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  1. Fives with the clutch grass coverage on the final play
  2. What in the name of Andrew Luck full time daddy duty is going on with NY?
  3. @omgitshim with the presentation of the year
  4. 1. Super prepared. They are very angry after a poor S34 2. Preseason don’t mean shit. The regular season is what matters 3. After a big night of drinking before the game, both come thru with the old puke and rally before kickoff 4. They both like to curl on off days 5. DW3 deked Ronnie Screwtheherd Jr out of his jock at practice the other day. Embarrassing for the old man 6. The ability to fold when the chips are down 7. Water gun fight and then off to the paintball range. Then hot dogs and cupcakes afterwards 8. DW3’s dad is a HOF WR and his grandpa is the GM of the New York Herd. RSTHJ’s old man was a great OL for the Wisconsin Brigade back in the day 9. Every Miami Neptune and Wisconsin Brigade player. Past and present 10. Their papas 11. To win championships. Nothing else matters 12. I want to thank @Wheaties for beating me when it counts and keeping me humble
  5. Savage City looking for an AAD. Potential to take over as AD in the future here or with another ECFA club. DM myself here or on discord if interested. Job pay is 3tpe
  6. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/23614-new-york-herd-brand/&do=findComment&comment=338448 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/26702-question-of-the-week-ending-june-11th/&do=findComment&comment=338246
  7. Thank God it’s the offseason. After a dreadful season for the Herd, we are looking straight ahead to the future and S35. It’ll be my 20th as the General Manager of New York and there is big news coming later in the year! So what are we doing this offseason? We’ll mostly be eating our greens and hitting the gym to get better with what we have. A couple draft picks coming tomorrow to fill out our roster, but mostly treating last year like a bad dream. Echoing many things that have already been written and said, players like Alexander Chase Everett, Captain Cutthroat, Duke Dyer, Might Guy, Andrew Hamilton and Dan Wilinsky III all have to take big steps forward on an offense that should have been much better. The defense is old for the most part, but still serviceable for this year. Many of our issues, we’re scheme related and just being put in bad spots by our offense. Everyone is raring to go though and I have no doubt we’ll make the Eastern playoff race much more competitive
  8. Well the ACE - Cutthroat connection is going to be unstoppable
  9. @Trifecta it’s all up to you great article though. Hope you are right
  10. One word. Strippers. It’s been mentioned in a previous QOTW and I really like the idea. But having 3 players in the EFL at a time. At least until we can get some more activity to fill out teams
  11. Great stuff. Need more podcasts again.
  12. Straight fire as always
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