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  1. I didnt even know thi whole thing had started as no one told me to do this
  2. I'll take mcwolf's team too, as no one told me i had to do this
  3. VHL: https://vhlforum.com/topic/129563-the-frenchman-goes-to-riga/ SBA: https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/71435-needed-an-affiliate-task-for-1-tpe-elsewhere/ Claim 2
  4. The Rise And Fall Of Legends With another season under his belt and spending all of his resources to remain usefull, Bumberpuff is now finally retired. He still was good for 82 catches this year and gained almost 800 yards. Good for an average of almost a first down with each catch. While he only added 4 more touchdowns to his list, he is happy with the result he gained and can now rest for eternity. With the fall of this legend, we also see the rise of a new one. The brilliant Supermassive Black Hole was perhaps the only receiver on the championship winning Athens Carnage to not drop a single ball all season. Mainly due to his supermassive support on the sidelines the Carnage cruised to their three peat. With Bumberpuff gone, Supermassive Black Hole is now allowed to earn what the hell he wants and no longer be obliged by crappy TPE caps. He hope he can play a vital part in the future of the Carnage and make his GM Numbers happy.
  5. VHL Affiliate +6 https://vhlforum.com/topic/129026-for-a-goalie-that-already-quit-on-the-league/
  6. A New Challenger Appears The Orbiting Death player agency will have to wave goodbye to the long career of Cormorant Bumberpuff the following offseason. To counter this they will be bringing in a new player, a wide receiver this time, to fill in the position of 'offensive player' in the agency. With Yalla the Biter still being a menace on the defensive side of the field, it is currently yet unknown who will be the wide receiver. The agency has their eye on some wide receiving prospects that are unsigned and might be interesting options. To all managers, do not bother to contact me about my new player, as I have already committed to joining the Athens Carnage this time around. A new start for a new player. While I do not really expect a 100% earning here on the uncapped opportunities, I hope that with this new Wide Receiver we will have a new and fun career ahead of me. So while the names of the future candidates will remain unknown (mostly due to not wanting someone else to steal them), we for sure will see a new create once the redshirt season opens up again. Player brand to be claimed for week: 10/15
  7. Bryce Larkin ending his career with a cup winning field goal
  8. 1. Bumberpuff is afraid of regression. It already auto retired him last season. 2. I hate it when knifes are put in the dishwasher sharp side up 3. 1246754 , he is asking for it with these numbers 4. We would change his locker code to a different number 5. Being retired without giving consent for this 6. He feels weird, earth is a weird place. 7. The battle with Griffintown 8. No ragrets at all 9. Bumberpuff holds charity events to supply the Prawatt with more financial funds for their galactic wars.
  9. You even got trams reaching out? I usually dont even have teams reaching out anymore. You must be wanted omd
  10. QOTW +3 - https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/29661-question-of-the-week-ending-september-24th/&do=findComment&comment=347304 PC +3 - https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/26263-you-need-tpe-i-got-you/&do=findComment&comment=347307
  11. I would have to say Cormorant Bumberpuff here, he is now the all time leader in receptions, so if that isn't worthy, i don't know what is.
  12. VHL Affliate : https://vhlforum.com/topic/127286-a-dog-amongst-wolf/#comment-950669
  13. Many people wonder how Cormorant Bumberpuff is still alive (the real question is, is he?), but in terms of EFL he still is around and is most likely heading into his last season on the fields. Next season all he needs is a 1 million contract and he will be able to purchase seven of the highest tpe packages, to make one more push for the career leaderboards. With S35 in the wraps he was still behind Himilaya Griffintown in the all time receptions leaderboard, but he took over from him during the current season. So Bumberpuff hopes to shine for one more season before also having to retire from his long but succesfull career. It is most likely he will end his career with the San Francisco Frenzy, unless someone trades some scraps for his last season and hopes to have one last decent season. While he has not won as much Tight End of the Year awards as he wanted, he did proof he could have a career that lasted for a long time, Minnesota, Memphis and San Francisco, thank you for all these years, Bumberpuff is not done yet, but he is on the last strides of his career.
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