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  1. Top Five Freshman Receiving Threats Every year a batch of fresh young faces come into the EFCA looking to leave their mark. Today we will look at the incoming offensive weapons, specifically those who are going to be catching passes and picking up receiving yardage. We will look at these players size, strength, speed, and hands and rank them accordingly. 5. Man, Mega 6'0 WR STR: 35 SPD: 50 HANDS: 40 Mega Man marks a bit of the low bar on what it will take to be a receiver in this league. He does not have ideal size to be a red zone threat. He is the sec
  2. I can't beat this offer everyone should take it tbh
  3. Someone send me them mock draft picks
  4. Sandy Barkley Sr. was perhaps the most athletically gifted player to ever hit the SBA court. He led the league in scoring, was on multiple occasions named to the All-Defensive first team, he was the winner of the Slam Dunk contest, a two time SBA champion, and once named the SBA Playoff MVP. Through all of these great accomplishments and successes, if you asked anyone to tell you something about Sandy Barkley they'd tell you he drove a shitty beat up Volvo Station Wagon. The story of Sandy Barkley Jr. allegedly begins in the backseat of that legendary car. I say alleged
  5. Redemption arc setup for Hank. Just got to move the ball into the right spot for him.
  6. Looking for the Double Doing gif? Edit: Fak
  7. Hank the Tank! Hank the Tank! Hank the Tank!
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