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  1. These 5 players are now in their 4th season with the Death Valley Rangers and have won 2 championships together in 3 seasons. Below is a ranking of them: #5 TE Heath Cunningham – Cunningham is not a blocking tight end and thrives in a situation where the ball is thrown and thrown a lot. Since DVR has and does have great running backs, we probably have not seen the true potential of him. He basically has decent speed and hands with both areas needing improvement to get to the next level if he chooses. Needs to work on body strength to make a mismatch against the other team’s LB or safties that will be covering him downfield. #4 WR George DeMarco – Similar to Cunningham, DeMarco hasn’t seen a ton of footballs thrown his way but he keeps defenses honest because of his deep threat capabilities. DeMarco also has decent speed and above average agility to make defenders miss once he catches the ball. He also isn’t easy to bring down either and has some strength to him even though he is 5’11. He will have to work on his catching to become better at the next level and to make sure his QB has the confidence in him that he will catch whatever is thrown his way. #3 QB Kirby Popopo – Popopo will be able to showcase his skills in his final season in the ECFA in what should a little more pass friendly offense this season for DVR. Even though DVR has run more than they have passed in the past, when called upon, Popopo has delivered the results you would want to see out of your field general. He makes smart plays, doesn’t turn the ball over much and is accurate on his passes so that he doesn’t put his receivers in harms way for a big hit. His accuracy and intelligence are already above average, he will just need to work on his arm strength at the next level. #2 LB Skylar Phoenix – Phoenix will be the heart and soul of not only a very strong linebacking group but also the defense as a whole. Having that type of leader in the middle of the defense to recognize what the offense is doing and have the defense make pre snap adjustments is just so huge. Strength and speed is the name of Phoenix’s game as opposing teams have trouble blocking him and trying to break away from him down the field. He will continue to work on his agility and tackling in order to go up against the better backs in the EFL. #1 RB – Shoyo Hinata – Hinata will continue the DVR running back cycle and the offense will go through him. He is a very speedy back with some decent strength and agility to make the opposing defenders miss tackles on him. Its very rare for a team to shut him down and he is also able to catch passes out of the backfield as well too and with slower linebackers against him, he is a big play threat every time he touches the football which is why he is also a solid choice for a kick and punt returner too.
  2. TE Heath Cunningham isn’t a flashy football player and doesn’t need some big party or get together to announce his intensions to declare for the EFL draft in what is now his senior season in the ECFA. No need to spruce up the old high school gym or some big party place, but rather just have it in his back yard near the woods where he is most comfortable in life to make an announcement like that. “I have been lucky enough to win 2 ECFL championships including being on a 15-1 team and I think I was able to be named a 1st team All-American once as well too, but its time to tackle the next chapter in my football life and officially say that I will be joining the EFL via the draft next season.” There were only a few folks in attendance for the announcement – his parents, siblings and a couple of close friends – and in typical Cunningham fashion, just a few comments and that was basically about it. “I was glad to go to a winning program and to be able to get the coaching I need at the next level since the ECFA is mainly geared more toward running offenses than passing. I will still need to work on my speed and catching at the next level as well as continue to work on my strength and agility to make defenders miss.” “The first couple of seasons will be tough no doubt as I get adjusted to the bigger, stronger and faster players, but I will continue to work hard and hopefully be an additional threat for my QB. It doesn’t matter to me which team drafts me and I will be happy to go to most teams depending on who the coach is at the time. Eventually, I would like to be a team’s #2 option in the offense since the WRs will always be first and give my QB a big target to throw to down the middle of the field.” And with that, the announcement was over and everyone started digging into the buffet spread provided by Cunningham’s local favorite wing spot.
  3. nice to get wins for both of my players and solid games from them both
  4. nice win by the Rangers to get above .500 on the season and a game out of a playoff spot
  5. nice win for the Growlers and a solid game from Polamalu but still looking for that first pick of the season though
  6. good win for the rangers and tough loss for the growlers but to be expected when my two players face off against each other
  7. oof two tough losses for both of my teams today but another double digit tackle # for Polamalu though -- gotta get some picks though
  8. tough losses for both of my squads but Polamalu with 16 tackles!! probably not a good thing though
  9. Lets go Rangers -- time to defend that championship!! LEts go Growlers -- time to start the fight for a playoff spot this season!!
  10. good preseason game for the Rangers, picking up right where we left off last season
  11. Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand. There is nothing like having a turkey leg in hand with some mashed potatoes, gravy and green bean casserole on the plate while watching football game after game. Below I am going to rank the ECFA matchups for Thanksgiving that I would like to see either based on team name or team nickname to make things a little more interesting. #1 Athens Carnage vs Lincoln Mammoths – Battle of two massive animals. The mammoths are huge land creatures that can just crush you with one step or ram you into oblivion with enough speed behind them. However, the ape causes the most carnage because not only can it attack you from the ground with its massive body, it can also attack from above by swinging from tree to tree and drop on you to knock you over or smash you. Maybe the Mammoths could get the Carnage to climb a tall building with a damsel in distress and bring in some helicopters to defeat them? #2 Savage City Wraiths vs Hades Creek Phalanx – Savage City vs Hades just on the names alone has the makings of a blood bath which should excite viewers more than the score does – ghost like figures vs a bunch of troops battling it out on the field where basically the team with the last one standing will be declared the winner. The Phalanx will probably have a hard time hitting the Wraiths especially with the Wraiths flying around all over the place. #3 Trenton Generals vs Biscayne Bay Pirates – Generals lead their troops into battle with a solid game plan to wear the enemy down on all fronts while pirates just come right at you with swords swinging and from all angles high and low. What makes pirates the most dangerous is that they are cunning, crafty and sneaky leaving the generals overmatched and overpowered in defeat. #4 Roswell Encounter vs Death Valley Rangers – You have the battle of the desert here with Death Valley being one of, if not, the hottest places on the planet going against the hidden desert alien fortress of Roswell. With the Rangers only looking forward and not up toward the skies to warn their army of an attack, the aliens from New Mexico are able to beam their opponents up and take the win in this matchup. #5 Sacramento Venom vs Grand Rapids Growlers – What makes snakes so dangerous is that they can attack from both the ground or from air by dropping out of trees. The bears in this case are probably too drunk from drinking their growlers to realize that the snakes are waiting to attack and get enough venom in the bears from bites in the leg and take the bigger creatures down. #6 Manchester Lookout vs Anchorage Storm – A lookout is used to help ships find land during fog or storms whereas the storm wants to destroy the ship before it gets to land. The lookout tower usually has a person living in it to make sure the lookout is working at all times. Any storm that comes from Anchorage is just going to be way too powerful and make visibility zero with the snow at times giving the nod to the storm in this case.
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