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  1. 1) I'm a process guy, so I always believe there's way to improve. I think the league took a stumble when Turner stepped down - but how could you not, given what he meant to the league and what he gave this league? I think the current admins are doing a great job trying to fill those shoes and I think EFL is making some good moves in affiliation, recruitment, and to improve the overall product soon. 2) Weather the storm. We're seeing a lot of people celebrate the end of their quarantine or try to get out before their country/locale shuts down again. It's the summer, and people want to go out. Weather it and when people start staying indoors, ensure our product is as good as it can be. 3) Just be ready to recruit when they're ready to listen. We're a niche activity, so retention rate is never going to be high. But the more we recruit, the higher our overall numbers. 4) I'd honestly just rather let people click a button for 3 TPE than see some of the PCs that people turn in. 5) It was mentioned by a BOD member, so I took a look. Otherwise I'd likely have never seen it. I don't frequent the public forums often. 6) This has been touched on, I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been stated. 7) My perspective is not the norm, as I'm strictly a BOD member and not a player in the league. I think it's a good community, I like most of the leadership and I enjoy supporting them. 8) The award voters. I also hate everything about the presentation of the games, but I realize I'm in the minority there. I hate how long it takes and I hate that players in games not being presented have to wait so long to see their games. Feels awful. 9) I mean...kinda biased here. Hopefully most view it as a net positive. I know the EFL would've been in major trouble had they been forced to continue with the EFL Manager, though. 10) Hopefully in a new engine that allows for more variety in player builds. 11) Time and patience. 12) No clue, but I'm sure you'll tell us.
  2. Despite the interest I attracted so far this offseason - and I want to thank all of you personally for that, truly - I have decided to retire both of my players here, effective immediately. It has become apparent this week that I cannot juggle my responsibilities to SBAO and EFLO, with the careers of players in these leagues, all while the world is opening up again. Maybe down the line I will recreate, but for now, I won't be recreating again and will be keeping my attention solely on my role as a developer here. Thanks!
  3. Big bourgeois SBA boi coming in demanding change smh
  4. 1) @Siddhus 2) @Turts 3) @TacticalHammer
  5. Lefty and Shark are great candidates here.
  6. Something something crumbling BOD Wait wrong league
  7. Why you gotta put a label on it, smh I guess if I have to
  8. What Sid said below: There will likely be an announcement or a notification sent out when they open up. I'm not precisely sure when the BOD plans to open them.
  9. Good evening members, As part of our EFLO anniversary celebration, we're kicking things off with Part I of our Anniversary Update: - New Feature: Predictions. Starting this season, you will fill out your Predictions (EFL+ECFA) directly in EFLO. - New Feature: Player Snapshots. Every offseason, EFLO will take a snapshot of your player's build and TPE/APE levels and save it. These can be viewed on Player Pages. - New Feature: Player Equipment Store. You may now purchase your equipment directly in EFLO! - New Feature: Player Awards. In tandem with predictions, EFLO Admins will now be able to populate Award data in EFLO. This will be an ongoing process to get historical data caught up, so please bear with us. - Player Pages have received a major overhaul. - Player Pages now have a new Finances section, which combines all previous earning+purchase history. This also includes the new Contract History, and you can also now find your future salary cap hit here as well (expected salary). - Equipment is now visible on Player Pages. - Separate Team splash pages per league have been condensed into one to improve system navigation. - Pending Free Agents has been updated to our new UI, and also has been adjusted to remove players that have already signed extensions. - The Team column in Player Lists will now show a new "RE" badge if the player is retired. Hope everyone enjoys the new changes, and as this was an update full of new features - please let us know in this thread or in Discord if you see any issues! Thanks!
  10. Good game @zekethatbeast25 and the rest of NOLA, yeeted our yeet into our yeet rip
  11. My Discord name is getting nervous right now
  12. @zekethatbeast25 and I have a bet that will quite literally re-shape the entire universe so, good luck
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