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  1. Damn very close loss for the Kraken.
  2. Nice to get back in the W column. Still need Iida and Kamado to step up though.
  3. I get that haha. Feels like the simulator should be a little more realistic though. Even teams that run a slow grind it out tempo would hurry up when down big with not too much time left.
  4. We seriously wasted 7 minutes on offense when we're down by 18.
  5. Weird seeing the EFL with no McBuckets bros. Glad to see the Kraken with a sound victory though.
  6. Fantastic game. Dominant win and Iida got his first touchdown of the season. Kamado also came up big with 9 tackles and a TFL. Season is looking pretty good.
  7. Sad we lost big at home but I'll take some positives out if it. Iida had 3 catches for 59 yards which is pretty good yards per reception wise. Tanjiro also seems to be making a good jump with 9 tackles and his first TFL. Still looking for his first sack but very encouraging so far.
  8. It's the offseason which means that it's time for intense anime training montages as the summer rolls along for both Tenya Iida and Tanjiro Kamado. As mentioned before, the Death Valley Rangers had a pretty successful previous season. They won 10 games and made the playoffs. However, their post-season journey ended quite early after the Hades Creek Phalanx defeated them in the divisional round where Randall Staubach hit Tiki Henderson for the touchdown with 20 seconds left to win the game. It was a heartbreaking loss for Iida and Kamado as they both felt like they could have contributed more to the game. Kamado himself had 5 tackles in the loss but was not able to generate any pass rush as he didn't get a sack on the game. He came into the league with the goal of trying to break the sack record or at least come close but he hadn't even gotten a sack in his first season in the ECFA. On Iida's side, he didn't even get a single catch on the game and in total only recorded 6 catches on the season. Both knew coming into the league that they were very raw prospects. They had potential and were very athletic but needed to get used to the more mental side of the game and get used to playbooks, coverages, and the like. They also both knew that they were going to be bottom of the depth chart coming in and that they needed to work their way up if they wanted to play in any meaningful snaps. For Kamdo and Iida, it's one thing for them to be on the bench and give high fives to the starters when they're winning. However, when the game is on the line and all you can do is hope and watch as the opposing team gets the game winning score feels terrible. That's why this season, Kamado and Iida are training really hard this off-season. They should both be top 3 in their depth charts of their respective positions. They know that they can't screw up and they will be counted on to make plays from the beginning of the game all the way to crunch time. Kamado is focusing on generating more pass rush and getting to the quarterback as he knows that a sack can change an entire drive. He's also focusing on setting the edge on run plays and getting tackles for loss as well. Iida is focusing on catching and route running. He's got the speed to burn corners but he won't be targeted if he's running the wrong routes and not catching the ball. Both Iida and Kamado can't wait for the start of the upcoming season. They are going to play important roles for the Death Valley Rangers and will have to step up if they hope to continue the regular season success they had last season as well as going further in the playoffs.
  9. The Death Valley Rangers season ended today at the hands of the Hades Creek Phalanx. While a sad way to end the season, there were tons of positives to take from the season which we'll go over in this season review. The Death Valley Rangers offense is Alex by starting QB, Alex SonFire. This season was SonFire's first season as starting QB and he was pretty much your prototypical game manager. He had 2,785 passing yards (7th in the league) with 10 passing touchdowns (tied for 9th most) and 7 interceptions (tied for 2nd least) with a 60.3 percent completion rate which was good for 2nd. Again, he was pretty much your game manager. His job was to convert long third downs and took defenses on play action occasionally. All he had to do was limit turnovers and hand the ball off to the real stars of the show, Schitt Brickhouse and Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. As said in the previous paragraph, Brickhouse is the real star of the show. He had 1636 rushing yards with 5.9 yards per carry and 12 touchdowns. He was the lead back for the Rangers and played a huge role in leading the offense on the ground. Smitty was the short yardage running back. He had 983 rushing yards on 5.7 yards per carry with 16 touchdowns. They contributed to 28 touchdowns out of the Rangers 38 offensive touchdowns and 2,619 rushing yards which were very crucial to the Death Valley Rangers offense. They were the backbone of the offense and both will be surely be missed as Brickhouse goes to EFL and as Smitty plays in his final season in the ECFA. Jakob Markstrom was the number 1 wide receiver with 887 receiving yards with 3 receiving touchdowns and 14.8 yards per catch. Receiving yards were mostly spread out between the rest of the receivers. Jake Davis had 572 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns, William Frostbread had 557 receiving yards and 1 receiving touchdown, and tight end Dante King had 502 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. The Rangers return all their receivers but lose their right end. The Rangers are hoping Tenya Iida can step up and replace that lost reproduction. On defense, Trevor Tripp led the team in tackles with 117 tackles and L'Marcus Houston was 2nd in tackles with 87 tackles. Bot Tabot led the team with 7 TFLs, Tripp Trevor was 2nd with 6 TFLs, and Ross Good was 3rd with 5 TFLs. Bot Tabot led the team in sacks again with 7 sacks, Marcus Bototti was 2nd with 4 sacks, and Ross Good was 3rd with 3. Pharoah Aardvark led the team in interceptions with Laurent Levine who both had 7 interceptions which was the 2nd most in the league by a player. Aardvark had 11 pass deflections on the season which led the team and Levine had 10 which was 2nd most on the team. The Death Valley Rangers D was great this season but it wouldn't be surprising if they take a step back with the loss of Aardvark, Levine, and Tripp to the EFL Draft. Overall, while the season ended much earlier than the Rangers wanted it to, it was still pretty successful. However, they lose a lot of key pieces especially on defense in the secondary as well as two very key running backs that I wouldn't be surprised if they took a step back next season.
  10. It’s been a relatively successful season for the Death Valley a Rangers. They won 10 games and are tied for the 3rd best record in the league. While not the favorites to win the title, they shouldn’t be counted out. After all, they lost to the 15-1 Biscayne Pirates by only 1 point playing in Biscayne Bay. Tanjiro Kamado and Tenya Iida have both been enjoying their time in Death Valley so far. They came into the league very raw but wanted to prove themselves that they could contribute to winning football. For freshmen on a title contending team, they did about as well as you probably could ask for. Tanjiro Kamado finished with 46 tackles. He didn’t have any other counting stats besides that. Kamado was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t get a sack. After all, he came into the league wanting to break the single season sack record so not getting a sack was a bit sad. That’s why Kamado is working hard in the training room on his agility and speed so he can have a bigger influence on the game. A sack can ruin a drive and while the Rangers started off hot, they ended up a middle of a pack team sack wise. Tenya Iida was a bit quieter. He had 6 catches on the season for 51 yards and a touchdown. Iida’s definitely glad to have scored his first touchdown and hopes it won’t be his last. However, the Rangers were a middle of the pack team receiving wise as well. While you can point to a capped QB, Iida believes that he still has a long way to go to be a reliable target and a true number -#1 for the team. Kamado and Iida are stoked for the playoffs but realize that they still have a long way to go. They are up for the challenge and are hoping to have a big impact come playoff time.
  11. 1. We're midway through the season. How would you rate the Kholin brothers’ performance? 2. What are you working on this season as we head towards the second part of the season? 3. What were the expectations coming into the season? 4. Are you on track to meet those expectations?
  12. Very good bounce back win for us
  13. Damn losses suck especially at home. Hoping for better next week.
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