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  1. Big penalty on 4th down si sloppy after the timeout lmao
  2. Something is out of whack with how you took the info from the google form, seems like WRs & Flex position are wonky. QB - Randall Staubach (6) RB - Fred Flinstone (7) RB - Xavier Holloway (2) WR - Donald Duck (3) WR - Daniel Johannessen (2) TE - Cormorant Bumblepuff (4) K - Lucas Brandt (3) DEF - Carnage (3) Thats my team per the thread. I can actually go back and look at my responses, which show that I picked Flintstone & other, and Duck & other. So something is broke with the “
  3. If you hover over the timestamp it will give you the exact time/date it was posted, even if it says 5 hours ago or whatever. That's in EST, so 12:37 central
  4. Wow... went kinda under the radar there but going for it on 4th down up by 4 with 2 minutes left.... convert and run out the clock, gutsy.
  5. Will there be over or under 50.5 points scored in the EFL Championship Game? Under Which EFL defender will have the most passes defended (PD) in the EFL Championship Game? Bands In the EFL Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most receiving yards - Taktishcer Vorschlaghammer, Mr. Cornholio, or Antonio Gonzalez? Mr. Cornholio Which team will win the EFL Championship Game? Memphis Will there be over or under 93.5 tackles in the EFL Championship Game? Under
  6. ok exactly the same game for the championship exactly the same
  7. Whew baaby the defense came up big at the right time
  8. Luke was pretty quiet against DV... time to make some noise I think
  9. @DonCutta190 @Spartan @LittleRiDog @osens @Berocka you guys want to contribute here...
  10. Also there was 5 mafia, so at minimum there's 2 more, could be 3 if Eagles wasn't a disguiser
  11. There was a Consig, he died.
  12. It's impossible to have a Werewolf. We have Juggernaut, SK, Amnesiac, and Guardian Angel. There's only 3 neutrals & 1 any role. 100% mafia lie.
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