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  1. @AW13 gimme a bonus next year, they upped the price of the fkin equipment
  2. Claimed without clippy, please also mark this an exception in clippy to avoid accidental claims
  3. Claimed without clippy. Please also deny this from your clippy updates.
  4. Hades Creek Phalanx remains unbeaten versus Zeke's team Thanks for going to the EFL @zekethatbeast25 Goodluck to everyone on your new positions
  5. How are you feeling entering the playoffs? Feeling confident in the Phalanx's chances? It's incredible, after losing pretty much our entire offense, we enter the playoffs with a 15-1 record again. I'm proud of our guys! Do you think being on a long winning streak adds any more pressure to win the next game? Definitly, it motivates the opponent to be the streak breaker Is there any team you're particularly scared of or don't want to face in the playoffs? Death Valley Rangers, never have a good feeling going into a game against them. Their AD is also a Tactical mastermind. What
  6. Two more touchdowns for Bumberpuff
  7. In the Rangers vs Phalanx game, which player will score the first rushing or receiving TD of the game? Charm McClain-Callahan In week 14 how many ECFA rushing TDs will there be - Under 14, between and including 14 and 17, or over 17? Between and including 14-17 Will Dewey Jackson have over/under 110.5 receiving yards in week 14? Under Which EFL passer will throw the most TDs in week 14 (if there is a tie, which of the tied players will have more yards) - Gavin Rose, Gustav ManCheetah, or Teppei Renomitsu? Reno Which EFL team will have the most rushing yards
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