurts @Kayfabe @LJEra8 @TubbyTim69 @McWolf @Anthony Ouellet @Jetsqb101 @TheManSoldTheWar
  5. Not an ideal first night. And what does it mean that hatty reveals he's mayor. Just that he gets 3 votes?
  6. Can't even tag me right and man's taking my record. smh. Also TDs? Are you sure? I thought I had like a 30 TD lead.
  7. What a bizarre, bizarre week of results. Also that Bonzo statline.
  8. I just noticed the text under Nyko's sig and loled.
  9. I'm generally team #nonight1lynch. But I'll go with the flow.
  10. Texas can relate. The sim is cruel sometimes.
  11. Chi had himself another big game mixing that 40 yard catch in there @BigZouzou! And Andrews eating pancakes @NoobPanda Hill had that clutch sack early, and Beaumont showing up big in pass D, along with Davis and Aardvark @LJEra8 @Jetsqb101 @Josh @McWolf. Steiner might challenge for that school tackle record at this point @Kayfabe
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