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  1. Hm. I have a sneaky suspicion that @TacticalHammer is an evil boy. But I also have no clue
  2. AW13

    S18 EFL Week 9

    Ummmm WTF!?!?!?
  3. AW13

    S18 EFL Week 9

    It helps LA in tiebreakers tho.
  4. AW13

    S18 EFL Week 9

    Wow what a win
  5. AW13

    S18 EFL Week 9

    NOLA gonna win
  6. AW13

    S18 EFL Week 9

    There is no way this is real right now
  7. The Very Frustrating Season 18 in San Antonio Honestly, it does not feel real right now. This is probably the most frustrating season that I have had as a GM or AD in any sim league that I have been a part of, and I use to GM in a ton of leagues over my history. I have experienced successes and failures like anyone will but I think it is the most frustrating when your expectations fall short of what you came into and for me, this season at least, don't really see failures outside of our record. That is how the season has been, it has been missed expectations but it also has not been because the team could have won almost every single week and that is what is really hurting me so far and is a real downer on the team. This season has been the season of San Antonio being the better team on the field for most parts of the game and one play or one aspect of the game kills us in the final moment or creates a crucial turning point of the game. Currently, we are putting up some major yards, first in the West and 4th in the league in overall yardage per game on offense. We are 2nd in rushing yards in both the league and conference and 2nd in the conference in passing yards while still a respectable 5th in the league as well. Our defense is giving up the 2nd least amount of rushing yardage, passing yardage, and overall yardage in the West and the league except for passing yardage allowed which is currently 3rd in the league. The yardage is not the problem. The problem is the points and the turnovers, kind of. We don't finish drives with touchdowns and are tied for the 3rd most punts, have the 3rd most field goal attempts and to my knowledge, lead the league in turnovers on offense as well. We get yardage like crazy, but most drives seem to be stalling and it has our defense out there a lot and in tough situations. We have been part of the most games of the week and are in just about every single game but are just not capable of finishing right now. Game one, we lost to Wisconsin where we beat them in almost all aspects of the game. We had more yardage, less turnovers, better time of possession and overall played a better game than the Brigade. We lost, on a 73 yard kick return and on a touchdown pass to a BOT with 30 seconds left, cool. Week 2, Miami at home, a super tough game of course, we had 174 more yards, 15 more first downs, 20 less penalty yards, and a 15 minute advantage in time of possessions. We lost the turnover battle by 2 and scored one touchdown to our 4 field goal attempts and lost by 11, cool. Week 3, Seattle, on the road which is tough, we outscore them 21-14 for the first 3 quarters, end up with more yardage, more time of possession and a more efficient passing game. We stall at the 5 yard line to start the 4th and kick a field goal to go up 24-14 and then proceed to give up two touchdowns, with 5 minutes to go, and 4 minutes to go and lose 28-24 after dominating them the entire game, cool. Week 4, we beat Memphis and look like we had all year but this time got a win. Week 5, no excuse, New York kicked our ass out there, yet we were still game of the week which pissed me off. Week 6, Los Angeles, who had not been great at all but just came off a huge trade so they were still working through things. We start off by losing 24-3 and then start making a comeback, we actually end up with 2 less yards than them, crazy right? Our passing game was better completion wise but not yardage wise and we outrushed them and we had more first downs in the game. We lost the turnover battle by one cause of a fumble, only threw it to Saracen 2 times, and oh, also decided to just kick a field goal down 7 with 3 and a half minutes to go and lost by 4, cool. Week 7, the Kraken, we outgained them, forced more turnovers and won by 6, it was closer than we would like but the results came with our better play which is always refreshing and rare this season. Week 8, Wisconsin again, they go up 21-0, yay. We go on to out score them 18-10 the rest of the way but it was too big of a hole to climb. Again, more yardage, had 4 sacks to their 1, had the same amount of penalty yardage and turnovers but lost by 13, yay. This season has not been fun for me, it has been disheartening and we have lost a lot of close games in ways that I don't understand. I won't give up and I love this team and the players on it, and we aren't out of it in terms of a playoff berth, but damn, it is hard to have any hope of anything right now with what has transpired this season. Awooo
  8. This is the biggest game we have had in awhile. Last couple 19 players, this one 23. Bout to be chaos
  9. Haha this is awesome! If not, we riot!
  10. Oregon can clinch a playoff berth next week with a win
  11. AW13

    S18 EFL Week 8

    Nooooooooooooo another loss where we OUTGAIN our opponents noooooo
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