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  1. One day you'll get both the season and the week correct on one of these.
  2. Season 30 Submission Form Same rules as last season! You must pick 8 players from 8 different teams! No other rules, players just must not be on the same team. Everyone will be competing against each other. The highest scorer will receive 6 TPE, then the rest will be divided down into fifths, with the top 20% getting 5 TPE, next 20% getting 4 TPE, etc. The deadline will be start of Week 3 EFL. NOTE: If you misspell a player name you run the risk of that player not counting. Make sure you have it right, no short hand. Player must be input as: Firstname Lastname Team must be input full ex.: San Antonio Wolfpack Scoring Rules remain the same as last season. Since this is late getting up, you can submit your team until Friday, October 1st (i.e., when I wake up on Friday I will be closing submissions). Good luck!
  3. Day 8 Results The Jailor @Latti walks up to the center of Town. "My citizens, I come to you today to thank you all for your support. I love each and every one of you, except for one of you in particular!" He looks over the crowd, seeing just two people there. " @MMFLEX my boy! You saved my life! Sorta! In a way! And for that I am giving you a medal of honor for your skills in Retribution. Please, take this and wear it with pride!" MMFLEX scoffs. "Let's just get this charade over with already!" @Advantage sighs. "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that pesky Jailor. Viva la Mafia!" MMFLEX, visibly pissed, starts to shout. "You know what? Screw this vote, I'm taking matters into my own hands!" Suddenly MMFLEX takes a shotgun out of his pants and blasts a hole in Advantage's chest. "There, we win, it's over, let's go home." Latti stands there in shock. "Bro, that wasn't very cash money of you." Town wins! Jester wins! Role List Actual Role Player Any Consigliere Advantage Any Ambusher Berocka Any Tracker ChefCook33 Any Crusader DonCutta190 Any Framer Doomsday Any Transporter Eaglesfan036 Any Sheriff Goliathus Any Bodyguard KevinDurantsDoc Any Jailor Latti Any Retributionist MMFLEX Any Godfather NotSoGood88 Any Vigilante Ptyrell Any Executioner Ricer13 Any Arsonist TacticalHammer Any Investigator TheCheese Any Guardian Angel TotallyNotGus Ricer's target was KDD. Gus's target was Berocka.
  4. Night 7 Results @TheCheese was found dead last night. They died from guilt over lynching the Jester. He was an Investigator. Day ends at 10 PM EDT, 2 votes needed for lynch Living Players
  5. Day 7 Results The people decide that it's @Ricer13's time to go! And without that pesky Eagles around, it is enough this time! Ricer laughs. The Jester will get his revenge from the grave! Night actions due by 8 AM EDT! List of Living Players:
  6. Vote Tally (3 needed) Ricer: 2 (Flex, Cheese)
  7. Night 6 Results @Eaglesfan036 was found dead last night. He was killed by a member of the Mafia. He was a Transporter. Last Will: Day ends at 10 PM EDT, 3 votes needed for lynch. Living players:
  8. Day 6 Results The people decide that it's @Ricer13's time to go! However not enough people decided that, so everyone goes to bed disappointed. Night actions due by 8 AM EDT! List of Living Players:
  9. Vote Tally (4 Needed): Ricer: 3 (Latti, Flex, Cheese)
  10. Night 5 Results @Berocka was found dead last night. He was killed by a Bodyguard. He was the Mafioso. @Doomsday was found dead last night. He was executed by the Jailor. He was a Framer. Last Will: Day ends at 10 PM EDT, 4 votes needed for lynch Living Players:
  11. Day 5 Results The Town finally put their heads together and decide that @Goliathus needs to go. He sighs. He was... Last Will: Night actions due by 8 AM EDT! Living Players:
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