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    Feb. 11th Buffalo Toronto Florida NY Islanders Tampa Bay Minnesota Winnipeg Carolina Colorado Edmonton St. Louis Feb 12th Boston Calgary Vancouver Now for the tie breaker! Correctly predict the winning team and be the closest to the actual final score for: Calgary vs Los Angeles - Calgary wins 4-2 2nd tie breaker just in case, Correctly predict the winning team and be closest to the final score for: St.Louis vs Anaheim - St. Louis wins 3-1
  2. Season 20 is a new era...stay tuned.
  3. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/9599-s44-league-donations/&do=findComment&comment=763350 used free week in SBA, so just claiming +6 for my PT value.
  4. WR: Deep Threat TE: Vertical Threat SS: Run Support RB: One-Cut QB: Field General LB: Balanced K: Kicker FS: Run Support CB: Man Cover
  5. Every member aspires to be the best, they want to lead their team, lead the league, get all of the awards, all of the trophies, but what truly makes you elite? To most of us, you'd look at the stats which absolutely makes sense, because we're going to remember a name a lot of the time by their accomplishments, the awards, the personal awards, the championships, and so on. But today, I wanted to give praise to those that have truly worked their asses off, contributed to the league in every way possible, and cemented their legacies among the elite of this league. For this, I have taken their two current, active players and combined their TPE totals, lets see what we come up with. NUMBER ONE - @Patdatass - IAN AND PATRICK KELLEY TPE TOTALS: 1638 & 1547 (3185) When you talk about elite, let's talk about a person who has easily cemented themselves as one of the best builders in the league and one of the most dedicated. To achieve such a status as having two players well over the 1500 TPE milestone is just insane and the work ethic of Pat is very clear. The Kelley's have been dominant in the league for a long time now, they've really played their positions well, and the nice thing about them both having so much TPE is that even in regression stages, they are still top players in the league and can easily hold their own among the new faces coming in who have yet to even hit their TPA numbers in TPE. It'll be unfortunate when the EFL loses these two, but let's just say for now, this was a clear decision for me. NUMBER TWO - @MMFLEX - HYPHEN BOXCAR-JONES AND DREW MCPEWPEWPEW TPE TOTALS: 1519 & 1304 (2823) Another valuable member who has made it his mission to make his players the best they can be at their positions and has succeeded. When you look at the combined TPE totals it's scary to see that Pat has over a 300 TPE difference from the number two guy, but let's be honest even 2800 combined is gross. MMFlex is a great member who has done a lot for the community, I had the honor of playing under him at Oregon with one of my players and have had the unfortunate time of facing off against him in the EFL at the QB position in which he whoops my ass on a nightly basis (that sounded kinky, sorry lol). Anyways, again another person who is well deserved among the elite, and has held his own the whole time. NUMBER THREE - @oilmandan - DEE FENCE AND DAN WILINKSKY TPE TOTALS: 1370 & 1193 (2563) Another decent gap between number two and three here, but still super impressive. OMD has proven himself time and time again, as to why he is the real deal. Fence and Wilinsky have been beasts on the field and off the field, OMD has found success and had fun as a GM in the EFL. He's a great member with a great attitude that looks to spread positivity and bring activity wherever he goes, which are great traits to have as a GM. While I've never had the pleasure of being on his team, I've heard nothing but good things about him from current and former members of his team, which speaks wonders when speaking about someone being 'elite', he has created a legacy. NUMBER FOUR - @Sharkstrong - DEMETRIUS AND REGINALD SHARKSTRONG TPE TOTALS: 1431 & 1130 (2561) Just barely inched out by OMD, we have probably some of the scariest lads to hit the field in the Sharkstrong brothers. Shark has made it his mission to improve this league, be active in this league an dominate, all of which I believe he has actively done and graciously in the process. While the Shark gang may not be the top of the TPE leaders, I feel like his crew are always involved in big plays, awards and so on, and his name is known around the league, there isn't a lot of people who don't know him, and if that isn't elite, I do not know what is? NUMBER FIVE - @Symmetrik - LOGAN CRAWFORD AND CASEY ARCHER TPE TOTALS: 1145 & 1044 (2189) While there were a lot of singles out there that were ready to mingle such as @Turner (Starscream, 1181) and @PigSnout (Rose, 1372) the next duo here was one brought to us by Symmetrik. Crawford has been a dominant QB for many years and Archer has been putting in work shutting down the Wide Receivers of the EFL, but the players are more than just that, they are standout because of their user who has not only put in the work to bring them there, but has also put in work to help the EFL with any task he can in order to make sure it succeeds and the league has tons of longevity, something I respect. Overall, this was a great way to cap off the top five. ------------- And with that, the top five duos of the league, something I really enjoy looking at is the success of the user behind the success of the players. I think there are many people out there who deserve a shout-out but I think these five dig deep to prove they are made of elite talent, elite class and elite stature. I salute all of you, on your careers and your efforts into making this league the way it's been. Cheers to you all.
  6. So, I’m not the type of guy to talk about my feelings or get emotional. I’m not the type of guy who cares to let people know how he is feeling or anything like that. But I feel like maybe it’s time I did, and maybe just let 2020 be the year that I truly let everything go, and started fresh, with everything and everyone. So, if you’re not into mushy shit or not into caring about what I have to say, which I totally respect, then don’t continue reading, or grab your buckets, things may get gross. I have been in sim leagues since the young age of 13. At 13 lets’ be honest, you don’t know a lot, you can claim to know a lot, but you don’t know a lot. I was a huge hockey fan, and at the time, my cousin introduced me to the SHL, and then the VHL around the same time. I enjoyed both of them, and became a ‘regular’ on both of them fairly quickly. I met a lot of people along the way and made a lot of cool friends that I am still friends with for the most part, to this day. However, being a naïve, douchebag kid that I was, as I grew up, I made some more friends than enemies. I was entitled, I’m not afraid to admit it, I felt better than others, I ran my mouth…a lot, it got me into some trouble in the sim league world and even outside the sim league world. Despite that, I still had a core of people who looked out for me in the leagues, still stayed friends with me, etc, but then things kind of changed. I began to act out even more, I hung around with the wrong crowd, my life became a bit of a mess. People around me didn’t know anything because I never opened up to them, about anything whatsoever. I got into things no person should see at a young age, I had experiences no person young or old should experience, and I really wasn’t happy, but no one really knew, maybe some very close people to me, but I don’t even think my parents knew the full extent of what I was going through. Things go so bad, that I left sim leagues behind, I left them all, in fact I made even more enemies because I ghosted the leagues I had promised to be around in, and that wasn’t cool of me, I lost a lot of people’s trust which I was good at doing and yeah, things just weren’t great. Along the way of recovering from all of my demons, as most of the people know, I had two kids, the first one I actually had while still in sim leagues, the second while I was away. I married my childhood sweetheart and it kind of clicked in me, that I needed a better life. And so I began to live that good life. Things got better, my depression slowly subsided, days got easier, getting out of bed, much easier, my life was just in a good place. So I came back to sim leagues full-time, haven’t missed a beat since I rejoined and I’ve been probably the happiest I’ve been since I was that young naïve 13 year old that first joined the league 10+ years ago. But, I fell into some bad habits again. Not so much habits, but my mind again began to sink back into a terrible place, and honestly I couldn’t pin-point why, but people started to get under my skin for all of the wrong reasons and I blamed them for it, I blamed them a lot. And this is the reason for my post today, the clear the air, to let things be bygones and to really, really make an effort to be a better me in sim leagues. @HuddleHussy and I have gone back and forth numerous times as opposing GM’s, as sim leaguers, as human beings. I questioned everything she did, I fought with her on everything, deep down, I had grudges against her that I simply wouldn’t let go, which lead me to being suspended for the first time in IRL years that I can remember. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but instead of hate me for what I said, and hate me for how I acted, we actually talked. For the first time since I’ve known her, we talked for like a good 4 hours about everything, and it’s scary how much you can learn about someone in 4 hours, but what I learned is, that my tendencies from years ago that had slowly crept in, were the only reasons I really held any type of hatred or grudge towards her, and in fact, there was no reason to, because we learned through communicating that I would’ve never known if I continued to hate her for absolutely no reason. She knows how sorry I am for being the way I was towards her, during those talks we just cleared the air, and this isn’t some publicity stunt, this isn’t some way to kiss peoples asses or make them think I’ve suddenly changed, but this is however genuine, we moved past it, but she’s not the only one. @Bushito my words and actions I took in your rankings were completely uncalled for, and my suspension was 100% legitimate in every way possible. I took out an issue I didn’t even have with you, on you, and it wasn’t fair to you, nor deserved. We’ve known each other for years, like YEARS, you taught me how to play EHM, you taught me how to do the VHL stuff, I learned how to do graphics because I enjoyed your graphics so much and I wanted to be as good as you. I have nothing but respect for you, and I hope my outburst didn’t break that, I know we’ve never truly been like 100% eye-to-eye before, but just know, I have never had ill-will towards you. @kgr (idk where he is in terms of username anymore lol) I didn’t think this time would come, but honestly, I think it needs to come. Before Hussy/Blade drama, we had some drama, a bad falling out. You said some things again that I took to offense, and held a grudge for, and honestly, I should’ve just let it go. Yeah, people know you have a bit of a bad rep in the past, but that should’ve never let me hold the grudge I have been holding for so long. I think it’s time to squash the beef and actually just live life, let it run its course, no matter how it’s run, it’ll run, and we’ll take it from there. To anyone else I may have ever offended, I may have ever cut ties with, or held a grudge against, please don’t feel scared to DM me, I’d like to clear the air. This is me, breathing, living, and feeling happy, this is me letting go of all the negative shit in my life and sim league career because it’s just too heavy to carry around anymore. Thanks for reading…this has been my Ted Talk.
  7. SEASON 16 Scholarship Pos. Name Username 5 MILLION WR Booker Thomas @SwagSloth 5 MILLION TE Buff Beav @Beaviss 5 MILLION 5 MILLION 3 MILLION QB Pengu Lee @Pengu 3 MILLION WR Colin Moore @thekillamon 3 MILLION CB Will Tarpin @thekillamon 3 MILLION WR John Johnson @MostTHE WAE 3 MILLION CB Derby McClelland @evryday 3 MILLION K Kevin Reegsman @dexman76 3 MILLION RB Jake Laughton @Grape 2 MILLION FS Willem de Vries INACTIVE 2 MILLION WR Max Chapman @Hitherekids 2 MILLION QB Taylen Branch @dankoa 2 MILLION SS Tom Esau @Rayzor_7 2 MILLION TE Tighest End @Snussu 2 MILLION TE Oogie Boogie @Enorama 2 MILLION SS Abraham Saint Sebastian @Rockstar REDSHIRT(O) REDSHIRT(D)
  8. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/43988-t-r-a-n-sformer/ +6
  9. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/43813-sorry-if-this-hurts-your-feelings/ 6
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