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  1. A very sad day for myself and I know many many more. So many good memories over my 5 years in the EFL. From joining the Oregon Ducks, winning the NCAA championship with those same Ducks to doing the long build to breaking the Herd’s EFL title drought. Lots of good friends made and good and bad players. Life gets in the way, but won’t forget all the great times in the EFL. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work keeping things going since day 1. You all made our free time that much more fun.
  2. EFL in worse shape than we all thought
  3. This has been awhile coming, but it started going into a faster transition when the league wanted to hammer thru allowing 9 tpe a week from affiliates. Essentially making it that a user could claim activity check and then max earn and contribute absolutely nothing to the EFL. Not that I was the biggest fan of the auto 12 either. That was my line in the sand and when the active BOD wanted to go forward with it, I made my quiet exit. Maybe you’ve noticed my sudden disappearance from the forum and discord, maybe you haven’t. I wasn’t planning on writing anything, but after AW put out his very eloquent message about his departure, I reconsidered and thought maybe I should say some sort of goodbye to what has been my favourite sim league for almost 4 years now. I found the EFL shortly after joining the VHL and was very quickly hooked. Thanks in large part to @AW13 and @MMFLEX There have been so many others that have made this place so special to me and I will miss 99% of you. So give yourself a hug and pat on the back from me. And a special hug to all my Herd players who stuck it out thru thick and thin and helped break the ~26 season championship curse. I still remember that like yesterday. Life has gotten busier with a little boy that just started walking and reducing my little free time to almost none at all. That and the usual summer activities have made this an opportune time to exit stage left. I’ll be around a bit to guide my players to the end of their careers, but will likely be done sim leagues after that. Again thank you EFL for all the memories and relationships. I’m pulling for you to make a triumphant rebound this season and going forward!!
  4. 1. Does anyone still do these and are they needed? Yes. I do them and hopefully more will follow the lead 2. The league underwent a simmer change, are you ready for games? I think it’s crucial for games soon or more users will fall off 3. Have you been recruiting and if no then why not? I’m more focused on other things in life 4. Do you have any surprise teams this season? San Francisco. Cause why not 5. Who will underperform despite having a good roster? Wisconsin. Toronto has the East in the bag 6. The MVP battle is now up to MI2 and Dogwood, do you see any contenders not named them? Rex Rider is gonna get lots of love this season
  5. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the EFL, both in the public eye and behind the scenes. Kinda echoing Spartan, you were my first AD here and got me hooked on the EFL for a long time. Enjoy life and enjoy being a parent. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.
  6. 7. Can anyone from the West challenge LA anytime soon? No, not this season anyhow 8. Would you prefer to be a go to WR on a rebuilding team or a #3 WR on a competing team? Go to WR all the way. 9. Do you think the EFL could ever see a team with a run first offense? Only if rules are made to limit passing or sliders are updated to boost rushing 10. Will NY be able to keep up the success post-ACE? Well they are in a full rebuild now 11. Will Miami ever be able to regain it's glory? I'd like to see it, dunno if it happens soon 12. Who is the biggest pending free agent and do you think they re-sign or leave? DW3 and Stetson David are pending FAs. They will explore free agency
  7. I can’t even be mad about losing after seeing this haha
  8. 1. What keeps you coming back to the EFL? Seeing my players end their careers on my terms. 2. Do you prefer stats or winning more? Winning championships 3. What is one stat that will probably never be broken? All the passing stars from the NCAA/ECFA 4. Which attribute do you believe the most universally useful? Other than speed, strength 5. Counter with which would probably be the most useless? Anything to do with kicking 6. How do you think the West can be more competitive? GM stability
  9. 1. S30. Eastern Division Final. Sconsin is leading 27-16 with 8 minutes to go. Cue the collapse and comeback of the mighty New York Herd. A quick TD and 2PT conversion closes the gap to 3. Kick a FG with 27 seconds left to tie the game at 27!!! Then comes overtime. New York take the ball to start OT and march thru the deflated Wisconsin defence like butter. They score a TD to win the East and head to the EFL title game and roll thru that to break the long championship drought. 2. The awesome presentations did. 3. Well it was discussed and we were going somewhat in that direction. But then everything got scaled back.
  10. oilmandan


    Double ring time
  11. Herd and LA looking goooood
  12. 1. Which user would you want to start a franchise with? 2. You have 1000 banked tpe on a new player, what position and archtype to you choose to start your franchise? 3. Which EFL or ECFA has the best logo? Double points for explaining why it’s the Herd. 4. If you’re a free agent, which user makes you jump at the chance to join their team. 5. What is the best mascot in all of sports? 6. Are rivalries better in the EFL or ECFA? 7. Best pregame ritual? 8. Best sports video game? 9. Which of your players exceeded your expectations the most? 10. Which of your players fell way short of your expectations? 11. Best sim league job? 12. Best single way to earn tpe?
  13. Death Valley Biscuit Bay Manchester Hades Creek Athens Roswell Trenton Savage City
  14. DW3 looking good so far and the Herd are out for revenge. Talos only thing that kept Wisconsin in the game with Toronto David big day in a beat down for LA
  15. LA probably wanted to get insurance cause you threaten to retire every other day. You’re burning bridges everywhere you go. Good luck getting your qb picked the way you go about things
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