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  1. 1. The season has gone 4 games for the ECFA and 3 for the EFL, what is one positive that your player(s) have done so far? Mustang Rushmore has become a beast in the run-game, his last game achieving 3 rushing touchdowns AND one passing touchdown... unit. 2. Flip the script and what is one negative thing about your player(s)? My defensive player, Saxton is not achieving AS much success on the stat line but is still enjoyable to see play. 3. Outside of your player(s), how has your team(s) performed so far? Outstanding... Manchester is absolutely killing it, as is Miami in the EFL. 4. What goal(s) do you have set up for this season for your player(s)? Awards & championships baby, all about them rings & bling. 5. The Athens Carnage are the only undefeated team left, how many more games can they win and who could potentially stop them and why? Going to give it 1-2 more games then a defeat will happen. 6. The same with EFL and the Miami Neptune, who do you see potentially knocking them off and why? Hopefully no one, that's my team baby. 7. The Wisconsin Brigade are 1-2, did you expect this to happen or what did you see their record after 3 games? Honestly coming off their win I think it's the last thing anyone expected... 8. In the ECFA between the Biscayne Bay Pirates and Hades Creek Phalanx, who gets their first win? Hades, just a crapshoot really. 9. The top of the quarterback race in the EFL is between Ajax Cole IV and Nathan Algren, who takes home this title and why? Gonna go with Nathan Algren because who tf has 4 players with the same name 10. In the ECFA it seems Martin Isaac II is the clear favorite to win the MVP, do you see anyone knocking him off and if so who? Mustang Rushmore will be speaking to him soon 11. What is your team(s) weakness so far? Against amazing teams? Probably defense, our offense seems locked down solid. 12. If you were a GM and had the first overall pick in a re-draft, who would you pick and why? No idea tbh, I didn't even see who was in this draft.
  2. 1. The off-season ended, how prepared are your players for the new season? Very prepared absolutely. 2. Pre-season games already happened, how do you feel about your players performances? Really good honestly, it feels spectacular. 3. Do your players have any pre-game rituals and if so, what is it/ or are they? Just a little pre-game prayer goes a long way. 4. When not playing football, what do your players do for entertainment? Usually video games and hanging out with friends/family. 5. Name one move that you have seen recently and why you enjoy it. Top Gun was the best. 6. What is one hidden talent that your players have? Can dislocate my finger, that's usually a fun party trick lol 7. If you were to host a party for your teammates, what's on the agenda? Probably have a ton of food, ton of alchohol then just bring on the party games. 8. Do your players come from backgrounds in the sport or have they worked hard and got here on their own? They do indeed. 9. Do your players have any rivals and if so who are they? None as of yet. 10. Do your players have any idols and if so who are they and why? I'd say Ray Lewis and Adrian Peterson are the two. 11. What goals do you strive for when creating or recreating? Just winning with the team. 12. Time to be thankful again and thank either a GM or AD who helped you out so far. @Wheaties goated
  3. 1. What is your favorite NFL team and why? Saints because of Brees & Sean Payton. 2. Who do you think will win the NBA Finals the Boston Celtics or the Golden States Warriors? Celtics, GSW have had their shots and won their rings. 3. Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breath in the water? Fly so I can get around anywhere & everywhere 4. Who do you think his our rival this season for the cup? Probably Roswell 5. Why did you selected your position and why did you chose that build is it a player you admirer your dream football player or you if you were a football player? Just two positions I've not built a lot and figured I'd have fun with it. 6. Would you rather know all the thing in the space or in the water? and Why? I love to think of the weird stuff so probably the water, we only know 4%. 7. What's your player pre meal and after meal before and after a game? Something light before the game, nothing too big, and then a heavy meal probably like pasta based or carb heavy after. 8. If you had the choose on which team your player will end up in the EFL what team would it be? Maybe somewhere like New York or something since I've never played there. 9. Why is the Red Panda the best animal ever? Just a beautiful creature.
  4. 1. The off-season seems slow, what could make it more interesting from a prospect point of view (meaning for the college experience)? Maybe like an off-season tournament? Wheather it be like a draft combine tournament or maybe even something like a pros vs college thing where we cap the pros, and do some fun little event? 2. Who do you see as the top teams in the ECFA next season? Manchester seems like the most logical... non-bias answer at all right? Then maybe Roswell or DVR 3. Piggyback off of question two and who is top in the EFL? Been gone so long I honestly have no clue, I'll throw out the Reign or Brigade because I believe they played in the finals lol. 4. If you were to start a team fresh, would your first pick be a defensive player or offensive and why? Defense wins championships they always say, so I think a great franchise defensive player will win some. 5. Do you think a team with a high scoring offense wins or would a stout defense win the matchup and why? This sim always seems to favor unreal offenses, so I'd say offense. 6. Going back on asking if you'd be an OL, how about if the option was open to create a DL, would you and explain why or why not? Again probably not, just not enough excitement around that position imo. 7. This draft class looks kind of weak, do you think it is a problem and why or why not? It's not deep, which is unfortunate. This place was an OG league for me, and to see it not have deep drafts makes me sad. 8. Imagine you are put into the driver seat of the EFL (aka head admin), what is one thing you would change and why? Something has to be done with recruitment imo, the league has SO much to offer, and so many people trying to keep it going, that it deserves SOMEHOW to find a big push. 9. Do you think the EFL would be interesting to watch if if were ran on a newer Madden for example and explain your answer? For sake of getting away from PBP's and boxscores all being text based, I'd think so yes. Seeing a game is much more fun than reading one. 10. Imagine the EFL goes worldwide (in terms of teams), which cities would you target as places for an expansion and why? Any of the bad teams probably lol, only makes the most sense unless they hold some historiic signifiance to the league. 11. Going back to the thanking process, tag someone who you think has done a great job making graphics (of any kind via sigs or draft graphics) and thank them. @Lefty_S makes some sexy draft gfx tbh. 12. This time let's thank someone for their writing whether it be normal articles or their league sanctioned articles or hall of fame articles. I read fuck all quite frankly lol, but the one persons stuff I have read quite frequently is @CowboyinAmerica pieces, always super informative and good research done imo.
  5. 1. What ECFA logo is the worst looking to you? Encounter hands down 2. Why is that logo the worst looking to you? Just not an appealing logo. 3. If you could make an OL would you and why or why not? No, because it'd be boring likely lol. 4. If you could replicate one previous EFL players career, who would you copy? Probably my QB ASS' career, had one hell of a championship run and some nice awards. 5. What made you choose that person? It's my player, I know how good they were lol. 6. How do you feel about the question of the week being added for TPE? It seems like a dope incentive. 7. What could make the sims feel more immersive? Maybe live streams vs PBP on the forums? 8. How would you feel about an EFL Hall of Fame game (one that features two random teams added each year and two one offensive and defensive player added to that current roster each time but how they were in their prime)? I feel like the HOF should still be ballot entry, just seems more fair than a random game deciding tbh. 9. We know you are here at the EFL but would you suggest the EFL to a friend? I would if they like sports for sure! 10. What was one of your favorite EFL OR ECFA seasons? Any season I had a player in it. 11. Do you actually read the sims or just skim past until you find the results? Any time it's my team(s) playing with my players I read the whole way through. 12. Tag one member who has been the most helpful to you in your time here in the EFL and thank them with a few words. @MMFLEX is a goat. @omgitshim too.
  6. Any other boxscores for this week?
  7. As Bruce Buffer would say during one of his epic events... it's TIME for the Tagaloa's to officially declare their intent to enter the upcoming draft. When you think of the draft, there is a lot that goes into the draft and a lot needing to be done to prepare for it. Currently both Fetu and Maleko are in their second season in the ECFA and coming off of a championship win, so with that hype and the draft hype now building, there are a lot of eyes on them. When we break down what the first season of their time with the Manchester Lookout looked like, we see the following: As we can see, to start off with Maleko, he did not have the most amazing statline during the championship winning season, however he was fairly decent for the role he was playing. When he joined the EFL/ECFA, he did announce that he was willing and able to play both the WR and the TE position, to which his coaching staff in Manchester decided to utilize him in the TE slot. A lot of promises occurred of playing time which were all fulfilled however the playbooks used for the team's offense just didn't really use him to his fullest potential, as such, while he has a ring, there was a lot to be desired for Maleko and his abilities. This second season looks a bit better as displayed below this. From this picture, it's obvious that while his receptions are not super high up, he's already improved his total yards per catch and his average, the only thing he is missing is some touchdowns which he still has 11 games to get, so the season is still quite young. Once again though a thing to note with all GM's who are looking at stats, is that he is just not getting a ton of receptions due to the playbook being used in Manchester, they are very much WR heavy which is pretty typical, however he is still impressive for what his role is on the team, do not let him slide under the radar. Now, we move onto Fetu... At linebacker, it's very difficult when you enter the league behind a lot of the higher TPE players, and it pretty much showed when Fetu joined the linebacker squad for Manchester in his first season. While his tackles were quite impressive, his other stats were just lacking that flare and finesse. He had minimal tackles for a loss, no fumbles/recoveries, 1 sack and 1 pass deflection, which really did not sit well with him. While he won a ring, again he did feel like he could've done so much more had he been more prepared, and that is why this season was so crucial for him. Those stats are below: This season for the big man has been sadly... right about the same. While his tackles are on pace to hit over where he did last season, his other stats are just non-existent at this point. Fetu does sometimes blame himself because he wonders, is it that he's being burned too much by the offensive players, or is it just a lack of him not being able to get those sacks, tackles for a loss and interceptions/deflections. While being in his head, he's still trying to remain positive as the team is on an undefeated streak and for him, a second ring would basically solidify his tenure in the ECFA as one of the greatest. With that... these are the Tagaloas... and they are coming to the EFL very, very soon.
  8. http://blogs.luc.edu/uao/files/2016/04/crosspath-sign.jpg When you talk about college to a 'normal' person, it's a very big decision for the academic side of things. This decision is going to be how we determine what our careers are going to be, what profession we're going to be eligible for and how we are going to earn money for the rest of our lives. But when it comes to a sports athlete, things are a little less about the academics, and a lot more about the program and the coaches and of course, the 'appeal' for being a bigger school. When it came down to decisions like this, the two giants from the Isles of Samoa had a lot to think about. No matter what, they knew they'd be leaving home, in fact they knew it was very possible they'd even be going to North America, however they did not realize that their decision could eventually lead them somewhere they've never been before. Upon leaving high school, Fetu and Maleko had nothing but aspirations and a dream. Their coach of course, was their biggest hype man and had all the confidence in the world that they would 'make it' and 'be somebodies' in the sports world, but of course it's hard to think that when not too many people outside of your home country really know who you are. However, that all changed when one day, an agent showed up at their house, flying all the way to their small town within the Isles, and made everyone propositions they couldn't even dream of turning down. He spoke not of the NFL, a massive organization in it's own right, but a fresh, hotter league in the EFL. With a bunch of slideshows and presentations and expectations, the EFL sounded like the place to be, and then what sounded even crazier is that the brothers wouldn't go to the NCAA...but rather the colleges were actually hosted at 12 unique colleges that made up the ECFA, a college promotion that was owned by the EFL. With the promises adding up, the overwhelming information finally became a reality and both brothers decided to sign with the Rockstar agency. Within a week, the brothers brought themselves to North America with all of their prized possessions and a promise to their parents, to one day move them out there for a better life and better beginning to everything they ever needed. Until then, they said their goodbyes and set-off to embark on their future. Once they arrived, the work began. The Rockstar agency began to schedule workouts with the ECFA colleges to prove these guys were worth it, and it was quite obvious that the teams and colleges were just eating these guys up, because they instantly caught fire, and they also began to make some worldwide headlines about their performance and their talents. Eventually though, it did become decision time, and a lot was on the line. They knew that they had to find out who was going to win for them, who was going to fight for them, and who was going to help them become EFL superstars. In the end, with recommendation from their agency who had prior experience with a specific AD, none other than MMFlex and the Manchester Lookout were chosen, and what a beautiful choice that was. While neither man walked away with rookie or individual awards, they would win the championship in their first ever season and are poised to at this rate, have an unbeaten season should things continue the way they are. There is no looking back for these two, and the sky is the limit, they are looking to be the best, do the best, and conquer the best, until there is no one left but them standing. Keep up with their progress as much as possible, you're not going to want to miss it. In order to keep up with their trends, you can view their player brand and also keep up with them via the twitter feeds and their other socials. They have declared for the draft and so this will be the final season for the team. You can also view their draft declaration statements which will be coming up soon, and should be very impactful on where they see their future.
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