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  1. 1. Missed a week because I suck and forgot about the update deadline being different than SBA smh 2. Not impressed but what you expect with a brand new player. 3. They put on the new Drake album and have a good cry. 4. They both enjoy making their own beef jerky. 5. I hate all of them because I am unsure how to value them due to not paying attention to the league. 6. Both could be world class musicians if they ever picked up a stringed instrument. 7. Harry Potter movie marathon. 8. Both played sports and were big fish in a small pond. 9. Anyone that gets in their way. 10. Guy Fieri. 11. Just to enjoy the league. 12. Stop trying to make me be grateful. Let me be bitter and negative.
  2. Rakdos + Orzhov Make Impact Despite being two of the lesser hyped prospects coming into the EFCA season, Vik Rakdos and Ulrich Orzhov have become important parts of the Manchester roster. With a preseason game and two regular season games under their belt, both have been able to make impacts on their side of the ball. In a week one loss Rakdos managed to log 5 catches for 33 yards. While many will look at this as unimpressive, Rakdos managed to create separation in tight coverage via short routes. While not a stat stuffing performance, people will be watching his ability to create separation throughout the season. On the other side of the ball, Ulrich managed 9 tackles on his own. In a week two blow out win, Rakdos showed off his big play ability via 4 catches for 119 yards and a TD. Ulrich managed 4 total tackles. So far it seems that only one of these players can manage to have a good game at a time. As the season continues on and they get more games under their belt, Manchester will look to turn to these two to help lead their respective sides of the ball. With both players taking this first season as a chance to work on their speed, their development could be something that takes some time. Speed kills in the EFL and EFCA so both players have been doing their best to work with specialized coaches to help develop that part of their game as quick as possible. Will their speed be something that shows as the season goes on? It better with all this work they are putting into it.
  3. 1. I'm not sure honestly. Off-season week is always a battle when it comes to keeping people super interested with things. Hard to find something that peaks enough interest and doesn't require a lot of work. 2. Lookout because I am biased. 3. Not sure how their roster looks post three peat, but the Brigade are the top team until someone proves otherwise. 4. My own players because I only trust myself. 5. Offense. Scoring is always hard to stop when someone is elite at it. 6. Possibly. Essentially a LB with less tackles so I'd be cool with it. 7. Not at all. Recruiting class + draft classes always have ups and downs. 8. Bring back the Wolfpack. 9. It would be more fun to watch, but also much harder on the back end and potentially lead to the league not lasting long. It's a give and a take with Madden. 10. Just give me one team per continent. 11. Have been inactive for far too long to know someone to tag. 12. Same thing with this question.
  4. Manchester Lookout Take A Chance The internet can turn anyone into a phenom these days. While the hype doesn't always get lived up to, we've seen players with college offers before they even hit high school. Despite this trend, the Manchester Lookout just took a chance on two players no one had on their radar. WR Vik Rakdos and LB Ulrich Orzhov were Class A private school darlings in the state of Indiana. If you watch the film, these two stand out amongst their peers. A lack of competition led to the two of them having minimal exposure when it came time for them to decide their futures post graduation. Despite a few walk on offers from colleges, the two agreed to set their sights on the ECFA. With less than half of the teams reaching out to offer them spots on the team, Rakdos and Orzhov decided to remain teammates and sign with the Manchester Lookout. While a lot of analysts didn't rate the signings highly, both players have been with the team for about a week now and have impressed coaches with their work ethic. No one knows what type of peak these players project for, but it will be interesting to see if Manchester regrets taking a chance on these two in a couple of seasons.
  5. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/9599-s48-sba-premium/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-841962
  6. As the guy that chose SA’s branding, I’m ready to accept my award.
  7. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/50194-mvragnar/
  8. Eevee Gets No Offers in FA After an uneventful two seasons in LA, Cedrik Eevee decided to let his contract expire and hit the open market. As an active QB, he assumed that he would at least draw some interest from another team wanting to try to bring him in and make him their starter. Instead Cedrik Eevee heard from no one. Not a single team reached out to him and continued to trend of not really having a choice when it comes to where he plays. When he entered the minors as a WR, only the LSU Tigers reached out to him. When he declared for the draft only the LA Reign decided to contact him prior to it taking place. Now free agency has shown him that maybe his time in the EFL was being wasted. He goal wasn't to leave LA, but it would be nice to feel like going back to LA was his choice rather than his only option. In a recent interview post re-signing, Eevee explained his situation. "I'm not really having fun in this league. I'm going out there and busting my ass like I am supposed to and hardly have anything to show for it. LA is a great place, but I wouldn't really say they went out of their way to try to convince me to stay. It was more of just being notified I had a contract sent my way. I was hoping at least one other team would reach out and touch base with me. Maybe even send an offer my way so I had something to think about. Instead I had to either go back to LA or not play next season. I wanted a choice this time and I didn't get that. It's happened to me since I have been a part of the EFL and their development system. Looks like this thing isn't going to change anytime soon. Guess I'll just strap my helmet up, shut my mouth and go out there and play for the only team that was interested in me."
  9. Evans

    Welfare 8/9 - 8/15

    +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/50193-chicago-hits-the-reset-button/
  10. Just wait until Zeke finds out about all the other better curse words.
  11. Eevee Hits FA Cedrik Eevee's first season as a starter can be summed up in one word...average. In a league full of superstars, Cedrik Eevee made it clear his goal was to hit his first season as a starter hard. Despite being on a rebuilding team, Eevee envisioned a season where he would come and show the league why they messed up by allowing him to fall all the way to the third round of the draft. Instead Eevee's season may have shown the league that he needed another season as a back up to properly repair for his jump to the big leagues. Falling in the middle of the pack in almost every statistical category, Eevee made it clear his goal was to improve. "I felt like I played like less than I actually was last season. I don't think those stats actually reflect the kind of player I am. Everyone has dreams of being this big and bad player in the pros and I get that some people aren't going to stand out. I refuse to be average again though. Last season I don't feel like I really hit my stride. I was having to adjust too often mid game and it made me look like I was worse than I actually was. That's why I'm deciding to hit FA and at least hear what other people have to say. Maybe someone can tell me what to do to not look average out there. I have not at all ruled out a return to LA. They are the ones that took a chance on me when it looked like no one else would. I owe them a lot and they are at the top of my list. I think I just want to see if there is even another team that reaches out. My whole career here has been only one team reaching out and me not really having any other choice. Maybe this time I will actually get a choice and not feel like it's one place or nowhere."
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