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  1. Turner

    S21 EFL Week Six

    This sim is fucked. And we know this sim is fucked. Yet I’m still irritated.
  2. Turner

    S21 EFL Week Six

    I demand a redo of my rookie season with Dan-less strats.
  3. Welcome to the EFL Buttersqauch101! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




    This message was sent automatically, but you can respond if you need!

  4. Welcome Buttersqauch101, You've already been sent a PM that will help you understand how to get started in our league and now this thread will operate as a way for you to introduce who you are to the community! Go ahead and tell us about yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask or post them here in this thread. Welcome to the Community!
  5. today we lost @GGOriel @Scoot @Symmetrik @Opera_Phantom @Renomitsu @Spartan and @fishy. So far the only picks for tomorrow are the Wolfpack and the Mambas...we may be in for a treat in NY wins.
  6. Today’s the day some of you clowns get eliminated in survivor, I can feel it in my bones.
  7. @Beowoof did not survive ECFA Wk 3, everyone else has survived both Week 3 games. We are onto week 4!
  8. Man you’d think with my attributes I’d be better than this.
  9. @oilmandan this means you get the 3 capped.
  10. Zeke you can’t claim this yet. It’s only available from the last week of the season through the offseason week of your “FA” period.
  11. @Siddhus you can pick what you want from the remaining prizes.
  12. @Lefty_S, my bad, the prizes are in this threads OP.
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