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  1. Smh replaced the goat qb with a rookie, of course you had a bad season
  2. This is obviously a trash ranking. I mean, how am I not #1? Im obviously just pretending to be inactive so that once wheaties drafts me im gonna go full max active
  3. Not long until King Death retires as well
  4. One of the most successful QBs to ever do it decides to ride into the sunset. There are a lot of people I can thank for my career. First has to be @Wheaties got no problem saying he's top 3 gms i've ever played for. Coming into Miami thinking they were a bad team with a dead LR, to 3 championships is incredible and wheaties is the main reason. @PigSnout One of my favorite users in all sim leagues, quiet but man does this guy earn TPE. I can't name a player of his that doesn't go on to be a first ballot HoF. @CptMatt You're cool. Always had a good time talking with you and I'm sure Miami will get good soon. @ former and present team mates, there are too many of you to name but just know I appreciate you. There are a ton of other users around the league but those were the main ones in my mind, you're all cool. Just know I'm way better than you are and will ever be.
  5. Im so much better than the rest of you. 3 times baby cant stop me. Shout out to my team and shout out to @Wheaties the greatest gm the efl has ever seen and will ever see.
  6. DeathOnReddit


    He'll never beat my legacy but ill mentor him
  7. I run this fucking conference and this league.
  8. I would like to be known as Mr. Big Brain from now on.
  9. Your team? Ass. Your GM? Trash Your defense? Ash. Get fucked nerd @Alecbama
  10. the fuck u mean downfall. dont u ever put my name in your mouth ever again
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