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  1. Love that I got to play a part in your success Ri! Thanks for being an awesome Mamba
  2. Retiring Dale Cooper so that S25 will be his last. I want to go back to having a QB so I'll be looking for a team to re-create with during the redshirt period. Hoping to make a 4 season starter for whoever has a spot open, hmu on discord
  3. GG NY, y'all are scary this year. Tough result today, but you did a great job in your first season @Siddhus. Still have plenty of time to build your legacy
  4. Name: Jeffrey Beaumont Team: Memphis Mambas Workout Name: Lose Weight (-5 lbs.) Cost of Workout: $2,000,000 Cash you have: $5,500,000 Cash left: $3,500,000
  5. 8:242nd and 10MEM - 2Rush by Davis, J. for -1 yds. Tackle by Bradford, C..
  6. Very happy that me and @Latti just happened to resign at the same season after we started our expansion teams together too. Been awesome working with you through the seasons man, and you deserve this time off. Congratulations to everybody getting a promotion today! @Siddhus I know you've been waiting for a GM position for a long time and I am glad that you have been placed in one. You're taking over an amazing brand and team that has had some of the best EFL players of all time on it, and I'm confident that you'll find success moving forward with the current team we have and our future resources. The team's yours now, I'll be rooting for you
  7. No sir! I don't regret that pick ever A) It brought you as a user to our team B) It gives us another claim for a potential EFL HoFer I don't think the team I made here is possible to actually create (exactly), and I think that finding wonderful users like you are a great reason to accept that 7 mil cap hit
  8. For this article, my challenge is to try and build a super-team under the current cap of 50 million. For the purpose of the exercise, I'm giving myself 52 million by factoring in that 4 of the contracts I give out here would be rookie deals (I didn't give myself any veteran deals, but those would help as well). Here's how I distributed my available money: QB - 5.5 million It is in my mind, without a doubt, the most important position in the sim. Important enough that I would be willing to spend 7 million here (EFL maximum contract), but here at 5.5 million our QB is about as good as a QB can be anyway. The position has 3 attributes that we care about: Arm, Accuracy, and Intelligence. Of those 3, one of them needs to be capped at 90 (which one depends on the archetype). With 993 tpe we can afford: 99 arm 98 accuracy 90 intelligence which is perfect for our equipment bonuses of (+3 int +2 acc +1 arm) to make this QB perfect at 1.5m less than max salary. RB1 - 3 million 95 speed/90 agility/72 hands. 595 tpe for our RB1 gives him a price tag of 3 mil/year. We want this RB getting reps at RB and WR, and they will be functioning as our secondary kick returner in the offense. RB2 - 2 million I believe thatThe the ideal offense is DDSPF uses RBBC, which means we want a cheap and effective RB2. Here we spend the minimum veteran contract on an RB2, which is a 293 tpe back with 90 speed/73 hands. This back will be used as a change of pace back and backup WR WR1- 4 million I'm pretty well known for prioritizing very good WRs on Memphis, but I think the role of a #1 WR may be overrated in our sim (primarily due to sim caps). Here I get a 99 speed / 89 hands /74 Agility WR for 689 tpe, which is a guy I am confident will put up huge numbers for us as a #1 despite costing 4 million. WR 2 - 3 million 95 speed/72 agility/80 hands. Above all else I think that quality depth of receiving options is what can make a passing attack elite, but those receiving options do not need to necessarily be elite themselves. Here we have a very good WR2 that is still only at 495 tpe and remains affordable in our offense. WR 3 - 2 million Following the build of my RB2, 90 speed/73 hands for a tiny contract. TE - 4 million Recently the importance of a very good TE has become more apparent to me. Here at 4 million we can afford a 99 speed/98 agility/80 hands TE that will be a monster in our offense. CB1 - 6 million Even more expensive than QB for me. Why? Because this CB has the dual role of being my kick returner as well. at 6 million/year I get 99 speed, 98 agility, 90 hands, 80 intelligence, 75 tackling CB2 - 5 million Similar to CB1, except we dial the Agility back to 85 for our CB2 which reduces the cap hit significantly. SS - 3.5 million The safety's job is to be solid imo. for 3 million dollars we get a 90 speed, 80 strength, 80 int, 77 hands, 69 strength safety that fills that role in the defense. FS - 3.5 million I'm going too copy the SS build and put it here too, I feel that gives us a very strong secondary with no glaring weakness. LB 1 - 3 million Maybe underpaying here, but I get 98 speed and 90 strength for $3 million and I'm pretty happy with that. LB2 - 3 million Going to copy LB1 here and say that quantity > quality for the top of my LB core. LB3 - 1.5 million Even at 1.5 million I can get a LB with 87 speed/80 strength that is very useful to plug into the defense LB4 - 1.5 million Even at 1.5 million I can get a LB with 87 speed/80 strength that is very useful to plug into the defense K - 1.5 million To finish our remaining cap, 1.5 million goes to a kicker with 92 Kicking Distance and 84 Kicking Accuracy. Summary: Offense: 23.5 million Defense: 27 million Special Teams: 1.5 million Let me know your thoughts on how I allocated the money. I did skip the FB position and I know that I may value high quality CBs more than some others / LBs less than others. This was a fun exercise to see what kind of a team could realistically be made under the current cap though.
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