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  1. Talk about early thoughts on predictions for S25.
  2. He forced his way to NY much like Buttse is doing. Savages.
  3. Added cash Added cash Added cash
  4. I have no shame in copying @Playoff Lonzo and @McWolf on this topic. Oscar's rankings were dark and mopey. McWolf's rankings were bright and proud. My rankings are going to be awesome and more awesome. Let us begin: Allowing NOLA to be my WR farm: Dewey Jackson and Frank Funk. Both of these talented WRs wanted out of NOLA and Seattle was their knight in shining armor. Knowing NOLA was in a "move it or lose it" position with them... I got a discount for them. The Frank Funk deal was the best of the two, trading away an inactive Timothy McBuckets and a 3rd round pick for what became
  5. Ayooooo! Congrats to both of these deserving great individuals!
  6. Excited to meet my new teammates.
  7. Glad you're here @Midnite. Especially glad you're enjoying the league as much as you are. Good luck to your players in the EFL.
  8. Season 25 National Signing Day Please list all Scholarships for your recruits. This thread will open at 12pm Pacific on Tuesday January 12th
  9. Will there be over or under 809.5 yards of offense in the EFL Championship Game? Under Which EFL defender will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? PalpaTurner In the EFL Championship game, which player of these 4 will have the most receiving yards - Henry McDolin, Charm McClain Callahan, Butter Fingers, or Kam Bam Chancellor? McDolin Which team will win the EFL Championship Game? Kraken Which kicker will score the most points in the EFL Championship game? Marion
  10. This week your full 6 TPE Point Task is worth double - 6 additional uncapped TPE IF your PT is a topic on the following: •Playoffs •Championship Game(s) •Upcoming Free Agency •Upcoming Draft Presenters this week can claim the 6 uncapped bonus by linking their presentation. All 12 point affiliates may claim the bonus 6 as well. SBA & VHL welfare can be claimed for the additional 6.
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