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  1. Claimable from 11/06 for length of EFL season 12 tpe + 6 tpe for media week 6 tpe for events week @Trifecta
  2. Player Name: Gabrijela Kazimira Current Player TPE: 178 Combine TPE: 21
  3. Claimable again for the current EFL Season (sorry for late post)
  4. Reminder that you have until Sunday to join! Also I think I know everyone else, but if you're "My Nice Pick Set", lmk who you are so you can get credit!
  5. Looking for someone to assist with Hall of Fame Write-ups! Each write-up should be a 200-300 word blurb highlighting the high points of each player's career. There will typically be 2-4 players to write for each season, and you will receive a total of 9 TPE (6 for point task credit and 3 for job pay) for two weeks for each season completed (i.e. if you do two seasons worth of write-ups, you will get paid 9 TPE for 4 weeks of tasks). Please post here or DM me on Discord if you are interested!
  6. Carswell living up to the family tradition of just randomly having a terrible season for no apparent reason.
  7. We all failed the first time, so let's run it back! Click here to join the group! Password is EFL TPE will be awarded based on performance but all participates will receive at least 1 TPE! This group will start on Week 5, so you have until Sunday October 9th to join! If your pick name is not obvious who you are, post here so you can get points at the end.
  8. Survivor Group 1: If you are one of the untagged participates, message me or post here so I can give you credit! Winners (who made it all the way to Week 3): 3 TPE @CowboyinAmerica @Renomitsu @PigSnout Contenders (who made it all the way to Week 2): 2 TPE @oilmandan @omgitshim TJ2245 Participates (who made a pick): 1 TPE @UZI® @McWolf espnfan3025247703 lockinyouup
  9. As long as we don't give up TDs like this we're fine
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