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  1. I see what you’re saying in bad vs unrealistic, but I think that only a handful of the crustiest coaches on the planet would punt there lol. Which, to me, makes it unrealistic although clearly not the worst decision-making the sim has ever had in a clutch situation concerning Michigan’s opponent
  2. Remember also that the three timeouts don’t go away if you punt it, and that LSU was only down 3. Conceding a field goal keeps it at a one score game. Punting the ball there is a an indisputable mistake Going for it (picking up two yards should be fairly convertible for any team) Outcome of getting the two yards: chance at FG (OT) or TD (win) Outcome of not getting the two yards, getting the defensive three and out: Michigan field goal attempt, chance to tie or win in rebuttal Outcome of not getting the two yards, giving up first down: lose Punting and hoping for defensive stop (harder than getting two yards!) Outcome of punting, getting three and out: chance to tie or win Outcome of punting, not getting three and out: lose So, basically speaking, punting and Michigan missing the field goal would result in the same outcome, field position and all. And even if they make it you’d still have a little over two minutes to score a TD with no timeouts. It’s a bad decision, and the analytics guys would back it up lol (as well as a surprising number of “old school” coaches I’d bet)
  3. agree IF it was like 4th and 10+ but on 4th and 2 I’d say not defensible tbh. I feel like that’s a safe take
  4. on 4th and 2 with 2 and half minutes left? I don’t think so
  5. Like my 2nd target of the game and of course it’s dropped on 3rd and goal
  6. Turning this game off, too much running for me bleh
  7. # s t o p t h e o n e p a g e p r e s e n t a t i o n 2 0 2 0
  8. *insert Obi-Wan “you were the chosen one” meme*
  9. Alecbama

    S18 EFL Week 9

    Also I know it’s not what @MMFLEX had in mind with these strats, but oof a big goose egg from Sharky
  10. Alecbama

    S18 EFL Week 9

    TDs from scrimmage, I’ll never beat you in rushing alone lol looking back on my seasons now I realize I had some really low usage years relative to Bote and Moriarty lol
  11. Alecbama

    S18 EFL Week 9

    53 yards and 2 TDs away @Tac
  12. Alecbama

    S18 EFL Week 9

    Hahahahahahahaha GG Latti and company
  13. Alecbama

    S18 EFL Week 9

    4 yards is outside of my receiving range these days damnit
  14. Alecbama

    S18 EFL Week 9

    Does my virtual player need to pee in a cup for PED testing or should I send a sample of my own to @Turner’s house?
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