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  1. Season 36 @PigSnout - D2 @Renomitsu - D2 @oilmandan - Ultimate Season Pass
  2. Bumping this as I need a couple more people!
  3. Season 35 @PigSnout - D2 @Jetsqb101 - D2 @Patdatass - D2 @OrbitingDeath - D2 @zekethatbeast25 - D2
  4. Hey all - I need to probably fill 2-3 full time positions for next year and possibly could hire a back up. If interested let me know. If you end up being an ECFA updater, you'll have to update your teams by 12:00 Midnight EST on Sundays. If you end up being an EFL updater , you'll have to update your teams by 12 Non EST on Mondays (although this is subject change). Let me know here if you are interested and I'll PM you an application.
  5. Season 34 @PigSnout - D2 @AW13 - D2 @Patdatass - D2 @oilmandan - Ultimate Season Pass @Renomitsu - D2
  6. Season 33 @PigSnout - D2 @PigSnout - D1 @CowboyinAmerica - D2 @Patdatass - D2 @PigSnout - D1 @AW13 - D2 @OrbitingDeath - D2 @oilmandan -D2
  7. Season 32 @PigSnout - D2 @Patdatass -D2 @Jetsqb101 - D2 @OrbitingDeath - D2 @AW13 - D2 @oilmandan - D2 @PigSnout - D1
  8. The Kelley cousins were the pick machines in week 1. Cole throwing a bunch and Dash getting a pick 6. 2 wins though!
  9. Season 31 @PigSnout - D2 @AW13 - D2 @Patdatass - D2 @oilmandan - D2 @Renomitsu - D2 @PigSnout - D1 (free week)
  10. @BeastTakeover no need to apply again. I'll get you situated this upcoming week if you are still interested.
  11. Awesome I’ll send you an application at some point today.
  12. I need quite a few updaters for next season. Please let me know if you are interested. Job would be done on Sunday’s or Monday mornings (only if you are assigned EFL teams and can’t get done Monday).
  13. In the future if anyone has any PBE claims let’s put them in a post in player brands since that is what they are essentially replacing or welfare would work too. let’s keep this post for the uncapped pt claims
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