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  1. Zeke and the word bruh
  2. Go Minnesota!! Even though Reno didn’t reply to my draft questions in SBL
  3. Didn’t you already try that before the season started?!?!
  4. Cmon Minnesota, do what we can’t, don’t get blown to bits! Always a nice thing to be winning against Miami. Hopefully we can hold on.
  5. I’m sad that the days of making fun of NOLAs suckiness are seemingly gone. A little piece of the EFL I loved has died
  6. Feeling some big wins coming on this beautiful Friday!!!
  7. Big game and finally back at home today!!! Gonna be wearing some new threads this week too! Gonna look stylin as we fly past the Neptune. Thanks again to @Sharkstrong for doing these!!
  8. With how much this game stunk I’m afraid to look at the rest of them
  9. Hangin in there. If we can only catch a break. Need to channel some of @AW13 reverse psychology to pull this out
  10. I’d be ok if all the expansion teams won today
  11. I cannot stress how good these all are.
  12. Big game today for the Herd, let’s stomp the sneks and make the east even more of a mess
  13. HAVE A DAY HERD!! @Siddhus DaddyTurner 4 TD tosses. @Jeff @Tater_Tot Downey and Jackson both with 3 combined scores. Great day running for King @StackTheRacks12 too!! @Tater_Tot @StackTheRacks12 @emidas E, Bobsky and king doing the sack dances all day. Jackson with probably tone of the best all purpose day and punt return day in team history. Set most punt return yards and tds in a game for sure @cody73 with the most converts kicker in team history gg @McWolf it’s gonna get better and you’ll be beating us by this score one day
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