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  1. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/9599-s48-sba-premium/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-841962
  2. As the guy that chose SA’s branding, I’m ready to accept my award.
  3. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/50194-mvragnar/
  4. Eevee Gets No Offers in FA After an uneventful two seasons in LA, Cedrik Eevee decided to let his contract expire and hit the open market. As an active QB, he assumed that he would at least draw some interest from another team wanting to try to bring him in and make him their starter. Instead Cedrik Eevee heard from no one. Not a single team reached out to him and continued to trend of not really having a choice when it comes to where he plays. When he entered the minors as a WR, only the LSU Tigers reached out to him. When he declared for the draft only the LA Reign decided to con
  5. Evans

    Welfare 8/9 - 8/15

    +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/50193-chicago-hits-the-reset-button/
  6. Just wait until Zeke finds out about all the other better curse words.
  7. Eevee Hits FA Cedrik Eevee's first season as a starter can be summed up in one word...average. In a league full of superstars, Cedrik Eevee made it clear his goal was to hit his first season as a starter hard. Despite being on a rebuilding team, Eevee envisioned a season where he would come and show the league why they messed up by allowing him to fall all the way to the third round of the draft. Instead Eevee's season may have shown the league that he needed another season as a back up to properly repair for his jump to the big leagues. Falling in the middle of the pack in almost
  8. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/49848-chicago-living-in-a-nightmare/ +6
  9. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/9599-s47-sba-premium/&page=5&tab=comments#comment-829381
  10. Eevee at least looking average this game.
  11. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/49352-prophecy-ender/&tab=comments#comment-827611
  12. Evans

    S21 EFL Week One

    I’ve broke free of my chains and am ready to break the single season attempts record. Bring it on.
  13. Eevee Gets the Starting Spot After a long and loss filled season, Cedrik Eevee is finally in a position to be the starting QB for the LA Reign. Despite not throwing a pass as a rookie, Eevee attempted to give his all in practice every single week. His focus on holding during field goals caused many teams to realize that he was even still in the league. Now with expansion over and four new teams entering the fray, Eevee finds himself as the lone QB on the Reign roster. It is now his time to shine. "Last season was a long one. I thought about quitting almost every single
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