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  1. D'Quan Gilbert's Best Seasons (Ranked) When it comes to star power at the wide receiver position, there are a lot of running backs turned WR but very little true natural wide receivers with the current star power of New York Herd wideout, D'Quan Gilbert. D'Quan Gilbert was drafted out of Athens back in Season 34 by the Seattle Predators. Gilbert starred for Seattle for 2 years before leaving for Minnesota where he picked up a championship and then made his way through free agency again this past off-season, landing with the New York Herd. We take a look at the 5 seasons so far in Gilbert's career to try and rank them as best we can! 5. Season 36 - First Year with Minnesota There are many reasons of why Season 36 has been and maybe will be the worst season for D'Quan Gilbert. After starring with the Predators for the first two seasons of his career, there were uncertainties going on with the team. The team's QB development had stalled and the defense was not strong so Gilbert parted ways with the team after Season 35. Seattle, thought by everyone to be one of the weaker teams in the EFL, ended up shocking the world in Season 36 by winning the EFL Championship out of seemingly nowhere. Gilbert's Frontier won the regular season first seed out of the west but were embarrassed by Seattle in the playoffs losing 10-31. Not only did Gilbert have a slightly down season statistically but his former team ended up winning it all, it was rough! 4. Season 35 - Second Season with Seattle This one was hard and interesting because overall it was one of, if not the best season statistically of Gilbert's career though of course you can argue it was not spectacular when looking at everything. His volume was high, his drops were the highest they have been and his yards per catch were a career low. The team did not make it to the playoffs and Gilbert ended up leaving after the season. Overall, while the volume was high which Gilbert loved, there was not much else that went right in Season 35. 3. Season 38 - First Season with New York This one really gets an incomplete ranking but I feel like with 7 going on 8 games into the season, it was fair to list it here. So far, Gilbert has had a very good season with the Herd and has broken out at least in terms of big play potential. Gilbert joined a team already thought to be a favorite in the league giving it sort of a Durant to Golden State feel when comparing with the NBA though football one player makes less difference for sure. Gilbert is on pace to potentially have the most yards, touchdowns, and yards per catch in his career all while maintaining sure hands and reliability. The team looks poised to compete for a championship which could push this ranking a lot higher. If not, 3 is probably the floor being still a potential great statistical season where he could compete for wide receiver of the year. 2. Season 34 - First Season with Seattle Was there anything special about Season 34? Yes! A player always has fond memories about his first season in the league and Season 34 is when the EFL journey started for D'Quan Gilbert. Coming off a Heisman campaign, Gilbert was drafted into the EFL with much promise and was immediately thrown in to be the top target for Seattle. He finished with 134 targets and 97 catches as a rookie and ended up winning the EFL offensive rookie of the year award and make the pro bowl. It was a great debut season for Gilbert and deserving of a top 2 ranking for his career seasons so far. 1. Season 37 - Second Season with Minnesota This one was hard because between his rookie season and Season 37, they are more of a 1a and 1b most likely. However, anytime you win an EFL Championship, it is amazing and deserving of a top slot. When Gilbert signed with the Frontier, he saw the potential in the team to go on to win a title and after the playoff upset in Season 36, it was revenge on the mind of the Frontier in Season 37. Minnesota wound up making and winning the championship and solidified Gilbert's intuition when choosing a team in free agency. After Season 37, the Frontier really were broken apart via other free agent departures but for Gilbert and the rest of that Minnesota team, they will always have that championship to be fond about! Career Stats:
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate here in the EFL! https://efl.network/index/efl/GameResults.html Week 4 is up in the index!!
  3. Another potential dark horse team in the Brigade show up against the Predators, crushing them. The rookie combo of Rolanin and Solanin show up on both sides of the ball and Cutthroat remains a focal point of the Brigade with 155 total yards and 2 scores. Predators rookie QB Harkless struggles to move the ball but does not commit a turnover while Pratts, the new lead back in Seattle plays well, matching last year's MVP runner up Cutthroat in yards per carry!
  4. Revenge game here for long time Frenzy QB Nathan Algren as he helps lead Miami to victory over his former team, scoring on the ground and not turning the ball over. The newcomer kicker I Was Enchanted to Meet You has a huge game going 6-6 on field goal attempts with two of them being 50+ yarders! San Francisco struggles with new QB Tactique Marteau, though he holds on to the ball and plays game manager. Firpo Jr. the lone bright spot on an otherwise rough game from the team.
  5. Toronto with a huge win over Los Angeles. Toronto could be a big dark horse team this season, led by Isaac II. Rookie RB Landen Smith makes a mark with 3 scores. The shutout on defense is led to former DPOTY Warren Grey and talented CB Kostas Ioannidis. Los Angeles struggles in almost every facet of the game. El Shrektabuzz and Jedi Battlesmoke with solid games from the defense though!
  6. The defending champion Frontier go down to the potential favorites, the New York Herd. The new addition, D'Quan Gilbert makes his mark with 3 TDs in preseason setting up the MVP, Alexander Chase Everett for another potential huge season. On the other side, Lunatia even after losing his top 2 WRs, comes out and plays well setting Minnesota up well for potential success in what is thought to be a weak West!
  7. Season 38 | EFL | Preseason Date: November 17th, 2022 Matchups:
  8. Yeah I'm definitely on board for the nomination of Pig! For the dedicated presenting and the tools he created. Well deserved
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