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  3. Taylen Branch - Learning the Playbook For me, it’s never going to be about taking the easy route somewhere. I’ve always worked hard and done everything I can to get the most out of football, and I guess this is no different. I found it hard to get a school to pick me up coming out of high school. I knew it’d be rare to get a starters job straight away but I’m happy to sit and learn this season and hone my game ready for when the time comes to go out and make a start. In the end Notre Dame offered me a spot to come out and be their backup this season. Being the backup again is going to take some getting used to but I guess it’s what I need to do if I want to get to where I’m going. Notre Dame seems like a pretty cool setup and I hope this year will be useful when it comes to developing and picking up some skills. But don’t get me wrong, I know this time next season I’m going to be ready to start. I’m going to be in a spot where I can come out and lead an offense. For now, it’s all about learning the playbook and getting started as a freshman, but next season, the school I’m playing at is going to see something special.
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  5. Taylen Branch - Patrick Mahomes Mark Hendrix - Nick Bosa
  6. Champion: New York East Finalist: New York West Finalist: Seattle MVP: Gavin Rose Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Crawford Defensive Player of the Year: Ian Kelley GMotY: Jets QBotY: Logan Crawford RBotY: Duke Starscream FBotY: Thormond Jakobsen WRotY: Patrick Kelley TEotY: Johnny Bravo LBoftY: Ian Kelley CBotY: Casey Archer SotY: Hyphen Boxcar Jones KoftY: Cody Smith Returner of the Year: Reginald Sharkstrong Offensive Rookie of the Year: Oscar Jebaleesen Defensive Rookie of the Year: Rock Lemington NCAA Predictions Champion: Texas East Finalist: LSU West Finalist: Oregon Heisman Trophy - MVP: Ito Bush Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY: Vivian Allison Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY: Kim Chi Lance Swift IV Award - Top Offensive Freshman: Diesel Nagurski Shaka Lawal Award - Top Defensive Freshman: Sammo Waddlesworth Davey O'Brien Award -QB: Ja LongArm Doak Walker Award - RB: Ito Bush Biletnikoff Award - WR: Ivan Zamora Jr. John Mackey Award - TE: Himalaya Griffintown Dick Butkus Award - LB: Deiondre Colt Jim Thorpe Award - DB: Thorn Forg Groza Guy Award - K/P: Kicker McKicking Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Thorn Forg Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service : Sharkstrong Coach of the Year Award - AD: Hussy
  7. Name: Mark Hendrix Team: LSU Workout/Equipment Name: Purchase TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): +10 TPE ($4,000,000) +2 TPE ($1,000,000) Cost of Workout: $5,000,000 Cash you Have: $5,000,000 Cash Left: $0 ________________________________________ Name: Taylen Branch Team: Notre Dame Workout/Equipment Name: Purchase TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): +2 TPE ($1,000,000) +2 TPE ($1,000,000) Cost of Workout: $2,000,000 Cash you Have: $2,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  8. Mark Hendrix - High School Review Mark Hendrix is something of an exciting name on the NCAA scene at this moment. Having recently committed to the LSU Tigers, the physically imposing and cerebral young man from Toms River, New Jersey is looking like one of the brightest lights among the latest batch of linebackers to play at the college level. From the first day he stepped onto a football field, Mark Hendrix knew that he'd found the thing he wanted to devote his life to. Growing up in a family of means, with his father a prominent local businessman, Mark was lucky enough to have the opportunity to excel in the sport and that's exactly what he did. He managed to stand out impressively even when playing in Pee Wee leagues as a young child, and when the time came to make the transition to high school football, he was already established as one of the most notable talents in his state, and had even gained recognition from scouts across the nation. During his freshman year at Heath Valley High School, playing for the Heath Valley Renegades, Mark earned a place as the starting middle linebacker and quickly gained attention as he led his team's defense as their figurehead player. He built his game around being a quarterback on defense and prided himself on being able to know what his opponents were going to do before they did, and he would set a record for freshmen linebackers in NJ that season with 112 tackles and 16 PDs. His sophomore year however, was a more sobering experience for Mark. He went into the season opener full of confidence after a productive offseason and strong practice performances running up to the game. However, disaster struck in the third quarter of the game when he went down with an injury after being clattered by the opposition tight end. Mark would have to sit out the rest of the season and his frustration would hurt his development, with him losing some of his love for the game and slacking on his development. After a disappointing junior year, a talk with Mark's coaches reinspired him. His senior year would be the most impressive ever recorded by a high school linebacker in the state, as he broke multiple records and led his team to the state final. It was truly something of a redemption story for Mark to pick up his game again and get to where he is now. His high school experience taught him a lot of lessons, but he's hopeful that he can fulfill his potential and achieve something great in his first season at LSU. 437 words
  9. Hendrix Blog 1 I moved out to LSU today, ready for the start of the season. It's been pretty crazy going through the process of getting into a school and coming here but it feels good to stop worrying about recruitment and just get on with playing now. The Tigers look like they could be a pretty good team next season - there's going to be some competition for game time among linebackers but I know what I can do and I think the coaches do too. I'm gonna make my mark on this team pretty quickly and leave no doubt about things on the field. It's a long way down here from New Jersey and I've not been away from home too often so far so this is definitely going to be a trip. I'm hoping some of the boys can make the trip down when we play, especially if we get closer to home. I'm kinda missing life back there but it's also exciting to start a new phase and see where it takes me. This is the first step on my road to the big league and I'm excited to make that journey and see how far I can ride this wave. (201 words)
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