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  1. Defence be damned I guess. Good win though
  2. Cmon Athens and Roswell. Do the thing
  3. Go New York. And whoever drafts Stetson David
  4. Must be preseason for presentations too
  5. All the good people that populate the EFL make it easy to keep coming back.
  6. Been a bit since I’ve done some rankings, but it’s also been a bit since we’ve had one of my players not locked into a draft spot either. Something we all should be extremely excited about. So let’s take a little peek at where the superstar FS may end up this coming season. Going off AVG APE alone to determine final standings we could see a First Round order looking something like: 1.01 Seattle 1.02 Wisconsin 1.03 Los Angeles 1.04 Toronto 1.05 Miami 1.06 Minnesota 1.07 San Francisco -> LA 1.08 New York -> LA So Los Angeles is clearly looking to make waves in this upcoming draft, that probably puts them top of the class? I guess we’ll see….. 8. Coming in at the bottom of the list is San Francisco. They traded away their 1st rounder and likely don’t pick till later in the following rounds as well. If Stetson lasts that long…. But their GM has also publicly stated that Stetson would be a “ future career free agent” with his talk about wanting to be paid better than some inactives. MOST teams not willing to back the Brinks truck for Stetson won’t get so much as a how do you do when it comes to the interview process. And that helps puts them at 8. Even without looking at the roster. 7 and 6 is essentially a tie. Both Minnesota and Wisconsin are looking at GM players being available to them in this draft. I’ve always felt drafting your own players is the smart move. Easier to control and less ego to deal with. I’ve never had a player on either of these clubs and that looks like it’ll have to wait. 5. It hurts my heart to have New York so low on any ranking. But a recent deal to help load up for the here and now, leaves the mighty Herd with no First Round pick to speak of. With no First Rounder in S38 either, trading into a spot to pick Stetson looks doubtful at this point. 4. Toronto is next and I must admit is lower than I expected. Another place I’ve never had a player, and the only Canadian franchise out there, it would be cool to be a Skyhawk, not gonna lie. But they’ve already got a very good secondary on the rise and will almost assuredly nab one of the high end offensive standouts with their first pick. 3. Miami rolls in at number 3. If you’d have told me 10 seasons ago, or even 5, that there was a possibility of an OMD and Wheaties led secondary, I’d have said you were nuts. But here we are. Miami could use some depth and active youth on defense, so there is definitely a fit. But does Stetson fall that far? I guess we will see. 2. Even with so many First round draft picks upcoming, it’s not enough to nab the number 1 spot on my rankings. Partially because although LA have many holes to fill, one of the strengths currently is in their secondary. Maybe that changes with the current fire sale happening, but we’ll see. Picking number 3 does likely give LA 2nd dibs unless Wisconsin trades down. Definitely plenty of opportunities to pick Stetson though if he does fall cause of penny pinching GMs…. 1. Seattle is the big winner? Maybe? Depends on how you look at it. The Predators desperately need some secondary help now and Stetson would be the ticket. And with a potential spot coming at the top of the draft order, there is a fit. Long way to go, but let the fun begin
  7. Claimable from 8/06 for length of EFL season 12 tpe + 6 tpe for media week 6 tpe for events week @Rockstar
  8. Breaking News!!! EFL Prospect Magazine has just learned that recent transfer Stetson David is declaring his intentions to enter the EFL draft this coming offseason! In an exclusive interview with Stetson, our ace reporter Rony Tomo got the scoop Rony Tomo (RT) Thanks for joining me Stetson, big day for you I’d say. Let’s get right to it. What made you declare for the draft? Stetson David (SD) Happy to be here Rony. Pretty much felt that after a big big offseason, I’m ready to dominate at the ECFA level and I’ll have to find a new challenge the following season. RT: Big words, I like the confidence you have in your game. Do you think EFL teams will see it that way as well? SD: Anyone worth their salt will see it. And anyone that passes me over, will spend a long long time regretting that mistake. I’ll promise you that. Maybe a national championship and a handful of awards will open a few eyes. RT: This draft seems to be very offense heavy, only a couple top end defensive players have set themselves apart. Do you think that’ll make those teams looking for defensive help more likely to try to move up for a top defensive star like yourself? SD: Absolutely I think so. It just makes sense. It seems like the last few drafts have been very offense heavy, so any good defenders get picked up real fast. Even going higher than where they almost should. I can see that happening again this season too. Plus you can never have enough depth in your secondary. I’d imagine if someone lower in the draft has a big need, they’ll try to trade up for me. RT: Inactives have been getting high salaries lately too. The bidding on them has gotten out of hand more than once. Making them the highest paid players on some teams. Thoughts on that? SD: Well if teams wanna pay inactives that, I see some big paydays for myself coming too. I’m gonna be going in better than any fillers and better than most of those inactives too. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be paid better than that. Some teams better get ready to pony up for my talents
  9. Death Valley came hot and heavy with interest in Stetson David after his high school career. While there were many suitors for his services, a chance at a national championship was highest on the wish list for Stetson. In his first season as a Ranger, Stetson led all cornerbacks in tackles with 85. He also added 1 interception and 2 knockdowns. Far from amazing stats, Stetson faced a steep learning curve at the ECFA level, often getting burnt and turned around by bigger and faster wide receivers. He eventually came on stronger throughout the season and helped the Rangers to an 11-3 record. Enough to finish first in the Legends Conference. Ultimately the Rangers fell in the ECFA championship game to the Athens Carnage. Stetson proved to not be a huge factor in the playoffs, but did gain valuable experience. With the turnover in the Athletic Director position in Death Valley, Stetson entered the transfer portal, looking at another title run. He also made the tough choice to take his chances and talents in the next level. He’ll be declaring for the EFL draft and seeing how much teams like him there. That story is yet to come….. When asked about his thoughts on his freshman ECFA campaign, Stetson had this to say: I had a lot of fun this season, all the players and coaches were great to me and great to be around. It’s definitely a high level of football here compared to high school. You come in feeling good about yourself and full of confidence and that first scrimmage in training camp hits hard. I think as I got used to the pace of play and talent, I showed a lot better and had a lot more fun. The whole season and offseason has been a whirlwind for me, definitely looking forward to getting back on the field and lighting it up again. Death Valley was a great start. The AD stepped down partway thru the year, which was tough. We had an amazing fill in AD, and he’s left for the EFL. Maybe I can join him at the next level. I certainly hope that’s the case
  10. EFL Auto 12. Cause I say so. And Season Pass https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/50-donations-guide-index/&do=findComment&comment=342861
  11. 1. No. The New York Herd train is too fast and too powerful. Nigh unstoppable 2. Yes. So much talent. My gosh! It’s unbelievable 3. Maybe. The west is a dog’s breakfast. Anyone that can field 11 breathing bodies could win. 4. Next years draft is the one I’m interested in 5. It’s great. Better ECFA teams and better bottom end EFLers 6. I create them for my own enjoyment. Nothing else. 7. Shouldn’t be. Fillers are the best players to just have fun with position wise. Most kickers are fillers and if you can max out a filler kicker at say 450 tpe, it could be the best kicker in the league for several seasons 8. Hands. Hands is more important than speed. 9. Yes I do. I really enjoy hearing other users points of view 10. If New York won more. Or just moving to a newer version 11. Gotta do a mix of both. Thru the draft takes so long 12. No
  12. Stetson David is a football player thru and thru. From the day he was born, Stetsons parents knew he was destined to be a football player some day. His favourite toys as a kid always had to do with football. He would be transfixed on the TV whenever his uncles or dad would watch games. As a young boy growing up in Canada, where hockey is number 1, Stetson was always more interested in football. He’s probably the only Canadian to never lace up a pair of skates! Starting from his first snap, Stetson was a step ahead of all the other players on the field, and often played with older competition. As a freshman in high school, Stetson started being scouted by many colleges. His hard work and ability to fly all over the football field were amazing, reminding many of the great Dee Fence. He managed 61 tackles, 7 interceptions and 3 touchdowns along with a couple touchdowns on kick and punt returns. All that effort helped his team win the Alberta provincial championship and a 2nd place finish across Canada. Even though the team did very well, Stetson wasn’t satisfied. In year two of his high school career, Stetson stepped things up in a big way. Not only did he out do his first seasons stats, he excelled on the offensive side of the ball as well. He racked up 74 tackles, 11 interceptions and 6 defensive touchdowns. His returning was also very sharp as he scored 5 touchdowns on special teams. His offensive numbers were thru the roof too. He carried the ball 112 times for 967 yards and 11 touchdowns. Stetson also caught the ball 21 times for 290 yards and another touchdown. He scored an astonishing 28 touchdowns over the whole year! Needless to say his team went undefeated thru league and provincial play. They lost one game in the national tournament, but won the national title. In his senior season, things didn’t start out as planned. A broken wrist in the preseason limited Stetson to only playing defense. But he still had 45 tackles, 6 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. All down numbers, but he did help lead his team to another national title. ECFA and EFL teams had long been interested and it’s exciting to follow along to what the next step will be
  13. I admire @AW13 for his work lately, taking on all the shit jobs keeping teams in the ECFA active
  14. Season 36 National Signing Day Please list all Scholarships for your recruits. This thread will open at 12 pm Pacific on Tuesday July 26, 2021 New for S36: Mark your RTP with a * Athens, Manchester, Death Valley, and Hades Creek will have 2 RTP slots for Season 36. Roswell, Trenton, Savage City, and Biscayne Bay will have 4 RTP slots for Season 36. EFLO roster MUST match your Signing Day Original Post. Or else
  15. @zekethatbeast25 you were a vital part of breaking the NY drought and we were happy to have you on board for a solid career! All the best in retirement
  16. Not the way I wanted to go out, but fitting as it happened this way so many times before. Love my Herd team for taking a huge step forward this year. Y’all are gonna do amazing things
  17. Tuff E Bear is a dog actually. And the Goodest of boys
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