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  1. That was a rough one, congrats Rangers
  2. Another team just playing for the chance to lose to the Pirates
  3. Despite previous claims to the contrary, tails does sometimes fails
  4. playing for the chance to lose to the Pirates. Love it
  5. 2 Sacks and and Interception, Lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  6. Damn Olaf, leave some love for the other side of the field
  7. Team questions: 1 What position do you think the team could improve in? Probably add some firepower in the offense with a WR 2 What position do you think the team is best in Our entire secondary is beastly, but specifically safety 3 What do you think of Stacks (the coach.) you think he can do better in any way. (be honest) I think Stacks was a better game planner than our current coach tbh 4 What did you think the record was going to be for the team I was expecting maybe 10 wins, we are soaring past that ------------------
  8. The Rangers just killed an endangered species of bear and we are just supposed to be okay with that?!
  9. Looks like I am the inevitable one
  10. The EFCA is failing at one of its core thematic missions. For a league that markets itself as a college level there are simply no teams that at first glance give off anything resembling a college vibe to them. While this may not be the biggest knock to a league (and obviously operations are far more important to a league's success than aesthetics), this disconnect does at times pull me out of the emersion of the league. Where are the simple three or even one letter logos that populate the college ranks? Why is Hades Creek not an interlocked HC? Just a few simple designs could really give the l
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