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  1. Question of the Week, ending September 30th How's your team's or teams' seasons going? Excited for playoffs? Excited for the offseason? 25+ word answers please!
  2. Question of the Week, ending September 23rd What are your thoughts so far on the new sim engine now that we are further along in the season? 25+ word answers please!
  3. Question of the Week, ending September 16th Suggested by @Theory What is your favorite ECFA or EFL moment from the last 5 seasons? 25+ word responses please!
  4. EFL League Update! Date: September 5th, 2023 Hello EFL! Lots of stuff I would love to cover here because as some may or may not have noticed there have been a few different changes, a few things brought back, and an overall effort to get back to the basics of great EFL Football! Sim Change: Thanks to an amazing effort by @Jetsqb101, we have successfully moved on from the old and questionable DDSPF16 sim engine and have moved on to the latest version of the game which is Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2023! This new sim should provide a lot of opportunities for new stategies and gameplanning, new statistical output, less clunky play, and will lead to more exciting things to do as well! These things could include traits likely purchased with league money which could make league money have just a little bit more meaning. It could potentially mean playing around and being able to upgrade a new attribute such like competitiveness which can factor a bit in some plays. It could even get to the point where we open up the ability to create an offensive or defensive lineman third or fourth player. There is still some testing to go but thanks to Jets and his hard work, we have a new sim to be able to grow into and continue some great EFL Football. As things need to be modified, we certainly will be able to do so to make sure we are at our best. With this, I want to try and get a nice recruiting effort going potentially starting this season come playoff time in order to let our affiliates know the EFL is back and better. Tell your friends to join now as well and experience the new sim we have and be on the ground floor of the EFL Comeback era!! Forum Updates: It was certainly one of the more pressing issues that I wanted to get done and I was able to go in and get a lot done. You may have noticed that a few things on the forums have been re-arranged or moved around. Using inspiration from other forums, the hope is to make things pretty clear when navigating the forums and keep like things grouped. League history has been moved to it's own section, TPE sections have been labeled as Earning TPE, and some old PTs,sections and such have been archived to maintain a clean site for all to use! Please, would love to know any feedback about the forum so far and any ways to improve even more! Question of the Week: As many have seen, Question of the Week is back. Issues with the Question of the Week in the past was it being forgotten some weeks or forgotten until mid or end of week. With our forums, I have found it possible to have these scheduled out for when they publish and lock. So, with this, Question of the Weeks will be completed generally once a month on the staff side and scheduled out for the remainder of the month. Generally, this may lead to less personalized EFL based questions (i.e. Minnesota is 13-0 right now, will they finish undefeated? Why or why not?) but it will allow for consistency in providing this opportunity and sticking with a league schedule, we can still ask league pertinent questions or just generic ones for when that comes up. We can also use user submitted questions and make sure to keep this consistently going! It is an easy 3 TPE but it is easier when it is actually available! Things to Come: Lots of things planned to potentially come down the pipeline for the EFL. As mentioned, potential sim related changes coming to the players and being able to do new things that we have not been able to do in the past 40+ seasons. A potential recruiting effort based on having the new sim and having new overall consistency in the EFL as a whole. Other things may be some new updated stuff like guides, rulebook, and such to create a good framework for new, returning, and existing users. Another thing likely coming soon is the addition of rookie tasks which include some basic things to get started in the league which can be completed for some initial TPE earnings in the league (5 tasks for 10 TPE or something ~ Along with the TPE earned from the tasks in the first place). I would love to get to the point where we bring things back like EFL Fantasy and things such as that for additional fun opportunities to earn some league TPE or money. Basic stuff like more consistency in awards and hall of fame. Potential rewards or incentives for certain types of content, etc. We are certainly wanting to grow and get back to consistent and great times in the EFL! GIVEAWAY! With the sim change and because it has taken a bit. Please look for a giveaway in EFLO titled New Sim Time! It is available now through the end of September! Thanks to those who are and have been sticking it out through the transition!
  5. Question of the Week, ending September 9th Hello! Just realized that there was no QOTW last week. Apologies on that. This week, have a double QOTW! That's right, this week is worth 6 tpe (3 capped, 3 uncapped technically). One suggestion question and another you can answer. 25+ words on one or the other or both! 1) Suggested by @dstevensonjr, which team is your favorite NFL team and why? If you don't really follow NFL, can do another sports franchise or club! 2) Would you like to see more ways to earn TPE in the EFL? Less? Why?
  6. EFL Career Review Rubric This task summarizes your player's career in the EFL up to this point. This is a chance to recap your player's EFL career to this point in your player's career and can serve as an additional element in building your player's background. This task must be at least 350 words and can be claimed for 12 TPE. It is available after your 4th season in the EFL until the end of your EFL career. You may NOT claim your EFL Career Review for both of your players, you must do one for each. You may however complete an EFL Review of 700+ words for both of your players and claim for both.
  7. ECFA Career Review Rubric This task summarizes your player's career in the ECFA. This is a chance to recap your player's collegiate career in preparation for the EFL and can serve as an additional element in building your player's background. This task must be at least 350 words and can be claimed for 12 TPE. It is available after your last season in the ECFA (Your rookie season in the EFL) until the end of your EFL career. You may NOT claim your ECFA Career Review for both of your players, you must do one for each. You may however complete a ECFA Review of 700+ words for both of your players and claim for both.
  8. High School Career Review Rubric This task summarizes your player's career before entering the ECFA. This is a chance for you to introduce their "origin story" or their background, and develop their character. This task must be at least 350 words and can be claimed for 12 uncapped TPE. It is available immediately upon creation through the end of your final season in the ECFA (prior to rollover). You may NOT claim your High School Career Review for both of your players, you must do one for each. You may however complete a HS Review of 700+ words for both of your players and claim for both.
  9. AW13

    Toronto GM

    The EFL is currently in search of a GM to come in and fill the role for the Toronto Skyhawks franchise. Job Pay: 6 TPE per week Job Duties: The GM role is one of the most important jobs in helping us run the league. You are expected to submit depth charts and gameplans, draft players, sign free agents, and maintain your players' interest in the league via discord locker rooms, commitment to the team, and growing your franchise! Application Deadline: This is currently considered an OPEN position. Please apply to me via forums or Discord (AW13) with interest in the position! We hope to fill the position as soon as possible so tentative deadline with interest will be September 10th, 2023 by 11:59pm PT!
  10. QOTW made it's successful comeback last week. For this week, I would love to re-fill some questions here from user provided questions. Give me some good questions of the week. Should be 25+ words so give a couple if you are able to! Or give us a question and tell us how and when you first found the EFL!
  11. Question of the Week, Ending August 19th Question of the Week is back! Reminder that QOTW is now 25 word responses for the 3 TPE now with inclusion of the Activity Check options. For this week, let's ease it back in. Please write anything EFL related. Can be about this last season, about your player, suggestions for the league, etc.
  12. Auto 12 but will probably do an article too
  13. Season 42 Media Week This week your full 6 TPE Point Task is worth double - 6 additional uncapped TPE IF your PT is a topic on the following: •Playoffs •Championship Game(s) •Upcoming Free Agency •Upcoming Draft All 12 point users and affiliates users may claim the bonus 6 as well. SBA & VHL welfare can be claimed for the additional 6. Thank you.
  14. L'Étoile du Nord The state motto of Minnesota is L'Étoile du Nord, which means the Star of the North in French and it pays homage to the state's northern position and the early French explorers of the state. This season in the EFL, the team is hoping for being the stars in the north indeed, or at least, the stars in the Western Conference of the Elite Football League. Now...we should remember that the team last season was the worst team in the EFL with a putrid 1-13 record. The team and it's fans should likely temper their expectations with other teams in the West such as the defending champion Reign and up and coming Predators. However, there is a good amount to be excited about for the Season 42 season in the North Star State. The team is now under new management bringing in long time EFL GM Amethyst "Iggy" Wolf who comes out of retirement to now lead the Frontier into their next era. Wolf, as you may remember, was a decently successful GM of the San Antonio Wolfpack before they folded and then stepped away from the managerial side of football until now. Wolf brings a unique football talent to Minnesota as a coach and GM and usually will build her team to her liking and put talented players in her system and watch them succeed as best as they can. There are low expectations after the previous team finished 1-13 last season but for Wolf, she expects greatness no matter what happened in previous seasons. That was not her team, but now it is. This off-season, the Frontier have seen a dramatic change in their roster via re-signings, free agency, trades, and the draft of course. The team has utilized every type of player acquisition strategies to build into season 42 and the roster that is currently out there. The team started by re-signing some key players for the team with future star QB Dawson Zimmerman being at the forefront of that. Last season, Minnesota management did not bother to start their young QB and while it may have been enough to discourage Dawson, they are taking the chance in new leadership to break through with their drafted team. Wolf was quoted by saying, "Dawson Zimmerman is our starting QB. There is no one I would prefer leading this team in the present and future than DZ." The team also brought back RB Marquise Taylor as well who should be able to have some good success running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield for the team. The team also made some minor depth re-signings as well such as Glik, Seed, Birdman, Fill, and Eliason. The team, then focused on the draft and with multiple first and second round picks, could really pick up some talent and bolster their roster. The team started by drafting talented WR Desmond Richardson who they hope to grow alongside Zimmerman to create a tremendous QB/WR duo for many years. The team also got talented corner Taiwo Kamson later in the first round to help continue to build a strong secondary already with players like King and Akara. The team then turned 2 of their 2nd round picks into trades for players with 9th overall becoming Anthonis Pratts, Kanoa Lokelani, and a future 2nd round pick from Seattle. They also turned 13th overall into WR Tomas Bigolbut from Wisconsin. They capped off their draft movement with the addition of kicker Are Tee Pee 14th overall to replace Hip Pop who had been there for the last few seasons but they decided to get younger and cheaper at the position. The team then headed towards free agency period and first made a huge splash with a sign and trade for talented tweener linebacker Warren Grey from the defending champion Reign. They sent a future 2nd round pick and Timothy Malinpa in order to get him and even at his older age, Grey can really play. They wrapped up their team essentially with the biggest splash in FA potentially signing D'Quan Gilbert also from Los Angeles. Gilbert, although aged, will be able to mentor Richardson and provide another nice weapon for Zimmerman in their comeback season. The Frontier are definitely looking much different with 3 completely new wide receivers, essentially a new quarterback, a potential bigger and better used running back tandem, a new kicker, 2 new linebackers, a new piece in the secondary, and a new coach. It will certainly be a team to watch in a talented league. They can certainly make some moves and it will be interesting to watch the Frontier as they are vying to go from worst to first.
  15. AW13


    Minnesota Trades: LB Timothy Malinpa @saladani S43 2nd Round Pick (Minnesota) Los Angeles Trades: SS Warren Grey @AW13 * * Grey agrees to 1-year contract extension and is sign and traded to Minnesota as part of this deal. @Adrest245 to accept!
  16. AW13


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    Minnesota Trades: 2.5 (13th Overall Pick) Wisconsin Trades: WR Tomas Bigolbut trade agreed to in discord
  18. Hey EFL, AW here, wanting to check in. A little over 5 years ago, on April 2nd, 2018, I joined the EFL through a Reddit post on the Jets subreddit and was officially a sim leaguer, and now after 5 years, even though it feels longer, I am a sim league veteran and have experienced most sim leagues out there and have had many roles across them. If it weren't for EFL, I may have not found sim leagues, I may not have met all the wonderful people that I have over the years, especially through here which has always been such a great, close-knit community of wonderful individuals. From the start, way back in Season 6 here I was fully entrenched within the league and to many newer users, might be surprised to know that the league was run probably 90+% on the forums where the discord was rarely used and now it seems like it is probably 70-30 split in favor of discord which has been such a weird thing to see as a long time user. Through both, I was able to connect to many people and the transition to more discord has allowed me to talk to people more and have some great sim league friends. It all started with the EFL, and I am truly grateful. Now, I must face the hard truth and as they say, all great things come to an end, and I will be leaving the EFL. I have no intent at throwing anybody under the bus or anything like that with this post and this is just to reflect and me just realizing that it is time. I have put a great deal of effort or felt like I have put a great deal of effort for a long time now and through that effort, it has certainly made things feel more work than enjoyment after awhile which in my opinion, is definitely not what these sim leagues have been about. For my own mental health and sanity, I just have to make sure that I am having a positive experience in my sim leagues and am most importantly, having fun. I will be around and you can always reach out. It is a bit weird since a couple of the last prominent people to leave (I am one too, right? I don't know, maybe.) have quit sim leagues all together and that is different here but my DMs are always open. I have not always been a perfect person in sim leagues, I have sometimes upset a good number of people, but in general, I have put 100% effort in when I have been able to and my connections I have made here and elsewhere have also been 100% genuine. I am sorry for anyone that might be hurt by this decision as, selfishly, I do understand that I have been crucial to the league but again, selfishly, it is a decision I had to make and one that I do not take lightly. I do hope the EFL continues on, I am not sure how that looks, but I do hope so because it has been a staple in many lives for many years, including my own. I want to end this with saying thank you again and that I truly do love the EFL and all of y'all who make this a wonderful place. Thank you, thank you, thank you, AW
  19. Season 41 Recruitment Week Hello EFL! Recruitment! Exciting! After 40 seasons of great EFL Football, it is certainly time to bring on some new members for the next 40 seasons of fun in what will be a fun, ever-changing environment here in the league. This will be the first of the announcements for the Season 41 off-season. Let me break it down a bit of what this means for the off-season! Reddit Recruitment: We have had a good number of subreddits whose mods were nice enough to let me add some posts or comments regarding the EFL both this week and next. The official "recruitment day" where I will post the official post on some subreddits will be on Monday but some posts on a daily/weekly thread will start today so be sure to welcome new members that come through the forum and discord! User Recruitment Incentives: In addition to the Reddit Recruitment, I would also like to stress the importance of recruiting in general and with that, add some extra incentives for our current users to bring in people! I want to have some fun and double or triple a couple of the existing recruitment incentives we have offered in the past! Starting next week, if you recruit a user or bring back a user to the league, we will offer up some TPE and league money incentives. New or Returning User creates player(s): 2 TPE + $1,000,000 in league cash New or Returning submits first update: 1 TPE New or Returning User reaches 100 TPE: 2 TPE + $1,000,000 in league cash You can use this for up to 3 separate new or returning users. You can make a total of 15 TPE and $2,000,000 in league cash by recruiting 3 users and having them reach 100 TPE! Posts can be made on THIS THREAD and a reply will be made saying cash deposited and then TPE may be claimed for this! Have fun and good luck recruiting. The Not So Fun Part: This is a super fun time admittedly with the chance to grow back our league numbers. However, with the effort it took in getting recruiting set up and ready to go, it means that a longer off-season will be required which I am sure has been seen. However, don't be alarmed, we are wanting to get some stuff out there such as our awards, a potential recruit game akin to the old Army All-American games that were presented back in the day. Along with this, there may be some fun things added for people to do which include a new ECFA experience, new rookie tasks, and hopefully some new user guides along with it. This will be a great time and I hope everyone here enjoys it and contributes as much as possible to our recruiting week! Thank you. EFL BOD
  20. New or Returning User creates player(s): 2 TPE + $1,000,000 in league cash New or Returning submits first update: 1 TPE New or Returning User reaches 100 TPE: 2 TPE + $1,000,000 in league cash You can use this for up to 3 separate new or returning users. You can make a total of 15 TPE and $2,000,000 in league cash by recruiting 3 users and having them reach 100 TPE! Format: Username: User who recruited you/User you recruited: Player Page link: BOD member will reply saying cash is deposited and the amount of TPE that can be claimed. There may be a thread or follow up post to claim the 2 TPE and $1,000,000 for the 100 TPE milestone.
  21. Congratulations to @Cornholio and the rest of the Brigade for their win! Thank you all for a great season 40! Big things to come in Season 41!
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