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  1. Username: diamond_ace QB: Gavin Rose (6) RB: Apollo King (3) WR: Asahel (4) WR: Henry McDolin (4) WR: Jadeveon Pierre-Creek (1) FLEX: Oscar Jebaseelan (5) TE: Ay Pee E (3) K: Kicker McKicking (2) DST: NY (2)
  2. attending. don't really know any of these players or care about if they get awards, but attending.
  3. I'm only here so I don't get fined
  4. Gif provided by @HuddleHussy - players soon to be provided by me
  5. Let's just get this over with. She's coming back to VHL. $50.
  6. Yes - I only bid this because it made my total donations from here and VHL a nice round number (which unfortunately is going to be broken when a certain donation comes up that someone has messaged to you since then, but I digress). I don't care about the actual song in the slightest.
  7. Transaction ID 3DS43098XG049280S this one for Jets song, and even though this brings me to a nice round total combined between here and VHL, I suspect there will be one more coming
  8. Just for the sake of rounding out my total donations across the leagues: $18 Still going to let @Turner pick the song unless someone comes in and outbids me also
  9. Transaction ID 7ER042317M738391N Please remit sigs and naming rights to Patdatass, as I won't really be around to appreciate it. I want the other stuff.
  10. If that is me, I pass that onto the next highest. I basically just want the discord
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