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  1. It's okay Trenton got like 10 seasons' worth of bad mojo out of the way in one season I guess
  2. Trenton man it's been a tough year
  3. Nice, I think that's a very good decision. I think the EFL does a great job of keeping people engaged with the weekly games so it shouldn't be too big of a drawback to allow people to claim more TPE for their bigger works.
  4. I'll apply. I was an updater for a few seasons here in the past (I even have the role still) and never had any issues. Have updated elsewhere in the past as well. If you're concerned about my activity level, I wouldn't apply for this if I wasn't sure I'd put my all into it. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. Trenton needs to get off this champion hangover stuff
  6. Week of 12/5 1. Davis, L. 2. Two for the TPE of One 3. Krishna 4. like my 8th sig for dunne
  7. Review Pretty solid. I like the background you put together, didn't overdo it with the grunge, and it fits pretty well with the look of the render. However, the lack of render effects and lighting here make the whole sig look a bit too dull imo, especially when you take the really bright and vibrant text into account. I think it looks really good (white text is too shifted over though imo), but it doesn't fit the sig style to me. Idk though, I always make my sigs too bright, but I feel like some more work with effects and lighting coulda had a nyko super saiyan moment with fitting
  8. Crittenden


    Review I'm very happy to see you back and knocking us all down a peg on the GFX ladder boom. The background, render and lighting work all come together to make a really awesome looking sig that's up there with your best. Especially the second render in there, I'd never attempt something like that but it's really well incorporated and adds to the sig imo. Text looks solid, although I feel like you could have gone for something a bit more exciting I don't think what's currently there looks bad by any means. 10/10 would look at a Boom sig again
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