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  1. Oh goodness, have a day @Jetsqb101 @GGOriel @Turts @jhatty8. Huge games for Kentucky, Protein, and The Biter as well! @McWolf @OrbitingDeath
  2. Results for the Yahoo league! Congrats to @oilmandan for winning our league!!! TPE claims: @oilmandan - 8 TPE @omgitshim - 6 TPE @Renomitsu - 4 TPE @MMFLEX - 3 TPE @CowboyinAmerica - 2 TPE @Wheaties - 2 TPE @AW13 - 2 TPE @GGOriel - 2 TPE @OrbitingDeath - 2 TPE @TacticalHammer - 2 TPE @Lefty_S - 2 TPE @Sharkstrong - 2 TPE
  3. Offense went OFF! @Jetsqb101 @Turts @GGOriel @jhatty8 @AdamS!! Big day for @OrbitingDeath and a pick-6 for @Wheaties
  4. All @AdamSdoes is catch TDs. And @GGOriel is getting his carries now! No coincidence it meant a big day for @Turts!
  5. Oof. A 1-point loss, where we missed 7 points of kicks. Feels bad man.
  6. Gave you $5mil. Go for it!
  7. Week ending 1/8: 12 tpe Week Ending 1/15: 12 tpe Week ending 1/22: 12 tpe Week ending 1/29: 12 tpe Week ending 2/5: 12 tpe Week ending 2/12: 12 tpe Week ending 2/19: 18 tpe (media week) Claimable for @Rockstar
  8. Bumpy start, but the defense came to play! Big days for @OrbitingDeath, @Turts, and @Jetsqb101!!
  9. Sorry for the delay on this! TPE is awarded to the following: @Easy touchdowns 2 @PigSnout 7 @McWolf 7 @Myers33 4 @CowboyinAmerica 6 AVERAGE: 5 TPE
  10. MOCK DRAFT Predict the first two rounds of this year's EFL draft! For each correct pick you earn 1/2 TPE and you will earn 1 TPE just for participation! The following list is eligible for claiming the average due to being in the draft room: In case trades happen, if you have the right player in the right spot, but right or wrong team, it will still count. You have 2 GM picks set for you this season. Deadline: 15 minutes before the draft presentation begins. *You may submit multiple entries if you need to “edit”, but please note that any duplicates you have will result in your most recent entry being used as your official entry *You should have the ability to edit though, but you might need to be signed in to google* *Anonymity is not guaranteed! As entries come in/every few hours I will be posting entries so others can see how it’s being picked!* *Continued from last season is an option of "The Field". If for any pick you feel I do not have the player listed that will be selected OR you think the pick will be passed, Select "The Field" or "PASS" and if a player is picked not on the list, you will earn the point, no matter who it is. * Order: 1.1 New Orleans 1.2 Memphis 1.3 Seattle 1.4 Los Angeles 1.5 Minnesota 1.6 San Antonio 1.7 Denver 1.8 Toronto 1.9 Wisconsin 1.10 Miami 1.11 San Antonio 1.12 San Francisco 2.13 New Orleans 2.14 Memphis 2.15 San Francisco 2.16 Toronto 2.17 Minnesota 2.18 Memphis 2.19 Denver 2.20 Los Angeles 2.21 New York 2.22 Wisconsin 2.23 Memphis 2.24 San Francisco
  11. Hey Rangers! I thought it would be helpful to put all of our offseason activities in one place, so folks don't feel like they're missing anything. See below for all the possible TPE opportunities this week! This is your opportunity to get off to a great start for Season 32! Claim Spring Training - 10 uncapped TPE, can be found as "Training/Workout" on the right side of your player's update page. Spend Scholarship $$ - Variable uncapped TPE, can be found under the store on the right side of your player's update page - I will add your cash once Signing Day is posted. Can also be used to buy weight or double your prediction TPE next season (good options if you're capped). Submit a Mock Draft and claim TPE https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/23968-season-32-efl-mock-draft/ Claim Prediction, Fantasy, and Trivia TPE - You will be tagged when it comes out, watch your notifications and our TPE Opportunities Channel! Write a career point task! - 8 uncapped TPE, 350 words. Eligible players below: Do your weekly point task or claim Affiliate Welfare - 6 capped TPE. This is your main way to earn weekly TPE. A 500 word article, graphic, podcast, or welfare from one of our affiliate partners. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/forum/37-point-tasks/ Do a Player Brand, or a combination of answering Press Conference Questions and commenting on the Draft and award presentations - 3 capped TPE. This will let you hit our weekly cap! Links below. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/forum/41-player-brands/ Instead of the above two, claim TWO 12-TPE free weeks for the holidays! (weeks ending Dec. 25 and Jan. 1. Write a Ranking - 6 uncapped TPE. This is a once-per-season 500 word article ranking anything you'd like, even tangentially related to the site. This one is less time-sensitive. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/forum/263-rankings/ I know this is a lot, so just do your best, don't feel like you have to knock out everything on this list immediately. The offseason is the busiest week - things will slow down into a nice rhythm after this. Please message me with any questions! Tags:
  12. SEASON 32 RANGERS SCHOLARSHIPS Please Quote and Accept! If you have concerns, message me! $5,000,000 Full Benefit Scholarships (x4) Sr - LB Yalla The Biter @OrbitingDeath Jr - LB Bones Kentucky @McWolf Fr - QB Martin Isaac II @Jetsqb101 Fr - RB Sodium Bicarbonate @Turts $3,000,000 Full Tuition Scholarships (x7) So - K Hank Falco @Kichler10 So - WR Adrian Adamy @jhatty8 So - RB Jack Cunningham @GGOriel Fr - TE Lamar Woodley @Big Mac Fr - LB Hydrolyzed Soy Protein @Turts Fr - CB Isaac Martin II @Jetsqb101 Fr - WR Stuarts Horn @AdamS $2,000,000 Partial Tuition Scholarships (x7) Fr - Muscular Dolphin @TacticalHammer Jr - LB Martillo Tactico @TacticalHammer Jr - CB Brian Meatball @Wheaties Jr - LB Flint Hammerstein @Advantage Jr - CB Jack Jamiesion @Chicken.inc Fr - LB Reine Dally @Horcrux Redshirt Scholarships (x2)
  13. For this holiday season’s charity event, we are supporting the Cancer Research Institute, with more help from the sim league community than ever before! We have 8 leagues participating in this charity event: PBE, ISFL, SHL, SCFSL, WSBL, EFL, SBA, GFSA. The Cancer Research Institute is funding the best scientists doing the most promising research—all while promoting awareness, sharing up-to-date immunotherapy information, and inspiring lifelong advocacy for the cause. We are proud to be raising money for this organization through our multi-sim league charity drive. No matter how much you give, whether big or small, we thank you for your contribution. The link to the fundraising page is here :https://fundraise.cancerresearch.org/SimLeaguesForEmi You are absolutely not obligated to post your donations here, but if you do, there will be some rewards and incentives, detailed below! Together we aim to raise $12,600, and over the next few weeks, we will be holding several events/providing other incentives to help us reach this goal: - An extra entry into this month's lottery for each donation. - I will randomly select one donator, and donate $30 of my own money to another charity of that person's choice. - Another commish drunkcast, if the $12600 goal is met. - Inter-sim-football league Pro Bowl game (details to come, thanks to @tlk742 for organizing) - More to be announced!
  14. Oh I guess your day is done @qWest, it's @GGOriel time!
  15. Just take the ball out of my hands haha.
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