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  1. Hard to pick but definitely have a 1A and 1B. 1A is winning the S30 championship with the Herd. Finally breaking that long drought felt really, really good. 1B was my first taste of winning in the league. The S11 Ducks were a super loaded team and we rolled thru everyone that year. Awesome feeling too
  2. What is your favourite moment from your time in the EFL so far?
  3. He will go in the hall of versatility for playing all the defensive positions in his career. And that’s it
  4. I have never been so excited for an EFL draft presentation before. Like literally
  5. What current player do you think is a surefire Hall of Famer? Thanks to @Lemorse7
  6. Season 37 National Signing Day Please list all Scholarships for your recruits. This thread will open at 12 pm Pacific on Tuesday September 20th, 2021 Mark your RTP with a * Roswell, Trenton, Athens and Hades Creek will have 2 RTP slots for Season 37. Savage City, Manchester, Death Valley and Biscayne Bay will have 4 RTP slots for Season 37. EFLO roster MUST match your Signing Day Original Post. Or else you could lose future scholarships and AD pay.
  7. Welcome to Season 37 Events Week! Hello EFL! Stay Tuned for some Events next week in the EFL! We have the EFL draft, EFL and ECFA Awards next week. Ideally wanting to host Rookie Draft Thursday, Awards Friday. These dates are subject to change. Events Week TPE Opportunity! In the EFL, you will be able to use 2 of 3 (Press Conferences, Player Brands, Question of the Week) for 6 Uncapped TPE. Your Choice! Link your posts here to claim Events Week. Affiliate Brand options (SBA Quote, VHL.com submissions, WSBL PTs, PBE PTs and SHL/ISFL PTs) will be accepted for the brand portion only. EFL and Affiliate Auto 12s will also be able to claim this TPE. Presentations of Events Week events (Games, Draft, Awards) will all be eligible as well for the full 6 uncapped. EFL Season Pass donaters are also eligible to claim the Events Week TPE. To claim, just link your post in this thread in EFLO with the Events Week Task! The deadline for posting in this thread to claim Events Week will be October 1st at 11:59pm PT. Thank you all and have a great Events Week!
  8. Even though he said my player was “nothing to see here” definitely happy to see Reno content again
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