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  1. Username: TLO Player 1 Name: Shawn Taylor Position: LB Player 2 Name: Shawn Vinatieri Position: K/P
  2. Away Home Feb. 11th Detroit vs Buffalo Arizona vs Toronto Florida vs New Jersey Philadelphia vs NY Islanders Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh Vegas vs Minnesota NY Rangers vs Winnipeg Carolina vs Dallas Ottawa vs Colorado Chicago vs Edmonton St. Louis vs Anaheim Feb 12th Montreal vs Boston Calgary vs Los Angeles Chicago vs Vancouver Now for the tie breaker! Correctly predict the winning team and be the closest to the actual final score for: Calgary 3 vs Los Angeles 2 2nd tie breaker just in case, Correctly predict the winning team and be closest to the final score for: St.Louis 4 vs Anaheim 1
  3. I think it was about 46 yards outside my range
  4. That one was for Kobe. FROM WAY DOWN TOWN
  5. i think you said minimum instead of maximum accept
  6. SBA>>>all leagues didnt you hear
  7. maybe these massive pings are what makes everyone mad
  8. New York won but Seattle lost. no bueno
  9. he smells like tator tots. cmon, its right in the name
  10. This upcoming season will be an interesting one for both Shawn Taylor and Shawn Vinatieri. Taylor has since maxed out his speed during training and now looks to round out his game with Agility, Strength and tackling workouts. He also wants to work on his Game Intelligence for him to start to read the defense better and make better routes to make a tackle. It should be interesting for seasons to come with the Seattle Predators. Taylor wants to stay with the Predators until he retires if he could because he won a championship here and this team gave him a chance when no one else would. Same could be said for Shawn V who is working on his Kicking Accuracy and Kicking Distance. Both are getting up there almost at full capacity. Hopefully a full season under his belt will make him a better kicker and go for kicker of the year. Both New York and Seattle look to be one of the best teams in the EFL and the two players look to be on a collision course for the finals.
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