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  1. In this article I'm going to group the various mascots/team names/identities by types that i was also be making up, and then ranking them. So to start, let's do the grouping. I understand that the decisions I make here today could make some teams unhappy based on what they are grouped as and I just want to let you know I don't care and I'm only here to get paid. There will be zero fact checking, consistency, integrity, or logic other than whatever gets me to my end goal. See above for end goal. If I could sell this to Disney for fat stacks of cash I would gladly do that and I would tweet in defense of my 30 something male lead character now being played by a 19 year old Asian woman. Because if you're not trying to sell out what the fuck are you even doing? That's life advice. Write that shit down. Anyway, lets group the brands. If It Ain't Broke... Biscayne Bay Pirates Memphis Mambas New Orleans Kraken San Antonio Wolfpack Seattle Predators Toronto Skyhawks You know the saying. These teams are just straight out of the ABC playbook of naming teams. Not much to add here. Bonus points for directly having professional team names as your name though. No I don't care if you existed first. This is the minimum effort rock bottom creativity choice for brands. The choice that says "because I have to". Same but Different but Same Same Athens Carnage Death Valley Rangers Hades City Phalanx LA Reign Miami Neptune San Fransisco Frenzy Trenton Generals This is the category for teams that are basically the same as other stuff we've seen a million times. Sure, they might throw a quick curveball in to make it seem different with a flashy name or a unique locale but its not. You're still primarily a bird, you're a predator animal, you're a mythological creature, you're some kind of military reference whatever. All the same. Just with a little extra twist. Like a boy band but one of the members sometimes plays guitar. Super Specific to Sim Leagues for Some Reason New York Herd Roswell Encounter Savage City Wraiths Wisconsin Brigade These are the ones that for some reason grow like wildfire around sim leagues. I can't say i get it but there we are. Sim leagues love aliens, ghosts, and plural terms with no s's at the end. What can you really say? Had I decided to put weird locations that are sim favorites in this category it might've been bigger. Conceptual Masturbation Denver Steam Manchester Lookout Minnesota Frontier "Okay but like....picture it maaaaaan. it's a bigger idea than some random big cat." And thus we have this group. The idea gang. They range form obvious and straightforward to what does that even mean and you get a few in every league. Okay, now that we've met our competitors its time to rank these groups. #4 #3 #2 #1
  2. preseason the realest of all seasons
  3. Brigaadde!!!!!!! We finally won one! Now onto the next team.
  4. Better than NFL coverage
  5. Dear Sim: Don't be a dickhead today.
  6. Rookie WR Goodall West joins the team. S15- $1,500,000 S16- $2,000,000 @Nykonax
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