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  1. Well that's dumb
  2. Live look in the San Francisco Locker Room after the game:
  3. Also big win over the QB that New Orleans let play every snap over me in my rookie season Thanks for having my back @OscarTheSwagDude
  4. San Antonio really doing everyone else a favor and taking themselves down to the curb here.
  5. You're the only one out there not dropping every other pass I throw, so you're doing plenty
  6. Get fucked San Antonio Trash. Frenzy Bois out here
  7. Hey wtf @Spartan take their damn points back
  8. 17-6 at the half, ok sharky bois
  9. One more thing - Clippy claims will now only appear for you if your player was created before the task in question was posted. This will eliminate a lot of older tasks from appearing in your queue.
  10. Good evening/morning @Members, Two important updates to Clippy have gone live tonight. First, Clippy-based claims are now easily viewable on the Update Dashboard - which has received our next BS4 UI upgrade. As you can see below, Clippy-based claims will be denoted on the Update Dashboard going forward with (you guessed it) the paperclip icon. This should make recognizing these tasks much easier on our Updaters. Second, which is probably a much bigger deal - Affiliate PTs are now available to be claimed via Clippy, entirely automated. Below you
  11. Name: Handsome Jack Team: SF Frenzy Workout/Equipment Name: Nike Compression Sleeve Equipment Gain(If applicable): +3 Arm Cost of Workout: $10M Cash you Have:$10m Cash Left: $0
  12. Also, fair warning - many cached assets were altered in some form. You will need to hard refresh, or potentially delete cached images+assets.
  13. Hello @Members, Quicker than expected, we have a new build for EFLO that has now gone live. Here are the updates notes for this build: - EFLO now utilizes Bootstrap 4. This is an ongoing process that will take place over several updates. A list of all pages that are now utilizing Bootstrap 4 can be found below: EFLO Home Page View Active EFL Players View Active ECFA Players View All Players Team List page (new) Team Pages - Bootstrap 4 pages utilize a different navigation bar and improved styling across the system. - Th
  14. Franchise QB? But I'm just a 3rd round pick... Do I get playing time the first year of this contract? Asking for a friend. I agree
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