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  1. So apparently due to a weird timing issue (signed the extension with Kraken after the team was no longer a team) Ramza's not in the contraction draft and I'm in FA through no choice of my own. I hate FA and all the attention it brings, this is a well known fact throughout all sim leagues. I do not want offers and I do not want to disappoint people who put a bunch of work into trying to get me. FA is probably my single least favorite thing about sim leagues and I typically go to whatever lengths possible to avoid it, so I'm not happy in the slightest to have it thrust upon me like this. I kind of feel like if the people who ran the contraction draft knew me at all, they'd have put me in it anyway under the terms of the extension with Kraken, solely to avoid FA, but it is what it is. In which case, let me get out ahead of all the offers with one simple statement. I'm signing with NSG. Uniting Ramza with Agrias and getting them both onto the same team. NSG was the first one to tell me this had happened, so I figure if I declare now that I'm signing with him, before I can get actual offers, I can hopefully 1. avoid getting offers and 2. save everyone else the time and effort. I feel bad that I'm letting all of you down even though I don't even know which teams want me, but hopefully it's better that you haven't made any plans around me or put in the time to write up a whole spiel. Please do not offer on me after I've written this post - if you do, there are only two resolutions: either you haven't read this, in which case that's fair but my response will simply be to send you a link to the post, or you have and are actively trying to troll and make my experience worse on the site, in which case I'm glad I am not signing with you.
  2. COMPETITION. This is interesting
  3. diamond_ace


    trading me for me
  4. Hello and welcome back to live coverage of the EFL draft, here on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend! We're here with pick 17 today, and it's only taken a short 4 months to get through the first 16 picks. What a quick and painless draft, we've even managed to average 1 pick a week!
  5. i can think of one in particular
  6. THIS IS THE BEST THING. Seriously fantastic work on this
  7. Imagine being the first guy not to get a comment
  8. I think this is if you intend to retire and make a new guy so as to stay in the minors. Pretty sure if you're just going up as normal, you don't do anything
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