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  1. @Bushito in Valentines Love, I hope you a referring to a Michigan win over Oregon lol
  2. WHO CARES......Michigan gonna take care of you in the blink of an eye.
  3. Thanks gents! Sorry it had to be kinda rushed.
  5. 1:111st and 10SAN - 49Rush by Park, E. for 4 yds. Tackle by Gunner, A.. 0:402nd and 6SAN - 45Rush by Park, E. for 3 yds. Tackle by Night, P.. 0:093rd and 18SEA - 43Predators Penalty on Callahan, R.: Chop Block. 0:013rd and 18SEA - 43Rush by Sharkstrong, R. for a short gain. Tackle by Tweedy, J.. THE PREDS WIN IN AN EPIC COMEBACK VICTORY!
  6. The refs come out to measure the SPOT. ..... ...... ....................
  7. 2:133rd and 18SAN - 34Wolfpack Penalty on Mitchell, R.: Illegal block below the waist. 1:453rd and 18SAN - 34Rush by McBoatface, B. for 6 yds. Tackle by Lawal, S.. 1:454th and 12SAN - 40San Antonio Wolfpack : Timeout WOLF PACK COMES OUT WITH A WILDCAT PACKAGE ON 4th DOWN!
  8. 4:20SEA - 30Marion, D. kicks off. 4:20---SAN - 16Kickoff of 62 yards. Returned by McBoatface, B. for 8 yards. 4:151st and 10SAN - 16Pass by La Fleur, P., complete to Hands, S. for 10 yds. Tackle by Williams, D.. 3:431st and 10SAN - 26Rush by McBoatface, B. for a short gain. Tackle by Bankston, R.. 3:252nd and 10SAN - 26Pass by La Fleur, P., complete to Sterling, J. for 16 yds. Tackle by Faeger, B.. 2:411st and 10SAN - 42Rush by McBoatface, B. for 2 yds. Tackle by Dan, T.. 2:412nd and 8SAN - 44La Fleur spikes the ball to stop the clock
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