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  1. Bumberpuff is one happy Prawatt, his long term rival Himalaya Griffintown seemed to have announced his retirement. Bumberpuff can now continue to chase the receptions record without having to worry about Griffintown getting receptions. It will still be a long road ahead of him, as at the end of last season the difference was. 1424 receptions for Griffintown and 1359 for Bumberpuff, so a difference of 65. But with the schedules being less than 16 games again, it will be harder to catch up. Five games into the season we have 25 receptions for Bumberpuff and 18 for Griffintown, so there is still a difference of 58 receptions to go for Bumberpuff to take the record as his own. Both Tight End’s have gone head to head in their careers and usually saw other TE’s picking up the hardware, but this rivalry is one that can go into the record books. Standings: 1. Himalaya Griffintown @McWolf (S19-) * 1,424 Receptions 2. Cormorant Bumberpuff @OrbitingDeath (S22-) - 1,359 REC * Will Bumberpuff get the record, probably. Will it be this season? Definitly not.
  2. SBA - https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/66974-the-unmasking/ VHL - https://vhlforum.com/topic/122468-arrived/ +2
  3. @McWolf didnt even tell me yourself? I had to get @124715 to give me this important info.
  4. Reception watch: gap closing by three.
  5. Question of the week: Brand; Claim 6 uncapped
  6. I'm honestly not sure what we can do to improve the league, I like this place, but activity wise (also in the locker rooms i am in, things just grow stale. So hopefully we will be able to attract some fresh blood to give this league some live again.
  7. @McWolf give up already, giving yourself bonusses @NotSoGood88 please help me counter his actions
  8. VHL Theme week +6 https://vhlforum.com/topic/121288-theme-week-as-promised/
  9. VHL: https://vhlforum.com/topic/120570-how-you-doin/ SBA: https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/65846-uranus-is-everyones-favorite-planet/#comment-1014359 claim 2
  10. Bumberpuff is back again to rank stuff and for this seasons edition he is going back to what his species are good at, going to war. So after watching earth television, he found the perfect weaponry that he would like to use whenever alien species would threaten his home planet. So for this season Bumberpuff decides to rank Mega Pokemon which he would take to battle. 8. Since Clippy counts less words then Word, Bumberpuff will also bring a Mega Audino in the battle. Purely to throw as a distraction of the opponents. 7. While it is considered one of the strongest pokemon, Mega Mewtwo Y will only come in seventh place for Bumberpuff his team. He would love one of the most powerful psychic attackers, to not only hurt his attackers physically, but also mentally. 6. How do you catch your opponents off guard? Well that is easy, all you have to do is bring a volcano on the battlefield, and that is exactly where Mega Camerupt comes into play, with the volcano on his back Bumberpuff will bring heavy firepower on the battlefield. 5. Mega Latios comes in the team as number 5, having a team member that can cover the rest of the team through the air will give the team invaluable information about the opponents locations. He could also have picked Mega Latias here, but Bumberpuff would not see the difference anyway. He’s just happy to have some air support. 4. The team also needs some muscle, and this is where Mega Swampert comes in for Bumberpuff. While it’s normal evolution does not look intimidating, the mega form of it certainly does. As a frontline brawler this mega pokemon wont leave the enemy defence intact, together with all the picks still to come, Bumberpuff is sure no one will want to attack his planet anymore. 3. Mega Blastoise comes in at number three. Bumberpuff saw the massive canon on its back and new this was capable of putting some holes through our enemies, he did not realize this was just water coming out of it and no rockets, but the power should still be enough to proof himself a decent member of Bumberpuff his warfare squad. 2. Not the best offensively, but certainly needed to protect the army Mega Sableye will join the ranks of Bumberpuff’s army. The major gem he is holding will be used to reflect all kinds of gun shots, laser shots and whatever these aliens will fire at the team. With Mega Sableye by our side, the army will not even need a healer, he will keep everyone safe and therefor is an invaluable asset to Bumberpuff’s team. 1. The top choice will not be surprising as he thinks this pokemon is based on his species. The Mega Metagross will be the prime option for warfare. The X shaped machine will be able to land punches on any alien species in rapid succession and it’s steel body will protect him from most damage that could be caused. Together with Mega Metagross Cormoront Bumberpuff is certain the Prawatt will never lose a battle ever again. Words: 516
  11. You have got to be kidding me, you are now taking a gm job to keep Griffintown with a job..... He should just retire
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