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  1. I do not speak for the VHL<>EFL relationship so an EFL Admin would have to confirm that for you. Nothing has changed on that front with the SBA, though.
  2. Good Morning, We have a couple of changes to announce for our Affiliation with SBA. Please read them through, and if there is any confusion or you have any questions, please ask in this thread. Thanks! 1) As some know, EFL recently underwent an extended offseason in order to line up their 7 week season with the SBA. There were many benefits to this, but one in particular is that now the EFL and SBA will be coordinating our "Event Weeks" (Media Week, ASW, Playoff PT, Theme Weeks, etc.) as much as possible to avoid overlap. When this is unavoidable, you will now be able to use a PT from one league for both Event Weeks. So if you do an EFL Media Week, using that as an Affiliate PT will allow you to earn not only the normal TPE in the SBA, but also the Playoff PT TPE - or vice versa. Gone are the days where you would need to do double the work for weeks like these - we want you to enjoy your time during these big weeks, not do double the work and feel bad about extra TPE. 2) Effective immediately, we will no longer be requiring Affiliate PT users to post links to them in the Welfare thread. Simply mark your PT as Affiliate PT in the Manager, and link to the PT in question. Both leagues believe the old method was incredibly redundant, and just eats your time when it shouldn't. This also goes for the Auto-12 Gangs in both leagues. Regular welfare users will, of course, have to still post in the welfare thread.
  3. I'm a little worried you don't know what that means if you don't think so
  4. EFLO? LOL COPYCATS Be original.
  5. If you'd like to educate me, you know how to reach me. Until then, you know this isn't solving anything or making anything better for anyone, including yourself.
  6. I say this with the best of intentions, from a friend - this isn't healthy or helpful to anyone, man. You stepped down from everywhere, and that's your prerogative. Do what is best for you, truly. Get right. But this bitter ex gimmick I've seen in a few posts now isn't going to help you or anyone else, man. Find your peace.
  7. Not even remotely in the same ballpark
  8. What if I just don't like you as a person, @Turner?
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