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  1. Review I love green articles, they are so fun to read. This was no different, I wonder how these GM's feel now about passing over you? Also funny that Miami passed on you not once, not twice but thrice! especially after you had players on his team before. Did you make these guys pay green? I think we need to know. Update this article? 10/10
  2. Review Ahh a classic ranking. I love how you made this personal and while not all was super hateful, I am sure you wanted to get up for as much games as you could against these guys. Nice write up, nothing wrong, more color and pictures would help rather than a huge wall of text. Good job. 10/10
  3. Review People need to read this gem again because I think it will stand the test of time and will stick true in almost every league, almost every community falls into these 5 types. I feel I can be a rabble rouser and fit into the old head. However, this season in the EFL I have been quietly earning my tpe so maybe start into that one? Here in the EFL I dont know how things work so i am learning, maybe once I learn more of the ropes I will step out of my shell and be annoying. Or fall back into inactivity. Who knows. 10/10
  4. Review This was well thought out and a lot of effort and work went into it. It really shows how well you write because I was enticed the whole time but maybe that is just me because I love historical stuff. Could have used some color or pictures always help rather than seeing a big wall of text. Overall though it was great and informative. 10/10
  5. Shawn Brandon Zylstra has made it further than any player I have had before I think. Well getting there anyway. SBZ has recently announced that he will be uncapping this year and enter the next EFL Draft and intends to play in the EFL next season. This will be new ground for me since about Season 1 as you may have read of plenty by now. This is kind of a big deal for me and I have been having fun so far with SBZ. I haven't been this into football because I may or may not have a gambling problem and have been betting NFL games for about a month now but that gets me so invested in the games beca
  6. Player Name: Shawn Brandon Zylstra Current Player TPE: 172 Combine TPE: +27
  7. if you are town and if you dont want ptyrell to win its pretty obvious to switch and kill him. he literally just said that there should be enough of neutrals and evils to win. so he is pretty obviously bad
  8. how many town left Im assuming not much so it seems im outnumbered by the evils. gg
  9. this guy is just watching his own back, hes evil but trying to paint himself as a non evil.
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