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  1. Another great game from Popopo, he's really heating up @DonCutta190! 2 TDs for DeMarco and 5 catches for Dixon is great to see as well @jdourtled @Rjdixon01! And Hinata finally had the big game he's been looking for for a bit @Garappogoat! On D, Phoenix was flying all over the field, Greening picked up another TFL, Spec had a PD, and Colt keeps up his league-leading pass defense @Tate @Hank @Cornholio @HuddleHussy And 2 more pancakes for @TheCheese! Let's do it again tomorrow!
  2. If the Herd got Wrench more involved this game would already be over.
  3. Eyyy Rangers alumni @diamond_ace!!
  4. @carnation199 @Tater_Tot @Rjdixon01 you're mentioned!
  5. This drive collectively raised over $13000!!! A massive success showing the generosity of the sim league community. For our contributions, the following rewards have been triggered: - All users may link this post to claim 4 uncapped TPE this week. This cannot be deferred. - @TacticalHammer @Cornholio @AW13 @PigSnout @oilmandan as non-anonymous donators, receive one extra entry in the May lottery. - @Cornholio was randomly selected to choose the charity for the next season of #RangersGiveBack! Thanks to all who took the time to contribute or spread the word. The don
  6. Hot diggity this is a performance. Popopo with a huge day @DonCutta190, and DeMarco and Carter reaped the benefits with multiple TDs each @jdourtled @carnation199! I think Thanos keeps getting more carries than Hinata because backups get more action in blowouts, but if they both keep performing like this I won't complain @Tater_Tot @Garappogoat. And we haven't even talked about the defense yet! After the last couple games, I think Greening might be emerging as an award candidate @Hank, massive day today. Also a huge performance for Colt @HuddleHussy in pass
  7. Damn the Growlers are legit competitive this season.
  8. It was a 19-yard pass from the 19-yard line, I'm guessing he just missed the TOUCHDOWN line when he pasted.
  9. I'm looking at the same link, and there are 12 images in the gallery. I'll post it once OT is done.
  10. The second message Wheaties sent you has a link with the boxscores for all games.
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