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  1. A Victory Parade! Madison, Wisconsin -- There was pandemonium as the New Glarus flowed atop the lead float in the parade as it neared the Wisconsin state capital building. This time, that's not only because Wisconsin-ites know how to drink - it was a celebration for the Season 28 EFL champions, the Wisconsin Brigade. It wasn't that long ago that the Brigade were mired in the depths of a rough rebuild, with last season's 8-8 mark the high water mark for the franchise in many seasons. Wide receiver Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen wasn't around during the depths of those days, b
  2. Season 28 ECFA Fantasy Payouts A few notes: Particularly for RBs/WRs that may move between positions, check if the guy you're selecting is in the other category for a higher price. And similarly, try and check if your player might have changed their name since I posted. We had one situation of the latter this year. I'm giving until Week 2 now, so it doesn't hurt to see if your guy is actually getting playing time. Whoever picked Requise Tavion III and Eden Empire II, both popular picks, got massively screwed off the jump. If you want to change, I'll always take the latt
  3. CHAAAAAAAMPS! I'm so happy - from @Cornholio for taking a chance on me to everybody with me on this spectacular team, thanks for my first sim league title in a long time. A lot of fun being here, and glad I was able to contribute like I did. A good game to Denver, to be the champs you have to beat the champs, and you were looking at repeating for a reason. And an excellent presentation @astroforte, really made this one enjoyable and the graphics and detail were spectacular.
  4. Really gonna make me sweat this thing after all, huh?
  5. About as well as that first half could have reasonably gone. Time to bring it home!
  6. Touchdowns! (Missed XP certainly hurts though)
  7. Where Is Newsome Headed? This is the first time one of my players has been up to be recruited for a while, and it’s been enlightening as always to hear the pitches from everybody. I had six teams reach out to me in my first 24 hours on the waiver wire, and while I definitely wanted to give everyone an opportunity to reach out, I think I’m ready to commit Sherrick Newsome III to my new ECFA home. I appreciate everyone that reached out, and everybody had different pluses and minuses. But with that said, here’s how I’d rank the teams in my final decision, from least likely
  8. Which receiver will have the most receptions in the EFL Championship Game? - Flugel-Hagendorfen Which defender will will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? - Luke Holloway Which running back will have the most rushing yards in the EFL Championship Game? - Ajay Krishna Which passer (Kelley or Falk) will have the better passer rating in the EFL Championship Game? - Kelley Which kicker (Mortenson or Gnarby) will have the most points in the EFL Championship Game? - Gnabry Which player will score the first touchdown? - Flugel-Hagendorfen Will there be over or under 54.5
  9. Congrats to the Steam! Best of luck against us in the finals... but not too much luck.
  10. Hell yeah, my first finals across any EFL/ECFA player! This has been a fun season, hope we get to add one more win. A good game to Toronto as well, a lot of people I like on that side and happy we got to play you here.
  11. I might've gotten the TD, but that's all @MattyIce coming through in the clutch
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