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  1. I've got Ajax Cole early for the EFL. Miami's the best team in the league so far, and on offense they're pretty much entirely built around their passing attack. It's been very impressive even as he's gone into regression. I could see an argument for Everett too given his stats are close and how New York's been playing. For ECFA, I've got Martin Isaac II. Death Valley and Athens have dominated teams so far this season, and while I like how Maple has been playing for Athens, 17 TDs in 5 games as an ECFA QB is pretty spectacular. I'm just happy in general that QBs are getting their shine there, used to be RB-driven for so long.
  2. Stepping Back Madison, Wis. -- Over the past several seasons, Wisconsin Brigade wide receiver Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen has gotten very used to being The Man. He's led the receiving charts, held up titles, and won five Wide Receiver of the Year trophies to boot. It's a very comfortable position, knowing you're the primary target on every play. But this season, his last before retirement, that is no longer the case. As JFH has slowed down, longtime running mate Tres Uno has gotten the chance to step up. He's done so beautifully, leading the EFL with 558 yards receiving through five games, and sitting second in both receptions (35) and receiving TDs (6). One might expect JFH, having a solid if unspectacular year as the number two option, to feel a bit of jealousy. But instead, it seems that he's feeling pride - both in his longtime teammate and friend, but also in what the Wisconsin offense has been able to do for so many years. "This is just what we do on the Brigade, we throw," JFH told reporters after the team's recent win against the Reign. "Uno's always had the skill, but now he's really getting the chance to show what he's about. It's about time, I say." Sitting at 2-3, the Brigade have an uphill battle if they're going to catch the 5-0 Neptune or 4-1 Herd for one of the Eastern Conference playoff spots. But even if they don't end up taking one of those positions, JFH believes this season can still be seen as a positive. "I think a lot of people expected us to fully fall off the map, but we haven't done that quite yet. We're still picking up some good wins," JFH said. "I think it says something about this team and the winning pedigree we've put together. We're never going to be an easy game, no matter the opponent."
  3. Wisconsin's dead Wisconsin's not dead Wisconsin's dead Wisconsin's not dead <- You are here
  4. Yay Minnesota beat Wisconsin! Boo Wisconsin lost to Minnesota.
  5. I'm just glad Minnesota and L.A. fans got what they came for: Bot Kicker Battles!
  6. 1500+ words, claiming for the weeks ending 6/25, 7/2 and 7/9 (a day later in VHL)
  7. One Big Question for Each EFL Team - S35 The 35th season of the EFL has begun, and already we’ve begun to see some haves and have nots. The Miami Neptune and San Francisco Frenzy, perhaps two of the three championship favorites entering the season, are the only two teams still undefeated. Meanwhile, the Seattle Predators and Toronto Skyhawks, two teams hoping to make a major step forward this year, are still searching for their first win after two tough losses. And although two games might not be a huge sample size, there are already a few big questions emerging for each team’s fanbase. This week, we’re taking a look at each team’s One Big Question as we currently sit, either for the current season or for their immediate future. The teams below are in alphabetical order. Los Angeles Reign: Is the secondary good enough to win it all? Much of the hype surrounding the Reign’s big step forward last season focused on the offense, especially the connection between Kenny Khan and Count Olaf. However, perhaps it was the defense that should have been in the spotlight, as the Reign led the West in points allowed and yards allowed, and the entire EFL in rushing yards allowed. However, through two games that defense hasn’t carried over. San Francisco QB Nathan Algren torched the Reign for 361 yards in week one, and through two games the Reign are dead last in the West in passing yards allowed. There’s reason to believe it may not turn around immediately either, as Thomas Thomas and Jason Grant are a solid if unspectacular CB duo for their age, but the rest of the secondary is horribly undermatched. Potentially going against passing-oriented offenses in the Frenzy and Neptune in the playoffs could be a struggle, and for a team that’s up there in age, that’s a tough proposition. Miami Neptune: Is it now or never? It sure doesn’t seem to be too soon to call the Neptune the EFL title favorites this season. Going against their two closest Eastern Conference rivals back-to-back on the road, the Neptune have picked up two big wins, including by 20 points over the Herd. Led by a passing offense that racked up 483 passing yards in that New York game, it sure seems like the Neptune have the firepower to come out on top in any game. However, that may change after this season, given Ajax Cole IV seriously regressing and largely disappearing from practice. There aren’t many veteran QBs available on the market either, and key players like Dash Kelley, JD Boom and Brian Kirkland are only getting older. If Miami’s going to get it done with this core, they may need to throw everything at the wall to make sure it happens this year. Still, it always seems that Wheaties knows how to pull a rabbit out of a hat, so I wouldn’t necessarily rule them out yet, even without a functional Cole. Minnesota Frontier: When can they beat the big dogs? It’s been an up-and-down rebuild process for the Frontier, highlighted by some big ticket draft picks in the Funk brothers and Salad brothers that all didn’t turn out. However, they’ve largely hit in recent drafts, starting with Beretta Colt four seasons ago, and are beginning to turn the corner. Sure, they made the playoffs two seasons ago, but that was at a 6-8 record and going against two historically bad teams in Seattle and L.A. that season. To be a true contender, it will take not only beating up on bottom feeders, but at least occasionally taking games against top teams. Week 2 against San Francisco was a good early test, and although the defense largely held up, Lunatia and the offense showed they still have room to grow. Week 3 against L.A. at home will be another huge test; lose that one, and it may be another rebuilding year ahead in Minnesota. New York Herd: Can we send the secondary to the fountain of youth? Through two games, the expectations for a young, high-flying offense haven’t been realized quite yet, putting up 23 points against Toronto and 20 points against Miami. There’s an expectation that the offense will gel in time, however. The much bigger question is on the other side of the ball, especially a secondary that has allowed a league-most 362 passing yards per game so far this season. Granted, they’ve played two teams that have relied heavily on the pass—their 85 rushing yards total allowed is best in the league. But when their three main players in the secondary are all Y9 or older, there’s not much room for this unit to grow in the immediate future. If the Herd are going to be a true contender, performances like the one they saw against Cole and Miami at home in Week 2 simply aren’t going to fly. San Francisco Frenzy: Was last season a blip? The Frenzy came into Season 34 with serious championship expectations, but those thoughts fell apart quickly. After two back-breaking losses to the Seattle Predators, including one in a decisive Week 14, the Frenzy were left with a 6-8 record and missing the playoffs entirely. Season 35, though, seems to be similar to the championship-level Frenzy we’ve seen in recent seasons, taking care of both the Reign and Frontier at home by double digit margins. The secondary in particular has seen the biggest upgrade, going from dead last in S34 (313 passing yards allowed per game) to first in S35 (212 passing yards allowed per game). So which one is the real Frenzy? I tend towards the latter, especially with another season of growth for both star Kara Moon and up-and-comer Kyree Firpo Jr. But I suspect that we’ll really learn for sure both next week against a hungry Seattle and Tactique Marteau, then in Week 5 against the spry Herd passing attack. Seattle Predators: When will Tactique Marteau be ready for prime time? Last season, the Predators will still an offense largely led by long-time star Twoson Fourside, and it worked to great effect—despite sitting sixth in the league in passing yards, the third-ranked rushing attack helped lead Seattle to a 7-7 record and a playoff bid. Fourside’s been getting older, though, and many Seattle fans pegged this season as the one where the passing attack would truly take over. The result? Well… pretty much the exact same, sitting third in rushing yards and a slightly worse seventh in passing yards through two games. And those two games have been losses, including a tough one to Minnesota on the road in Week 2. Marteau is now in his fourth season, and although expectations may have gotten unrealistic after the rookie title game run, there’s still reason to believe he has the talent to be an MVP candidate if everything comes together. But we’re still left waiting for everything to come together, and Fourside’s ability to carry the team on his back is starting to run out. Toronto Skyhawks: When can we start working out QBs in the draft? The Skyhawks have done an excellent job building a defense in recent drafts, with Bones Kentucky and Warren Grey looking like future DPotY talents among a full host of young studs. However, the first two games of the season have shown the team’s limitations, with 26 total points scored being by far the lowest amount in the league. Kenny Khan is a serviceable QB—just look at what he did last year in L.A.—but it’s clear that he’s not the long-term answer the Skyhawks are looking for. Thankfully, another tough season may mean the end of a QB chase that has really lasted since Staubach stopped coming to practice around 10 seasons ago. Martin Isaac II, Amelia Michigan (from Kentucky’s own agency) and Dogwood Maple all look like excellent QB prospects coming in next year’s draft, and the Skyhawks may very well have their pick of the litter the way they’ve been playing. Wisconsin Brigade: Should we rebuild or retool? The Wisconsin Brigade have had an excellent run, winning five titles in seven seasons, but conventional wisdom has been that the run’s coming to an end. Cole Kelley and Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen are not far from retirement, Tres Uno is starting to really feel the effects of age, and Wally West isn’t far behind. However, there are still some real elements of a winning team here, led by stud linebacker Yalla The Biter, stalwart Ahhh Specriggivi who is not yet into regression, and corner Lemony Snicket who still has a few good years left in him. Especially given the QB class coming into the EFL this season, and not too many teams with a QB need, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Brigade are able to adequately replace Kelley as soon as this offseason. And if they’re able to do that, and add one more receiving piece, is this a team that’s good enough to still win the East? With Miami facing its own aging woes and New York having some serious questions on defense, I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility.
  8. 2K TPE Madison, Wis. -- At today's practice, Wisconsin Brigade wide receiver Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen accomplished a goal that no player in the long history of the CIA Agency has been able to achieve: 2000 hours practiced. Previously, the agency's high was 1821 practice hours with the SBA's Solomon Serrano, and despite the agency's long tenure in the VHL, no player had ever topped the 1650 mark. To JFH, the accomplishment is a direct result of longevity and consistency. Even though he didn't necessarily max out his practice hours each week, he was able to work hard over the course of 14 seasons (11 EFL, 3 ECFA) in a way where the practice added up. "I remember back in San Francisco, I never thought I would get an achievement like this. I wasn't even putting in 12 a week always," Flugel-Hagendorfen said. "But especially in Wisconsin, I got into a good groove. And the result is what you see today." The accomplishment makes JFH the 17th player in EFL history to hit the 2,000 mark, and the third-highest active player behind the two Kelley brothers. But more than that, it's a personal goal achieved. "There isn't a whole lot that this agency hasn't done among different sports leagues, so it's cool to achieve a new goal," JFH added. "Another mark down for what's turned out to be an illustrious career!"
  9. Bounce back for Wisconsin! Can't count us out yet!
  10. Tough one for Wisconsin, but Minnesota matches our win total from last season! Hype train is scheduled for departure...
  11. Two TDs for JFH, I've still got it baby
  12. Part of me says "Yay, Wisconsin's still competitive if we're GotW!" And the other part of me says "Oh no, they just want to showcase the Brigade's fall in gruesome fashion."
  13. Sherrick Newsome III Re-Signs in Minnesota Following the first two seasons of his career, cornerback Sherrick Newsome III faced a career crossroads: Continue with the Minnesota Frontier, or enter EFL free agency? As with any decision, there were some pros and cons to each side. For sure, there was a contingent of fans and advisors who thought free agency would be the best decision for Newsome. For one, after a playoff appearance his rookie season, the Frontier suffered the league’s worst record in S34 and were still in the midst of a rebuild. Furthermore, Newsome was behind Cillín Mac Suibhne on the team’s cornerback depth chart last season, and some marketers believed he would stand out more as a star as a #1 CB on some other franchise. At the end of the day, though, those thoughts couldn’t outweigh the benefits of staying, leading to Newsome not only re-signing, but committing to a three year contract with the team. First of all was a simple concept that Newsome held dear: loyalty. “I went number seven in the draft, remember. There were a number of other teams that if they really wanted me, they could have had me,” Newsome told reporters in the press conference announcing his new contract. “The Frontier saw something in me and really wanted me. That means something to me.” In addition, there’s the future of how the team is coming together. To Newsome’s eyes, even though the team might not be the championship favorites right now, they’re more likely to be peaking right as he enters his own prime. Especially on defense with Suibhne, linebacker Beretta Colt and now rookie cornerback Dalibor Dvorsky, there are cornerstone pieces that will be fearsome sooner rather than later. “And I felt like I really needed to see that out,” Newsome added. “We came here for an experiment, to try and build a spectacular secondary to counteract all of these passing offenses. I want to see what it looks like when it’s all done.” Indeed, with Newsome now signed for three more seasons, Minnesota will have time to build that defense as he enters his prime. Newsome wouldn’t go so far as to promise any titles, but he did seem optimistic about the team’s future. “I trust in management here, I trust in my teammates, and I trust in my own skills,” Newsome said. “There’s so much parity in this league, and anything can truly happen. So why not us? My goal is always a title in Minnesota, and I think we can get there.”
  14. Go East! Proving both playoff and Pro Bowl superiority
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