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  1. Ranking Effective RTP Positions in the EFL Hello EFL! This season in the ECFA and next season in the EFL, we will start to see some of the potentials of the new Restricted Third Players as some will be over 250 which was the normal filler level previously and 100-150 for the ECFA. Recent discord conversations have had me thinking about this and immediately had me thinking of the potential it could have at the next level in the EFL. So for the purposes of this article I will only be talking about them once they get to the pro leagues. Quarterback: This one is an interesting one because in general, I do think it can work but also there always seem to be solid QBs in the pro levels at any given time. It of course is not always a sure thing so there are some cases where yeah, this would absolutely be needed. I even think maybe you consider Dual Threat RTPs to be able to be used as QBs and WRs which could work also. Assuming 350 to 400 TPE for an RTP, you can have a QB with 80/80/80 in arm, intelligence, and accuracy but not a whole lot more. Maybe a 85 in there. Is it good enough? I don't think so, so this goes last. Fullback: Now, if you are the fan of the fullback, turn away! Fullbacks are some of the least used players in this sim and you can get by without either a filler, RTP, or even an active fullback on your roster as a whole. Now, I think old 250 TPE fillers were fine here but as a whole, I don't know if I want to spend a little extra for a fullback at 350-400 TPE. Tight End: Now, fullbacks just before this can also play tight end so having them next to each other made sense. Tight end is interesting because we are now getting into the area of players that can be effective. The reason I have tight ends so low is that they have a good amount of attributes to upgrade. A tight end could have around 90 speed, 80 hands, 70 strength or so and be a pretty solid player. It may not be ideal with the lower hands and other stuff but it is a usable threat. Kicker: I want to rank kicker higher as it is my favorite position or one of them but in general, I just have it a shade lower here because it is not sexy and there are other options at kicker like BOTs and such. I am not sure the different between the options here or how much effect they would have from each other at least. You are looking mostly at a close to 90/90 kicker for 8 years so that alone makes it my top 4. Running back: Could real running backs become a thing of the past? Maybe. With the option to have some RTPs line up as running backs, the depth and thoughts of having some of your top RB users in the ECFA become wide receivers always looms. You can have a solid running game with an RTP or two running the ball and focus on the rest of your offense. Think of it as the recent NFL trend where you don't spend high draft capital on running backs. Get a new one every 6-7 years and go from there. Wide Receiver: Just like running backs, this is a big depth position and a very important one in the EFL. In today's EFL, I think you need 3 decent WRs to succeed and help your QB out. Having guys with 90 speed and 80 hands or something similar flooding the league would go a long way for some teams that sling the ball around. Any Defensive Position: Yes, I lumped them all together but I think it made sense too. In general, there is so much depth you need on defense and it all comes down to what defense you want to run. Need to run a 3-4? Well you need 4 linebackers, 2 corners, and 2 safeties so get hunting for those quality pieces. Offensive players are the sexier options but you can have really nice defensive pieces out of RTPs. 7 years of one of these players sounds very nice. You can take it even further with the many options you have of creating multi faceted players such as safety/linebackers or corner/safety type players.
  2. cut: WR Giancarlo Ignacio Ramirez sign: TE Saul Silva
  3. Biscayne Bay releases the following inactive players from last season's roster: QB Subway Jeff II WR Damien Chambers WR Julio Moss
  4. Welcome to the EFL Kuesmo!!
  5. Season 37 Biscayne Bay Pirates $5,000,000 (4/4) RB Kacey Keys @DaniK QB Frederick Frucker Jr. @KillaScrilla LB Kanoa Lokelani @AW13 * CB Johnathan Breeze @Highlifegaming25 $3,000,000 (7/7) K Hip Pop @Jetsqb101 * FS Air Fryer Convection-Oven @124715 * LB Dexter Jackson Jr. @KillaScrilla LB Koffie Bissouma @Tater_Tot QB Jasom Breeze Jr. @Highlifegaming25 WR Vik Radkos @Evans CB Yorian Dates @Retu $2,000,000 (7/7) FS Eren Heero @Playmaker WR Jeremy Wood @K100man TE Saul Silva @Trifecta * SS Maxwell Jewell @scottyj RB Terrell Lewis @Hxrly LB Derek Williams @Derek Boyd WR Damien Chambers @Damien823 4/4 RTP Slots filled. RTPs indicated by (*)
  6. Kanoa Lokelani Draft Declaration The 35th Season of EFL/ECFA football is still yet to be fully completed but for a lot of players including Biscayne Bay linebacker Kanoa Lokelani their eyes are set on the future and they are gauging their football careers. The goal for many talented players is to be drafted and play in the EFL one day and that goal is the exact same for Kanoa Lokelani. When he decided to make his way to Florida after playing in Utah his young life, he saw a place where he could learn and grow to be a professional linebacker. The Athletic Director and Head Coach AW at Biscayne Bay has a lot of EFL experience and being able to learn and play for him will be great in growing as a player. As was mentioned in Kanoa's recent college spotlight, he is coming off a season where he excelled on and off the field with the Pirates at the University of Biscayne Bay. His numbers on the season were not award winning by any means but we could see him competing potentially for an All-American spot potentially on the second team and that was just as a freshman. With 6 tackles for a loss, 6 sacks, and 1 interception, he did have some of the sexier numbers and could use those to complete for that All-American spot as a first or second teamer. As a freshman, he can look back on his stats and overall effect he had on Biscayne Bay's defense as a large positive and huge stepping stone in his football life. Now, after Season 37, Kanoa Lokelani will be entering the EFL draft after his Sophomore season with the Pirates and look to have a big impact at the next level. With a potential need of linebackers in the EFL, there should be an open spot for Lokelani and he could find solid success in doing so. He has top grade speed for linebackers and is still working on getting stronger and more agile as well as he looks to make the jump. Look for a team to value Lokelani as a potential 2nd rounder and starting linebacker for Season 38! "I am excited for the opportunity. I want to make my family proud and we have worked for this a long time. I love this school and playing for the Pirates but I really have the dream of becoming a professional football player in the EFL."
  7. Kanoa Lokelani College Spotlight BISCAYNE BAY, FL - Year one is essentially over for talented linebacker Kanoa Lokelani who came to the Sunshine State from Utah by way of Tonga. Lokelani was a star linebacker for the Pirates in his freshman season and made a lot of impact plays for a defense that had once ranked last in the ECFA. The additions made by Biscayne Bay including Lokelani helped propel the defense much further going from an 0-14 team that gave up 544 points in Season 35 (38.9 Points Allowed Per Game) to a 6-8 team that gave up just 323 points (23.1 points allowed per game). The swing of giving up nearly 16 points less per game was huge for the Pirates and resulted in the 6 win jump from just a season ago. The addition of Lokelani helped the defense a lot and the talented star out of Orem, UT was able to bring his influence on and off the field for Biscayne Bay. His speed opened up opportunities for other linebackers to have success such as newcomer Koffie Bissouma and existing linebacker Cole Dasice who ended up leading the ECFA in sacks. On the season himself, Lokelani totaled 6 tackles for a loss and 6 sacks while also grabbing an interception as well on the season. While the numbers were likely not award winning stats, they certainly were very solid and his impact had more effect on the players around him being able to cause blocking matchup problems for opposing offensive lines allowing free runs at the QB from Dasice and the like. With his immense talent, Lokelani has expressed his desire to jump to the next level and will be declaring himself for the Season 38 draft. He will play one final season with the Pirates and then enter the draft and hope to carve out a solid career as a pro linebacker. He will be graduating with an Associate's degree with plans to finish his Bachelor's at a later time from the University of Biscayne Bay. He was studying Aviation Maintenance and plans to become an airplane mechanic when he is able to get his 4-year degree. He has always loved planes and flying and in addition to becoming an airplane mechanic, has plans to obtain his private pilots license as well when he is making enough money in the EFL one day.
  8. I saw this last night and wanted to cry
  9. Player Name: Kanoa Lokelani Current Player TPE: 195 Combine TPE: 4
  10. https://anchor.fm/aw13/episodes/EFL-Playoff-Preview-and-QOTW-Answered-e1nnhu2
  11. Hey all! So just wanted to make a quick announcement in regards to ECFA scheduling and why we have not seen Week 13 yet. It was determined that there was an issue with the file post Week 12 where all exported results were correct but for some reason there was an issue with the save of the file and there is no easy way to get this resolved. With that being said, ECFA Week 12 will be re-simmed with all the same results and then ECFA Week 13 will be Simmed after. I believe box scores will be posted after the sim for both weeks sometime tonight or early tomorrow depending on the simmer's schedule! There will be some slight stat differences as a result but all teams should be the same in regards to standings. Thank you for your understanding! EFL Team
  12. Season 35 Prediction Claim Apologies for the delay in processing the predictions TPE from Season 35! Those are now claimable in EFLO! To claim, just go to your update page and click 'Predictions' and if you completed them they should show up to then be able to click and TPE should automatically disperse to your player's banked TPE. It may show as SBA/SBDL TPE still, it is EFL/ECFA respectively. Claim Extra! While doing predictions, it was not possible to pay out all sections so we will award that TPE manually. Please link this announcement post for 3 TPE (Uncapped).
  13. Let's gooo! Keep it up! Need another stop!!
  14. Damn we just the closest L while other games bigger losses
  15. @Trifecta Beast mode!!!!
  16. Could be worse. Solid to hold to 3
  17. Let's go Pirates!!!!
  18. Submitted by @oilmandan! Which of your own players was/ is your favourite. And why? Or... If you have had just one player, what inspired you to create the player?
  19. Oh jeez. C'mon Pirates.
  20. Roswell giving us the business
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