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  1. Manchester added a rouge along the way?
  2. You’re lucky these players aren’t flat out deleted. The rules clearly state you can’t create till the offseason after retiring. So no committing, updating or even talking to teams. You’re running out of chances here Chef.
  3. You can’t commit or be recruited to any teams as your players aren’t supposed to be even created till the offseason. Please stop skirting the rules.
  4. Cause you don’t ask questions before you do things
  5. Great win Herd!!! Let’s go cheer for Memphis and then we get HFA the rest of the playoffs. Good game and good season Miami. The shoe has been on the other foot a lot, but I know you guys will be back and much better next year.
  6. Other than my own and everyone else in the EFL?
  7. The old timers are powering the Herd so far. Hopefully they took their vitamins this morning
  8. No more punting. Let’s turn this into a track meet
  9. And I have 0 championship appearances. So ya
  10. Fast start!!!! Go Herd Go!!!! Keep that momentum up from Week 16
  11. It’s been a real long time since I just talked about my own players in depth, or at least this set of players, so here goes. Old Crows and Young Cardinals My first players in the EFL, Dan Wilinsky and Dee Fence left a very high bar to match in terms of personal success. Dan won a WRoTY award as well as an EFL championship and Dee won multiple CBoTY awards and a DPoTY award as well. Dee was also selected as one of the top 25 EFL players of all time. Both had Hall of Fame caliber careers so matching that will be difficult to do, but as the New York GM, it’s more about team success now. I know hard to believe, with all the “success” NY has had under my watch. Boiled Frogs Ronnie ScrewTheHerd Jr is the son of an old Wisconsin Brigade BOT, named by @Nykonax after an auction awhile back. Originally, he was supposed to be a Safety and Linebacker tweener, but I had him lose weight to help out at Cornerback. Unfortunately he’s been locked at CB for the past several seasons due slow development at the position. I think he’s had a couple Pro Bowls, but has never really been a threat to win any awards for himself. One benefit with all his banked is that he’ll be able to help out the Herd for quite a few seasons still. Likely until he gets to down to the level of what a recreate could enter the league at. Having him be a quiet presence on the Herd defense is ideal, as long as the defense stays in the upper half. Hopefully one day he can slide to Linebacker and move between there and Safety while others take the spotlight. He hasn’t been a player I’ve ever been excited about, so I won’t be sad when he does turn the lights off. Familiar Drugs Credit to @BeastTakeover Alex SonFire is the Quarterback I wanted to make when I originally joined the EFL. Unlike Ronnie, I do get excited when he does well, but his usage has rose and fell based on the other offensive players around him. Good balance on offense is important to me, so hopefully all this passing we’ve seen this year is an aberration. Which I think it will be with Might Guy as the future star on offense. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t hoped he would’ve won an award or two by this point, but with so many ultra heavy passing teams every year, that’s not super realistic. Would be great if he helped lead the Herd to its first championship in forever though. Also unlike Ronnie, there is a due date for Alex’s career. The process of finding a new QB has already started and some very early scouting has found a couple exciting prospects percolating. Anything less than a championship with SonFire will feel like a failed career at this point. To A Friend My filler Dan Wilinsky III or DWIII is the son of my original WR and was part of the Manchester Lookout this season. My last filler in Manchester didn’t last long, so we’ll see if this one has longer life. His future will ultimately be decided by what the needs of the Herd are when the time comes. While my filler is a Scatback RB, he’s seen most of his time at WR in Manchester, although his role has mostly been as a spectator. Plenty of egos to feed there. Only time will tell if he becomes my next GM player, just another filler…. or a player available to most other EFL clubs. Even though there is work at hand, it’s always exciting to look ahead and plan out the future of both my players and the Herd too.
  12. Stuck my neck out for you, traded a solid player to take a chance on you and this is how you repay us. Beyond disappointed
  13. 1. What is your favorite football team. Edmonton Eskimos were. Not sure about the Elks yet. They are pretty bad. 2. Favorite book. Any of the Chronicles of Narnia 3. Favorite Video game. Skyrim 4. Favorite Movie. Probably Revenge of the Sith or Oceans 13 5. What do you think about the Minnesota Vikings. Purple is an interesting colour for a football team. 6. Justin Jefferson or J'amaar Chase. Chase probably 7. Who do you think is winning the super bowl this season. Tom Brady and the Bucs I think. Still too good. 8. Who do you think is winning the afc. Would be cool to see Buffalo breakthrough 9. Who do you think is winning the nfc. Tampa bay unfortunately
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