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  1. Looks like a normal Titans/Bills or something first round game we have here
  2. Let's get a nice drive going, that'll make me feel better
  3. Time for the Playoffs Hades Creek, Apparently Washington -- When freshman receiver Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen was looking for a team in the offseason, he had one objective above all else on his mind: winning. Especially after his agency's previous two players had gone an eight combined active seasons with exactly zero winning records, JFH made it a mission to turn those losing ways upside down. And out of all the teams he talked to, Hades Creek seemed to be a destination where he could both make an impact and keep those winning hopes alive. As it turns out, he was rather
  4. 8 answers/questions for 2 capped 4 answers/questions for 1 capped For the week ending 9/19/20: How are you feeling entering the playoffs? Feeling confident in the Phalanx's chances? Do you think being on a long winning streak adds any more pressure to win the next game? Is there any team you're particularly scared of or don't want to face in the playoffs? What is the key to victory on offense for the Phalanx in your opinion: The running or passing game? Similarly, which unit are you most counting on for our defense: The linebacking corps or
  5. I'm on the Phalanx, but I really, really like beer growlers. So, tough choice for rooting interest tonight.
  6. Hell yeah, the home field advantage is a great thing. Great win Phalanx and a great presentation!
  7. I always just kind of assumed that Hades Creek was, you know, hell. Also apparently half an hour from Savage City and never know it existed. Learn something new every day.
  8. I had fun reading, thanks for the presentation
  9. In the Rangers vs Phalanx game, which player will score the first rushing or receiving TD of the game? - Charm McClain-Callahan In week 14 how many ECFA rushing TDs will there be - Under 14, between and including 14 and 17, or over 17? - Under 14 Will Dewey Jackson have over/under 110.5 receiving yards in week 14? - Under Which EFL passer will throw the most TDs in week 14 - Gustav ManCheetah Which EFL team will have the most rushing yards in week 14? - San Antonio Wolfpack
  10. Nice! 4 TD day for Gunn and Phalanx keeping the win streak going!
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