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  1. Just wait until Zeke finds out about all the other better curse words.
  2. Eevee Hits FA Cedrik Eevee's first season as a starter can be summed up in one word...average. In a league full of superstars, Cedrik Eevee made it clear his goal was to hit his first season as a starter hard. Despite being on a rebuilding team, Eevee envisioned a season where he would come and show the league why they messed up by allowing him to fall all the way to the third round of the draft. Instead Eevee's season may have shown the league that he needed another season as a back up to properly repair for his jump to the big leagues. Falling in the middle of the pack in almost every statistical category, Eevee made it clear his goal was to improve. "I felt like I played like less than I actually was last season. I don't think those stats actually reflect the kind of player I am. Everyone has dreams of being this big and bad player in the pros and I get that some people aren't going to stand out. I refuse to be average again though. Last season I don't feel like I really hit my stride. I was having to adjust too often mid game and it made me look like I was worse than I actually was. That's why I'm deciding to hit FA and at least hear what other people have to say. Maybe someone can tell me what to do to not look average out there. I have not at all ruled out a return to LA. They are the ones that took a chance on me when it looked like no one else would. I owe them a lot and they are at the top of my list. I think I just want to see if there is even another team that reaches out. My whole career here has been only one team reaching out and me not really having any other choice. Maybe this time I will actually get a choice and not feel like it's one place or nowhere."
  3. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/49848-chicago-living-in-a-nightmare/ +6
  4. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/9599-s47-sba-premium/&page=5&tab=comments#comment-829381
  5. Eevee at least looking average this game.
  6. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/49352-prophecy-ender/&tab=comments#comment-827611
  7. Evans

    S21 EFL Week One

    I’ve broke free of my chains and am ready to break the single season attempts record. Bring it on.
  8. Eevee Gets the Starting Spot After a long and loss filled season, Cedrik Eevee is finally in a position to be the starting QB for the LA Reign. Despite not throwing a pass as a rookie, Eevee attempted to give his all in practice every single week. His focus on holding during field goals caused many teams to realize that he was even still in the league. Now with expansion over and four new teams entering the fray, Eevee finds himself as the lone QB on the Reign roster. It is now his time to shine. "Last season was a long one. I thought about quitting almost every single week. It's really hard to find yourself in a position like that where you have to work hard and not get to see what kind of progress you are making. You have to think, I have been a key player on every team I have ever been on. Being a back up was uncharted territory for me and really caused me to look myself in the mirror and ask if I could do this. In the end I decided to just grit my teeth and work hard. I think it's going to work out for me. Now I have the chance to show everyone what I am made of. I didn't not play last season so I could come out here and look like an idiot during this one. I plan on hitting the ground running and looking like a real pro quarterback. I hope everyone is ready because I know I damn sure am."
  9. Evans

    Welfare 6/14 - 6/20

    +12 Theme Week https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/48504-whats-next-for-chicago/
  10. Evans

    S20 EFL Week 13

    It’s official. Cedric Eevee is your Most Valuable Holder in a landslide.
  11. Eevee Ready for the Big Time Week 8 update. Cedrik Eevee has yet to throw a pass in the EFL. The former LSU Tiger/Manchester Lookout QB was deemed a question mark whenever he entered the EFL Draft this past offseason. People were unsure if his work ethic would continue once he got to the big stage. So far he has proved them wrong as he has worked hard to continue to improve his talent level every single week. Despite this fact, he has yet to enter a game for the LA Reign. With all this hard work and no way to even gauge how much better he has gotten, is the waiting getting to Eevee? "It fucking sucks man. I have showed up to practice every single week and despite us being a bad team, I haven't gotten a chance to play yet. Most guys would give up and quit, but I am not built that way. I worked too damn hard to get to where I am at to leave now. I have all kinds of doubters out there saying that I am not going to be a good pro player and I have not been given a chance to prove them wrong yet. At some point, something has got to give man. I know we are waiting it out for expansion, but at what cost? I've put in the time. I've showed up to practice and busted my ass every single week for over half the season now. I'm a fucking third round pick trying to make a name for myself and I'm not getting a chance to. I have six pro seasons before my game goes south. This needs to be the only year that I end up wasting. I'm not having fun yet. I didn't put in work all those years in the minors just to get here and fade away due to playing time. Hell, half the league probably doesn't even know I exist. They will next year though. I promise you that."
  12. Evans

    Welfare 5/24 - 5/30

    https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/48002-brody-bryant-at-asb/ +6
  13. Evans

    S20 EFL Week 6

    Another perfect day for our kicker thanks to All-Pro holder Cedrik Eevee.
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