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  1. Name: Logan Crawford Team: Los Angeles Reign Workout/Equipment Name: +20 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: 7,000,000 Cash you Have: 7,750,000 Cash Left: 750,000
  2. Username: Symmetrik Player 1 Name: Logan Crawford Position: QB Player 2 Name: Casey Archer Position: CB
  3. Those would be half the distance to the goal, not straight to the 1 yard line. It could also be spot fouls like PI where it's not yardage, it just moves the ball up to the spot of the foul.
  4. LA was on my list of approved teams, so my NTC is waived
  5. Fillers aren’t about having fun. They’re called fillers for a reason - they fill the space on a roster when there aren’t enough new players. The veteran members have their EFL players - that’s where their fun is.
  6. Veterans can still have a role and still show how to make a good 199 player - vocally. They’ll be in the smaller roles rather than taking up time from new users. Sure it’s nice for a break - and they can still have that. But someone’s 3rd player as a filler isn’t as important as someone’s first 2 players who are in the NCAA only. New users get priority, and since fillers are getting priority right now, we have to step in and stop that.
  7. Name: Vontae Mack Team: Michigan Workout/Equipment Name: 6 TPE + 1 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): N/A Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  8. The Next Wave. We saw a season ago some inklings of the SYM agency's prospective scouting. We saw a potential list of up to 10 high profile signings, to be the next face of the SYM agency after Logan Crawford and Casey Archer. Some of the players on the list didn't even have a full season of high school football under their belts yet. Now, everyone does, and some have 2. A couple of the freshmen who had initially looked impressive, were not after a full season. We've heard that Cedric Jenkins and Duke Beckett have both dropped off the radar of SYM. With over a full season done, we feel comfortable that we can rank the remaining 8 prospects on their talent. 8. Keshawn Drake, Memphis Central HS The son of former EFL RB Curtis Drake, Keshawn has all kinds of potential, but he hasn't been able to put it together on the field. He's just in his sophomore season, and it's showed. He's been a little all over the place, both in terms of his play and his usage. The coaches have moved him around a lot, and that's played a factor in that he looks lost on defense a lot. The only place he hasn't looked lost is on the bench. He's still got lots of potential just because of his connections, and with a consistent role it might work out better. As of now though, he's been a mess. 7. Jack Turnbull, South Houston HS Turnbull has some skills, he's shown decent ability to read plays on the defense. But the young man out of Houston has been on the bench a lot, and a lot of that is likely attributed to mobility issues. He's not as quick or as agile as you'd like to see out of a safety, but there might be potential for him to get usage as a LB or a box safety. Still, for a player in the midst of his junior year of high school, you'd like to see some more time on the field. He hasn't been able to show his skills as much as prospective agencies would like. 6. Jaylen Drake, Memphis Central HS Jaylen Drake is the other twin son of Curtis Drake. Whereas Keshawn has been on defense, and all over the place there, Jaylen has stuck to offense and has been locked into the starting WR spot for all of his sophomore season. He's been good, but he hasn't stood out and has the 3rd most targets on the team. Those are solid numbers from a sophomore, but when you're trying to find one of the best players in the country and an EFL superstar in the making, you need more than your QB's 3rd option. 5. Shane Hargrave, Flagstaff HS Hargrave has shown a lot of talent. He's a junior QB, and after some easier starts as a sophomore, he's gotten the reins full time as a starter now. He's looked very good. He's smart and methodical, making pretty good reads most of the time. What he seems to lack though is that X-factor. He's a talented QB and the results have showed as he's got good numbers and getting the team wins. But he hasn't created that excitement. Which might not translate well with EFL fans, or even with NCAA colleges and his potential to get drafted high. 4. Luke Holloway, Erasmus Hall HS Luke Holloway is the oldest son of EFL Hall of Fame linebacker Marcus Holloway. Following in his father's footsteps, Luke is trying to make his way as a linebacker. He's looked quick of the line, strong in the run game, making good reads on defense. His father was a legend and led the defense for 4 different teams over his career. He passed a lot of that knowledge down to Luke, who looks like much the same player his father was. He's shown that talent, but it's an incredibly difficult role to play especially at the EFL level. 3. Byron Dolls, Northfield HS Dolls is a running back who shot up the rankings in his sophomore season. As a freshman he saw limited snaps, and he made a lot of mistakes. His running wasn't great, and he fumbled it a whopping 7 times. As a sophomore though he came back, made sure the coaches knew he was a much better player. He's been an exceptional rusher, and he has yet to fumble even once this season. If this is the player he is for good now, he's primed for an excellent EFL career. 2. Xavier Holloway, Erasmus Hall HS Xavier is the younger son of Marcus Holloway. As is often the case with brothers, while Luke went with trying to play defense, that meant Xavier had to try to play offense so they could learn and practice against each other at home. Xavier has stuck to running back, and man is he talented. Exceptional speed, strong on his feet, and very shifty. He's broken a lot of tackles so far, and is dominating against defenses. He showed the same skills as a freshman, getting more snaps as the season went on. He came out as a sophomore getting a boat load and he has been so hard for teams to stop. 1. Spencer Wilford, John Marshall HS When initial reports came out about the 10 prospects the SYM agency was looking at, we saw freshman Spencer Wilford and knew already he was the most talented player there. Now he's a sophomore, and has only improved. He's the best player here. Maybe the best player currently in high school. He's a wide receiver, though that hasn't stopped the John Marshall coach from occasionally lining him up a running back. You can see it when he is back there, he can read the defense better than his QB, often pointing things out to him. His speed is fantastic, his route running is crisp, and his ability to get open has been uncanny. He's so good at disguising his cuts, and he knows exactly when he can look away, and when he can look back to get the ball. He's an exceptional talent.
  9. Name: Casey Archer Team: New York Herd Workout/Equipment Name: Player-Coach Equipment Gain(If applicable): N/A Cost of Workout: $10,000,000 Cash you Have: $10,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  10. Name: Logan Crawford Team: New York Herd Workout/Equipment Name: Fight Against Time + 10 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): N/A Cost of Workout: $14,000,000 Cash you Have: $15,250,000 Cash Left: $1,250,000
  11. Not gonna lie I kinda felt bad at the end there lol, everyone trusted me 100% I got some pretty lucky ones, the first vision was legit, since I was still Psychic at the start of N1, and I knew AW was bad since I attacked him and his defense was too high. Otherwise I just got some pretty good luck with my “visions”. Jhatty got some bad luck on that disguise timing lol
  12. At least one of Wheaties, Alec is good. At this point I believe there's a vampire left? I've seen Alec in an evil vision, and I've seen Wheaties in an evil vision. Seen both of them in a good vision too. And seen Rayzor in a good vision. Rayzor voted out the SK, but didn't vote out AW the werewolf. I think keeping the WW was more beneficial to the vamp cause now he's outnumbered against towns. So it makes sense. I haven't seen him in an evil vision though. Vote @Rayzor_7 I'm not sold on it. But it's my best guess at this point. @Alecbama @Nykonax @Wheaties 5 left so we need 2 more votes
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