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  1. So happy to see this! I have complete faith in you Cheese
  2. Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GG McWolf and crew. Heck of a game. @Jetsqb101 @GGOriel @Bartimaeus @jhatty8 @shrub02 @Kichler10 @AdamS @Vkobe-v @jacobcarson877 @moonani @Prince Bynum @oilmandan @omgitshim thanks for your dedication and patience this season. You guys earned this!
  3. Either @Adrest245 @GoodLeftUndone or @Ricer13 is evil. Protecc me plz
  4. Holy shit @Bartimaeus go off. And first career INT for @Prince Bynum!
  5. AW, Dan, Omg, McWolf, Flex, Adrest - just off the top of my head. Pigsnout and Cornholio also deserve a shoutout.
  6. TacticalHammer


    @emidas just making sure you see it!
  7. A vision revealed that Goliathus, Cornholio or eaglesfan036 is evil!
  8. Welcome everyone to the Season 34 EFL Draft. The Draft will commence at Noon ET on Friday April 15th. Best of luck to all the draftees!
  9. I feel like exact wording disadvantages Maf who don't know how omg phrases all his messages, but here: "A vision revealed that Doomsday or Adrest245 is good!"
  10. Hey Rangers! I thought it would be helpful to put all of our offseason activities in one place, so folks don't feel like they're missing anything. See below for all the possible TPE opportunities this week! This is your opportunity to get off to a great start for Season 32! Claim Spring Training - 10 uncapped TPE, can be found as "Training/Workout" on the right side of your player's update page. Spend Scholarship $$ - Variable uncapped TPE, can be found under the store on the right side of your player's update page - I will add your cash once Signing Day is posted. Can also be used to buy weight or double your prediction TPE next season (good options if you're capped). Submit a Mock Draft and claim TPE Claim Predictions and Fantasy Giveaway - through EFLO or when tagged. Write a career point task! - 8 uncapped TPE, 350 words. Eligible players below: Do your weekly point task or claim Affiliate Welfare - 6 capped TPE. This is your main way to earn weekly TPE. A 350 word article, graphic, podcast, or welfare from one of our affiliate partners. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/forum/37-point-tasks/ Do a Player Brand, or a combination of answering Press Conference Questions and commenting on the Draft and award presentations - 3 capped TPE. This will let you hit our weekly cap! Links below. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/forum/41-player-brands/ Write a Ranking - 6 uncapped TPE. This is a once-per-season 500 word article ranking anything you'd like, even tangentially related to the site. This one is less time-sensitive. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/forum/263-rankings/ I know this is a lot, so just do your best, don't feel like you have to knock out everything on this list immediately. The offseason is the busiest week - things will slow down into a nice rhythm after this. Please message me with any questions! Tags:
  11. So my vision last night told me that one of Adrest and Doomsday is good, and one is evil. Lol. Vote MMFLEX MMFLEX: 4 (Eagle, Goli, Corn, Tac)
  12. Could just start voting out silent people
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