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  1. Good game @zekethatbeast25 and the rest of NOLA, yeeted our yeet into our yeet rip
  2. @zekethatbeast25 and I have a bet that will quite literally re-shape the entire universe so, good luck
  3. Ah yes, play the victim - it's the only thing you're good at apparently. We deserve no respect after the way you've conducted yourself this season? lol. Nobody gives a fuck about respect from you. You've shown no class in any interaction with our squad this season. Take the L, hold the L, be the L.
  4. I'm crying? lmao nice try to twist it. I'm not Wally, this schtick ain't working on me. You getting called out for your transgressions, that's it. Take the whole circumference of this L and pour all that salt you've had for weeks on it.
  5. I let you bide your time to look dumb as fuck when we beat that salty ass in the playoffs boo. I call it like I see it - you been a salty bitch and it is, frankly, delicious
  6. You mean like we've lived rent-free in that head of yours all season, bitching and moaning? Stay salty my friend
  7. On behalf of my entire team, I'd like to offer the game ball to Spartan's tears.
  8. Good evening, some updates to EFLO to be made aware of this morning/tonight: - You can now toggle the TPE Opportunities, Recent Games, Announcements, and New Players on/off on the Home Screen. You can find these settings in Account Settings, under Home Page options. This will completely disable these boxes in your view. Note: EFL Admins take no responsibility for any information you may miss by having these disabled. In a future update, we will also lend this functionality to Standings and the Network section. - Added the ability for Admins to more easily set the active status
  9. I want all the white people in the video to be people Turner is taking shots at on his way out
  10. Good afternoon everyone, here are some updates for EFLO: - New EFLO Notification when a Player Reroll is requested. Includes a warning to reapply your TPE. - New EFLO Notification when your Current Update has been deleted (currently, only when your player is rerolled). - Our backend records now convey what user requests a reroll. Useful for determining if it was the player, or an Admin. - Fixed an issue with dates with Clippy, where certain PTs were not appearing. - Strategy Approved, Update Approved, and Updated Denied PMs will now have a different topic title
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