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  1. Woo! Another multi-pick game for McClelland.
  2. Notre Dame is hot garbage. Woof
  3. When you're on the receiving end of that good defense there is!
  4. This is a lame game of the week which makes me think it'll pick up
  5. Wheaties doesn't care who's on the receiving end.
  6. That's a shutdown corner stat line if I've ever seen one.
  7. ND gonna get their first win, sorry @Sharkstrong
  8. Username: @evryday Player 1 Name: Ivan Zamora, Jr. Position: WR Player 2 Name: Derby McClelland Position: CB
  9. RIP ND. McClelland high-risk, high-reward that game.
  10. Time to stop updating, looks like I found my final build.
  11. Very surprised to see two picks for McClelland.
  12. Should have waited a week to suggest he put in strats. My bad.
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