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  1. Looks like the tally was three weeks and yet there is no guilt
  2. In EFLO help channel in Discord, I requested my mistakenly claimed TPE that put me over be wiped before the season even started. I should be at 199 going into junior year. Hopefully that will override this Monday deadline
  3. lol now that’s a little embarrassing sorry Sacramento
  4. Username: PigSnout QB: Peter La Fleur ($4) RB: Oscar Jebaseelan ($5) WR: Patrick Kelley ($6) WR: Frank Funk ($4) WR: Jeff Downey ($4) FLEX: Palom Mysidia ($2) TE: Suspicious Dave ($3) K: Shawn Vinatieri ($1) DST: Miami ($1)
  5. Alecbama

    S19 EFL Week 1

    It's nice to be part of a GOOD team during these difficult times with Grand Rapids lol
  6. Name: Bronko Nagurski/Raymond Dawkins Team: Growlers Workout/Equipment Name: Add Weight Equipment Gain(If applicable): n/a Cost of Workout: $2M Cash you Have: $2M Cash Left: -0-
  7. GRAND RAPIDS UNIVERSITY GROWLERS POST HERE TO CLAIM 9 TPE. YOU ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE TO CLAIM 4 MORE TPE IF YOUR PLAYER'S ARCHETYPE MATCHES THE PHILOSOPHY LISTED BELOW: QB: Gunslinger @ANTISIMPLE RB: One-Cut @MWHazard FB: ??? WR: Deep Threat @TheManSoldTheWar @SixersFan594 TE: Blocking @Alecbama OLB: Pass Rushing @Symmetrik @Big Mac ILB: ??? @oilmandan FS: Man Cover @SixersFan594 SS: ??? CB: Run Support @FNHurts @Alecbama K/P: Kicker ALL TPE EARNED HERE IS UNCAPPED
  8. Congratulations to Wisconsin on winning the S18 EFL Championship! Now, who was the MVP for the S18 playoffs? Wisconsin candidates: LESTER MCCORN: 10 tackles, 6 PDs, 2 INTs, 1 fumble force, 1 fumble recovered TEPPEI RENOMITSU: 62/85, 740 passing yards, 6 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 rushing TD MR. CORNHOLIO: 15 catches, 212 yards, 2 TDs Seattle candidates: HYPHEN BOXCAR-JONES: 8 tackles, 5 PDs, 1 INT, 1 TD https://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5e6f9962e4b0fa090dd49255
  9. That's fine just want the right version getting circulated lol
  10. Alecbama

    Cheeks Time?

    Self-imposed transfer ban :(( Plus no I don't think I could have wooed you to my team and probably would have finished last regardless lol
  11. Well I suppose if you couldn't tell the difference that's not good for us lol but they're different I promise
  12. Not that I think it’ll change up our ranking at all but @OscarTheSwagDude and @Caboose30 these are the official logos we’re going with, idk why the all-green variant with no Michigan outline is going around
  13. @TheManSoldTheWar
  14. Holy McCorn I think we're almost to the point where we can start the discussion about whether or not Wisconsin is for real this season
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