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  1. Sure wasn’t pretty but it is a championship! Time to uncap!!
  2. You are STILL doing great! @NotSoGood88
  3. When you are ready to take it to the next level, you know. Offenses in the Badger state dreaded having Madison Memorial standout, Monte Grale lining up against them. "You know where he is on the field at all times. If you don't he'll be going the other way. Rarely do you have a defender you wish you could be throwing to instead of playing against." A rival head coach explained. "Here in Madison, you have the ability to transfer between schools in high school. Grale was a game changer and transfering from a Division 3 school to a Division 1 program was the best move he could've made. Unfortunately, it just wasn't our program. His ability to read a quarterback and lean on his teammates to execute is what makes him dangerous. He focuses on his position and leads by example... He is the reason why Memorial has been a contender year after year." A contender, yes. The biggest goal continues to remain elusive to Grale however. Three seasons as a starting defensiveback and three early exits in the state playoffs. "Defense they say wins championships, but you need an offense to get there. We just struggled in moving the ball. Grale's 8 defensive touchdowns and 3 return touchdowns led the team in points, outside of our kicker." Explains the Head Coach of Memorial. "He did all he could for this program and we are excited to see him take that next step. We look forward to seeing him progress through the ranks, as he steps into a position with a bit more promising offensive support." One of the expectations of Grale approaching his Freshman year is going to be building on the weight and using that to his advantage. He has the football IQ needed to soar and the hands to scare risk-taking quarterbacks from the beginning. Tackling skill has a bit left to be desired, but the weight will help and over time he is going to learn those angles. Look for Grale to continue to become that game changer as he evolves and earns more playing time on a deeper defensive team.
  4. This was a difficult one… DVR and MAN you guys are amazing… these two unfortunately are for my USC ride or die…. And a shot at a starting QB for four seasons Accept
  5. Madison, WI - In the same streets his father, Trent, grew up and then flourished as the Wisconsin Brigade quarterback, Lane is creating a name for himself. A true natural that recognizes the growth hurdles in producing at the next level, it is all about continuing to grind. "In a world of the run, when you set your goals on championships and accolades... you recognize the need to work and work and work some more. You need to figure out a way to set yourself apart from the next player and it isn't an easy task at this position. Even in the high school system, you are simply positioning yourself for continued growth." Talking about growth many simply chuckle at the mirage of what more he could actually do. "A freshman quarterback simply doesn't come in at a high school level and lead a team to a state championship game birth. The human body just hasn't morphed into that machine-like ability to shed tacklers and focus down-field at the same time. He simply has had the ball on a rope since day one... You are either hungry for the win... a believer... or you aren't on Lane's team. There is no gray area with the kid." Doak Grizzly, former HCP AD and Wisconsin Brigade GM explained. In four seasons for Monona Grove High School, Taggert led the Silver Eagles to three state championship games where two of which they won. Setting school records and being awarded the local and statewide Player and QB of the year awards for his Junior and Senior year was simply a given. "When the game is on the line, Lane wants the ball. He reminds me so much of his pops. How he moves... his vision... his prowess. He doesn't want to lose, but the difference with Lane is he has this fire to be better than not just the last game, but better than anyone else in the league. He is a predator out on that field that wants to drag you across that line to victory." Monona Grove Head Coach strongly admired while watching Taggert throw to incoming freshman. "He will always be a part of this program. Where he succeeds, he wants you to continue to succeed. It is who he is. It is who he came from."
  6. Lies... I just created and have 30 TPE
  7. These Denver v SA showdowns continue to amaze!
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