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  1. Day 1(live until Christmas Morning) Day 2(closed) Day 3(closed) Day 4(live until Christmas Morning) Day 5(open all week!) Well, today marks the last day for our 6 days of EFLMAS leading up to Christmas, and this one we are going to switch gears a little and not have it be about football...instead it will be about basketball! Since the NBA takes the sports spotlight on Christmas morning, I thought it might be fun to give you all an opportunity to win up to an extra FIVE entries! That’s right, 5. For each NBA Christmas game you get right you will earn 1 extra entry. Each game closes at its Scheduled tip off, but the game as a whole will remain open so that if you miss getting your entry in, you can still compete in the remaining games. Please bold your selections from this list as I will not accept any other form of submission. (Denotes Tip-off time) (again these games are all being played on 12/25) CELTICS @ RAPTORS (11am Central) BUCKS @ 76ERS (1:30pm Central) ROCKETS @ WARRIORS (4pm Central) CLIPPERS @ LAKERS (7:00pm Central) PELICANS @ NUGGETS(9:30pm Central)
  2. DAY 5 IS COMING AT YOU SLIGHTLY EARLY TONIGHT.... As a huge thank you from the league to our members, This week will be a free week to all members! That’s 9(capped) tpe. Certain jobs will still need to be done(updating for starters, etc) Just post in this thread to claim your free week. In addition to any of our presenters doing a presentation this week you will receive a floating free week that you can use any time between next week and the end of S18(that’s pretty much up until 3/1) In addition to this, don’t forget to do our Christmas Prompt worth 3 uncapped!
  3. Day 1(Locks Christmas Morning) Day 2(closed) Day 3(closed) Day 4 is here and it’s another simple task! Post a gif of your favorite Christmas movie and tell us why it’s your favorite. Doing so awards you 1 extra lotto entry. This will lock Christmas morning. If you can’t find a gif of it, a picture will suffice.
  4. Day 1(live until Christmas Morning) Day 2(closes at 11am central 12/21) Day 3 is here and I’d like to have posted this a little later, but @Siddhus has a 19 hour flight ahead of him later today, so I’ll happily oblige by getting this one up early! This one will be a bit harder than days 1&2, but if you hit it, it’ll be worth your while...3 extra entries. Out of these 5 NFL games, you need to hit a 3 game parlay against the spread.(Spreads are real Vegas spreads as of 12/21) Hit all 3 and win 3 entries. And if I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll award 1 just for trying. if you don’t know how spreads work, it’s simple. The layout will be as such: TEAM A @ TEAM B(-3) If you see the -#, that means that team is favored. If you pick them, they need to win by more than that number for you to win. If you pick the underdog(the team without the number next to them), then they need to win(by any amount), OR lose by less than that number by the favored team. Please copy the games you are choosing and bold your selection. I will not accept any other way in your submission. Remember, you only need to pick 3 out of the 5. Ie: JETS @ LIONS(-2) PANTHERS @ CHIEFS(-7) BILLS(-6) @ CARDINALS This will lock at 12PM Central on 12/22. NEW ORLEANS(-2.5) @ TENNESSEE JACKSONVILLE @ ATLANTA(-7.5) KANSAS CITY(-6.5) @ CHICAGO OAKLAND @ LOS ANGELES(C)(-7.5) BUFFALO @ NEW ENGLAND(-6.5)
  5. Day 2 is here of EFLMAS, but just because I am presenting the next challenge, does not mean day 1 has closed! For challenges that do not list a “must be in by” time/day, you will have all 6 days to complete the challenge. Anywho, NCAA Bowl season is officially here as of later this afternoon and then tomorrow 7 more games kickoff! Your challenge for an extra lotto entry is fairly simple: Pick 3 of the 14 teams playing tomorrow that will win. You must get all 3 right to win. This will lock at 11am Central when the first game kicks off. The schedule is: Celebration Bowl Alcorn State vs. North Carolina A&T Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Noon, ABC/ESPN App | Tickets New Mexico Bowl Central Michigan vs. San Diego State Dreamstyle Stadium Albuquerque, New Mexico 2 p.m., ESPN/ESPN App | Tickets FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl Liberty vs. Georgia Southern Exploria Stadium Orlando, Florida 2:30 p.m., CBS Sports Network | Tickets Cheribundi Boca Raton Bowl SMU vs. Florida Atlantic FAU Stadium Boca Raton, Florida 3:30 p.m., ABC/ESPN App | Tickets Camellia Bowl Florida International vs. Arkansas State Cramton Bowl Montgomery, Alabama 5:30 p.m., ESPN/ESPN App | Tickets Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl Boise State vs. Washington Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas 7:30 p.m., ABC/ESPN App | Tickets R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl Appalachian State vs. UAB Mercedes-Benz Superdome New Orleans 9 p.m., ESPN/ESPN App | Tickets
  6. Ho Ho Ho EFL, it’s me, Turner Claus, back for another holiday season. Starting tonight, and once a day for the next five I will be offering opportunities to win extra entries into the December lottery! Tonights challenge is simple....LIKE THIS POST WITH ANY EMOJI for an extra entry into the lotto! It’s that simple.
  7. Look, I know the timing of this looks suspicious considering the day, but this is a decision I have struggled with for a couple months now. There comes a time when leagues are no longer fun to people, and I feel it has been an absolute grind the past few months to stay on top of things. From the constant bickering, to the he said she said stuff, the finger pointing, and the constant drama, I just find myself not enjoying leagues as I once used to do. I will be officially stepping down from ND and my admin role effectively immediately and removing myself from these leagues. There may come a time when I return, but for now this is a goodbye friends.
  8. 3 lotto entries and 1 Uncapped for the following: @Sharkstrong @Shaquill @LattimoreIsland @PigSnout @Patdatass @duckberg @omgitshim @evryday @Symmetrik @TacticalHammer @Bushito
  9. Ho ho ho EFL! I’ve had a heck of a last 24 hours delivering presents and eating cookies, but I am finally back in the North Pole and about to get some much needed rest and relaxation! On my way through the States last night I received a call from your site administrators and was asked if I could leave a few presents around the site, and I happily obliged! Now, from what I know some of you really hate these types of games, but at least it’s something, right?! Ha ha ha, I mean ho ho ho. Each present you find will be worth 1 more entry into the December lottery AND 1 Uncapped TPE if you find all 3! PM THIS ACCOUNT with your submissions. You will have all week until Sunday 11:59pm central to complete this. The lottery draw will then be held sometime on New Years! Stay tuned! Clue 1: I sure do love Mrs. Claus’ cookies, what can I say? But I don’t know how I’d possibly tell you which ones are my favorites. Maybe I’ll jot them down one day. Clue 2: The world watches, but this time around, more than meets the eye during this events time. A confession of epic proportions as one man admits his heinous crime. Clue 3. I said I got a call from a group above, search them out to find the next gift, but don’t worry, if you know where to look, you certainly won’t feel miffed.
  10. It’s Christmas Eve and you thought all your shopping was done, but you’ve forgotten someone! Oh no! In 150 words tell us what you would get any EFL General Manager or an NCAA Althetic Director for Christmas! This can be free agents, a better gameplan, gag gifts...anything! This will be worth 1 Uncapped TPE and can be done all week until Sunday 11:59pm central.
  11. No, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.
  12. The following may collect 3 TPE! @Bushito @PigSnout @DeathOnReddit @124715 @MWHazard @omgitshim @Symmetrik @OnMyWings @TacticalHammer @punkhippie @evryday @KGR @Rizzo
  13. At this point I feel it’s self explanatory and already easy.
  14. Last clue for Trophy #1 seeings as how a handful of people aren’t grasping what I’m implying with the first clue. The band had five, man, that’s fun! Fifty Shades of what? Now that’s just dumb! If you can’t get it now I feel bad for you son, I got 99 league problems, but hiding trophies ain’t one.
  15. Trophy 1, Clue #2: Better Is Good. Trying Enrages None. Trophy 2, Clue #2: The season is a sprint, not a race. NASCAR, however, used to end their season with the ____. There ya @DeathOnReddit. That’s all you’re getting.
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