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  2. CASEY ARCHER @Symmetrik S21: $5,250,000 S22: MINIMUM HIMALAYA GRIFFINTOWN @McWolf S21: $4,500,000 S22: MINIMUM HOBO JACKSON @KillaScrilla S21: $2,500,000 S22: MINIMUM PRIME TIME @KillaScrilla S21: $2,500,000 S22: MINIMUM IVAN ZAMORA JR @evryday S21: $5,500,000 S22: MINIMUM
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    S20 EFL Week 13

    you guys truly deserve it. Honestly, I wish I could be a part of it but you have a great crop of guys there who are making the dream possible. Go out and enjoy it
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    S20 ECFA Week 13

    never give up lincoln!
  5. MARCUS BRISCOE (LEFT) AND WALTER BRISCOE (RIGHT) HEIGHT: 6'0 & 6'1 WEIGHT: 177 & 192 POSITIONS: Running Back & Linebacker ARCHTYPE: Workhorse & 3/4 Tackling CAREER LENGTH: 2 BORN-IN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada DESCRIPTION Marcus and Walter Briscoe have been in the league now for almost two full seasons and despite some rocky beginnings and rocky continuations, the brothers seem to have finally found their footing in the league as they are the leaders on their team and begin to lead the league in some major categories in their respective seasons. Both of the brothers are from Toronto, Ontario, one of the larger cities in Canada and likely one of the busiest. While they came from a decent family background, we previously covered that the two are actually adopted brothers, both of which came from unfortunate series of events to bring them together. However this bond has not been broken, and both of the brothers are going to do their best to stick it together for the foreseeable future and be a dominant force on both ends of the field. SEASON 19 STATS MARCUS BRISCOE GP: 16 | ATT: 347 | YARDS: 1483 | TD: 12 Starting off with the offensive player of Marcus, he had a pretty exceptional year and was actually up for offensive rookie of the year (despite being beat out by fellow rookie Devin Rose who also had a great year). While we know that Briscoe wasn't in the greatest of places on an amazing team, he was still able to really do some damage on the field and secure his team quite a few touchdowns. Lincoln was likely pretty happy that he was also averaging over 5 years per carry and had well over 1000 yards accumulated again, despite having the lower team behind him to back him up. Overall, Marcus is far from mad about his accomplishments and is looking forward to bigger and better things to come from the current season, which we will review momentarily. WALTER BRISCOE GP: 16 | TCK: 76 | TFL: 3 | FF/FR : 2/1 | SACKS: 5 | INT: 1 | PD: 4 Honestly surprising that Walter was not nominated for his performance in his initial season, as he was very, very good on the defensive side of the ball. While his tackles were low, he had a few tackle for loss, some fumbles with a recovery, a good amount of sacks and deflections and even managed to intercept the ball. To me, this is a great stat line seeing as he was under-developed TPE wise and still had a lot of growing to do, and again on a team that really lacked any kind of quality or depth at the position or other defensive positions. Walter is looking to also improve those stats in the current season, which we're going to review right now. SEASON 20 STATS MARCUS BRISCOE GP: 8 | ATT: 252 | YARDS: 1297 | TD: 11 As we move on from last year, you can see a couple of major differences from the year prior, and things are looking quite juicy for the now sophomore player. The first thing that stands out is the number of attempts which is climbing quite rapidly despite being only half-way through the season. Because their quarterback is a freshman still trying to learn the ropes and grow, Briscoe is being heavily leaned on, but he's certainly not disappointing. His yards have almost surpassed those of last year, and his TD's will certainly pass his old personal best as again, we're only half-way through the season with a ton of time left to make an impact. There could be serious conversations for both OPOTY and RBOTY if he keeps this up. WALTER BRISCOE GP: 8 | TCK: 76 | TFL: 5 | PD: 1 On the other hand, Walter has been having a weird season which is kind of good, kind of bad, but not as well-rounded as the prior. Still, he is optimistic as half of the season remains and he's already hit his previous seasons tackle numbers while managing to improve his tackle for loss statistic. If he can become more well-rounded in the other games, he could also be a serious contender for LBOTY and DPOTY but this will all rely on his hard work ethic and his drive to improve. We do believe he has what it takes but really its the time that will tell if he can actually make it and hang with the big dogs, or slide down the rankings. WORD COUNT: 745 (350+ WORDS PER PLAYER)
  6. https://vhlforum.com/topic/83207-thorn-of-halifax/
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