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  1. While Shoyo Hinata was busy the last couple of weeks, he still found a way to make a trip up to Japan. He went to meet some of his older friends as well as formally inviting them to the ECFA Awards ceremony. Despite being up in Japan, it didn't stop Shoyo from playing some football at the park so he could continue to improve his skills. While he was doing some drills to improve his hands, his sister accidentally overthrew the ball to him. While watching the ball sail over his head, Shoyo saw a person he had not seen before jump up and catch the ball pretty damn well. Shoyo walked u
  2. "These past couple weeks have been exhausting to be honest", Hinata said in an offseason press conference. Hinata says this with good reason. The Death Valley Rangers defied all odds and won the championship this season. Many expected the Rangers to take a big step back after losing many upperclassmen but the freshmen stepped up for the Rangers, especially Shoyo Hinata. In the playoffs, Hinata played a pretty big part in the Rangers success. He had 102 rushing yards on 19 carries and a rushing touchdown along with 10 receiving yards in their first round matchup against
  3. The EFL, to me, is a chill community of great people who are fun to be around. I joined the community about a week after my birthday and the week after I had joined the SBA. I love sports in general so I was looking for more sim leagues to be in and luckily, I found the EFL. The one thing that makes the EFL truly special is the locker room and the community feel. I've been in many locker rooms in other sim leagues and they just don't feel as good as the ones we have here. I'm not always active in my locker rooms but my HCs always make sure to keep me in the loop with
  4. 1. What teams have Sanders and Dawkins talked to so far in the recruiting process? 2. Do you have any favorites in terms of ECFA teams early on? 3. How would you describe your play in high school and how it translates to the next level? 4. What would you say were your accomplishments in high school? 5. What are you looking so far in the teams that are pitching you? 6. What would you say your individual goals for the season are? 7. What is one thing you'd like to do in your ECFA career before you go to the EFL? 8. Which of the two of you have the faster 40 tim
  5. In season 10 of the EFL and NCAA, a 2nd year Mike McBuckets was a part of a Michigan team that went 12-2 and went all the way to the championship where they faced Tact and the Longhorns in the finals. In one of the most controversial endings in NCAA history, the Wolverines pulled it out and won a championship. In Season 11, a 3rd year uncapping Timothy McBuckets was a part of a Miami Hurricanes team that managed to make it to the NCAA Finals but lost to a stacked Oregon Ducks team In Season 12, a 4th year uncapping mike McBuckets led Michigan again to the title game and
  6. Let's fucking gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  7. @zekethatbeast25don't do that or I'll get half the SBA to clown on you
  8. Damn it Hinata. You need to convert that. At least we pinned them on the 1 yard line.
  9. I don't fucking know how a 22 yard pass takes 44 seconds but let's fucking goooooooooooooooooooo. Going to tell my kids this was playoff LeBron James.
  10. My head says interception that ends the game My heart says Popopo 22 yard passing touchdown to tie it up and send it to OT
  11. Let's fucking go. Two minutes left and 46 yards to go.
  12. C'mon Popopo, give us some of that magic from the Legends championship game
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