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  1. that was scarier than I was hoping for, gg @Renomitsu Another pick for 2 Dope @Molholt and the first career sack for Blaze @DonCutta190. Definitely a slow day for our offense all around, and credit to Minnesota for that. Happy we at least get to walk away 5-0, s are the last undefeated team left
  2. AW never doubted it, not even for a second
  3. this makes no sense, the tale of Easton West has made it clear that I hold 0 qualms over continuing to play an injured player
  4. well that's not ideal
  5. It was a simpler, better time
  6. road games are dumb, petition for all Memphis games to be played at home
  7. Friday: Venom Friday EFL: Memphis
  8. that's a franchise record for catches in a game with 13 by Gonzalez @TheNano74, and 648 yards of offense is absolutely ridiculous. Another huge game for Ri, Corn, and Vorsch @LittleRiDog @Cornholio @TacticalHammer, and a solid effort by the defense all around even without the sexy stats.
  9. @Latti s10 expansion teams the last undefeated teams left @LittleRiDog still popping off, @Molholt with another pick, @Nykonax punching air rn. Big divisional win Mambas
  10. Hemakeit's first name is not William btw
  11. Will the Carnage vs Generals game have over or under 691 yards of total offense? Over Which running back will have the most EFCA rushin yards in week 5 - Fred Flinstone, Khalil Carson, or Levi Lattimore? Khalil Carson Which EFCA team will score the most points in week 5? Anchorage Will the total ECFA passing yards for week 5 be - below 2,050 yards, between and including 2,050 and 2,250 yards, or over 2,250 yards? Below 2,050 What ECFA receiver will lead the country for the season in receiving after week 5? Lasley Will there be over or under 283 points scored in week 5 of the EFL? over Which EFL passer will put up the most passing yards in week 5 of the EFL? Teppei Renomitsu In the Kracken vs Wolfpack game, which player of these 3 will have the most tackles - Amina Gunner, Baker Blade, or Mum-O Killowe? Amina Gunner Will the Miami Neptune have a better, worse, or the same record as the San Francisco Frenzy at the end of week 5? same Will Johnny Gregg make over or unerd 2 field goals in Wisconsin's week 5 game vs Toronto? over
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