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  1. LSU on the upswing. We Space Jam'ed Texas for their power. Watch out world.
  2. Why the fuck am I passing to a Bot
  3. LSU Over Texas; Eevee Takes Credit We had an upset of sorts occur this week when the LSU Tigers defeated the Texas Longhorns in a game that people will be talking about for a very long time. The game ended up being close at the end of the fourth quarter, but the kicker for Texas missed several field goals throughout the game which many believe were the reason for the upset. LSU QB Cedrik Eevee on the other hand, blames it on something else. "We executed our gameplan to a tee out there. People had talked about Texas and how good they are, but after that game it seems like it was just all talk. We showed everyone the flaws that team had and shame on anyone that ruled us out of that game. You can talk about their kicker missing five field goals or all the penalty yards they had, but you would then be passing over the true reasons for their loss....me. I was able to convert third and four downs while they weren't able to. That's the biggest difference in this game. I kept our drives going and their offense couldn't. I aimed for the first down marker while they tried to gain an extra yard or two down the field with their passes. I don't care if I was picked off twice. I don't care if their QB had more yards than me. I went out there and won my team the game with my ability to keep our offense on the field. I've been doing this quarterback shit for like a month and I'm already climbing up the ladder and nearing the best QB in the NCAA. These guys really need to step their shit up. Something everyone else is calling an upset, we just look at as another Saturday afternoon win. Texas got their feelings hurt by this loss and I'm sure that bus ride home for them was a quiet one full of reflection and wondering what they could have done differently. Next time don't schedule a game against the LSU Tigers."
  4. All that time and effort in thinking of this joke only for it to miss wide left. Just like Texas' kicker.
  5. Who knew the "T" in Texas stood for trash. Fun way to find out.
  6. Evans

    2/3 - 2/9

    +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/45006-ragnar-on-moving-positions/
  7. My dream season is throwing the ball to @zekethatbeast25 90 times and him not finding the endzone at all.
  8. Only addressing this paragraph right here and not the post as a whole. In the nicest way possible, this is complete bs. Any feeder system's goal should be to survive without the need of fillers. Fillers are a crutch for when there are not enough active members to fill spots. Nerfing fillers doesn't kill activity, as there is no additional effort for having a filler other than submitting a separate update. Point tasks earn points for all of your players. No one is forced to only be in the locker room for their own team and I feel ADs should not have to rely on fillers guys to generate the activity in their locker room for them. That's part of being an AD. You have to engage your first gen players and recreates. You started this paragraph off like its a disservice to the league that the fillers were nerfed, when it definitely seems like this is more a personal thing for you and your own players. The majority of the time, a player is going to know if a guy is his recreate or not. Players plan for their next guy because they went through the trial and error with the first one. Anyone that just wings it with their uncap season is someone we should not pity. You are someone that has been in sim leagues before and know that the minor league awards mean nothing in the grand scheme of a player's career. Not liking the fillers being nerfed because you think it effects your chance at back to back awards is pretty selfish. Recreates don't need any additional advantages other than being able to use their TPE correctly. Whether the rule was rushed or not, it puts the focus on the first gens and gives ADs no excuse to not sign them. I do feel like it is really dumb that there were ADs out there essentially avoiding new players because they didn't want to hurt their title chances though. So all in all, I like the filler change even though I wasn't involved. It takes the training wheels off the ADs and puts them in a spot where they have to do their job at a higher level if they want to succeed.
  9. Just wanted to make sure. Know a lot of the rules initially lined up with the way SBA did things, but still catching up on the changes made during my time of inactivity.
  10. Quick question regarding the update, is that back claim benefits I see? S14 donations? That would be prior to uncapping and not allowed, right?
  11. I am a QB now. Time to throw touchdowns to everyone but @zekethatbeast25
  12. I agree. Sounds like the EFL needs some love spread. Everyone PM me your address and you social security number so I can send you something to uplift the spirits around here.
  13. Because the NCAA is not about you and your ability to win a championship. It is meant to be a feeder system for the pro league. The goal is to bring guys in, teach them how the site/sim engine/builds work and then allow then to be drafted. ADs should prioritize bringing in first gens and keeping them active, not padding their trophy case.
  14. Change wouldn't have been necessary if the ADs did their job properly and valued new actives over fillers. Good move.
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