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  1. Will there be over or under 40.5 points scored in the EFCA Championship Game? OVER Which EFCA defender will have the most passes tackles in the EFCA Championship Game? WATT In the EFCA Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most rushing yards - Kamari Okonjo, Tomas Kacer, or Danny DeVinter? KACER Which team will win the EFCA Championship Game? BB Will there be over or under 5.5 passes defended in the ECFA Championship Game? OVER
  2. Ronnie Screwtheherd Jr finished up his college this week and will begin to prepare for the EFL draft next week. It was a disappointing end as big hopes for the Sacramento Venom were crushed with a 4-12 record. The converted LB, who played SS in his junior year, will join a lucky club sometime in the first round. Some of the highlights of his college days were: S20 9-7 36 tackles 2 sacks 3 tfl The freshman year was a big eye opener for the LB, he came in as more of a spare part and only got spot duty early on. He made a few big plays, but struggled to gain much mo
  3. Dee Fence always knew he was going to be great. He never doubted his ability or the fact he would be a rich star athlete one day. Getting others to believe was sometimes more difficult, but Dee never listened to anyone that had anything negative to say about him in the first place. Born in northern Alberta in a hockey mad country, Dee never understood his family and communities devotion to ice hockey from the get go. He did enjoy the physical and violent nature of the game, but couldn’t get why anyone would want to play a sport on ice, in cold temperatures all the time. His parents tried en
  4. @Renomitsu wins the 1tpe for being the closest!!! Hooray!
  5. You've never seen Draft Day? The single most realistic football movie? How did you get hired lol?
  6. Toronto FAs RB Asahel FS Tormund Giantsbane LB Marques Hampton-Hill WR Sticky Hands CB Hannah Bell Lecter LB Vontae Mack.... no matter what TE Damon Spencer Minnesota FAs CB Captain Larval WR Jadeveon Pierre-Creek Memphis FAs CB Mikey 2 Dope WR Mr Cornholio WR Jake Davis LB Jackson Gser CB Mr Roswell Filler CB Gustav McGustav New York FAs K Cody Smith SS Frogman Starbing SS Tom Esau Wisconsin FAs RB Clap Trap WR Matty Thomas RB Danton Howlson
  7. @zekethatbeast25 inactives and fillers can only be signed for one season at at time
  8. Wow. Crappy way to go out for Latti. Nola really is a cursed Franchise.
  9. GG Miami and @Wheaties you guys just have our number. Good season New York. Regular season success means nothing anymore. Gotta show up when it matters. Sad we couldn’t get Dee Fence a championship... or even a playoff win.
  10. 17 points off turnovers. There’s your game story
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