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  1. I was with you until the championship outcome.
  2. Added Detective as a Town Investigative role. (Invest results TBD).
  3. Day 7 Results The day is long but the conversation is short. @Rockstar looks around at the two people next to him, then points a finger squarely at @Sharkstrong. "My Psychic powers tell me that you are evil! You must be the terror amongst us!" Sharkstrong just stares at him. "Bruh, I'm the Medium. I talked to @Berocka and he said no you're dumb, vote @Cornholio." Rockstar stares for a moment, then rethinks his visions. "Mayhaps you are correct," he states before turning towards Cornholio. "Listen guys," says Cornholio, "what good have the dead ever done for us? Think of
  4. Night 6 Results @Berocka was found dead last night. He was obliterated by Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse. He was the Jailor. Day ends at whatever time I get home tonight (probably after midnight EDT). Living Players:
  5. Day 6 Results Torn between two targets, the group decides it's time to yeet @MMFLEX. He was... Night actions due by 8 AM EDT! Living Players
  6. Vote Tally: (3 Needed) MMFLEX: 3 (Shark, Corn, Rock) Cornoholio: 1 (Berocka)
  7. Night 5 Results ... Day ends at 10 PM EDT, 3 votes needed to lynch. Living Players
  8. Day 5 Results The Town turns on @Ricer13. "I'm Tracker!" he claims, "You have nothing on me!" Town doesn't care. He was... Night actions due by 8 AM EDT! Living Players:
  9. Vote Tally (4 Needed): Cornholio: 1 (Ricer) Ricer: 5 (Berocka, Shark, Rock, Flex, Corn)
  10. Vote Tally (4 Needed): Cornholio: 1 (Ricer) Ricer: 3 (Berocka, Shark, Rock)
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