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  1. well this was a well fought game. @Nykonax sorry other boss. But i'm headin' to the championship with other boss. I'll see ya in OS.
  2. Aw fuck, both of my teams are playing each other
  3. Alright. I'm the Vigi.
  4. I literally said something awhile ago, and along with that, I also said I can't claim right now because it's dangerous and if I do, i'll die
  5. For the sake of safety, I can't really say who I am, but just know that i'm against the mafia.
  6. Lets do it teams.
  7. JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOO (That means yes)
  8. That concludes today's Hall of Fame induction. Give a big round of applause for these three legends of the EFL! Big thanks to @omgitshim for the player writeups, as well as @HuddleHussy for the graphics! and of course let's give a big thanks to our sponsors SEGA and Atlus. They not only provided us a new set for the presentation, but they also gave a lot of Sega Merch. Be sure to buy Persona 4 Golden on Steam, it's $20 and it's a very fun RPG made by Atlus. Anywho, farewell for now and we'll see ya next year!
  9. Chandominick Sabathia Chandominick Sabathia was a big part of the New York Herd for his entire career. He started things off strong by winning Rookie of the Year in his first season and ending things with a bang by winning Linebacker of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in his final season. In between, he was a solid player in the middle of the field who brought new meaning to the phrase Coverage Linebacker. Sabathia is the only linebacker in EFL history with over 100 Passes Defended, and he’s the only player to have over 100 Sacks and 100 Passes Defended in his career. He is also 3rd all time in Tackles and tied for most career Safeties. While his playoff record left much to be desired, Sabathia will still go down as one of the top linebackers in EFL History. Chandominick Sabathia Stats 168 GP (S6-S17 New York Herd) 1,197 Tackles (51 TFL), 111 Sacks, 10 INTs, 104 PD, 16 FF, 9 FR, 1 TD, 4 Safety, 1 Blocked Punt 1 Time Defensive Player of the Year 2 Time Linebacker of the Year S6 Rookie of the Year
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