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  1. Clearly needs a re-sim, restart the whole thing
  2. Probably too late to check it out live but here’s hoping we can finish off the Cinderella run and I can stroll into the draft with a ring
  3. Quoting this part because it’s mostly the most relevant bit. As someone who gets the full cap with 0 engagement I can guarantee that your level of interest is lower. Now would that be the case for someone actively paying $215 per year (roughly based on 6 week seasons) just to not do tasks? Probably not, I doubt someone is going to pay to not engage. However the concern is valid. Not needing to take part in anything to earn your way through makes people less engaged. I’ve been paying far more attention to is past week because of the aforementioned Trenton run but even being part of
  4. Why yes, I would like to finish my ECFA Career with a finals appearance, why do you ask? We’re winning when it counts, that’s for sure. Early season was rough but we’re showing up now.
  5. It’s just to confirm you aren’t using the same stuff multiple times. Usual process when that’s actually the case is just to make a comment on your original link and link to that comment.
  6. VHL +18 Normal 12 plus the 6 I was told to claim this week for the VHL Theme week last week.
  7. I was told Media Week here is next week so that's when you can claim the bonus. Someone might want to confirm though. Anyway... VHL +12
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