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  1. They were retired a while ago, but for carryover. TPE: 1,626 + Improved Carryover (7%) = MAX 100 Carryover
  2. 2 wins, a TD and an INT. Not mad.
  3. The EFCA will see the Manchester Lookout (11-5) go on the road to face the Death Valley Rangers (14-2). Let's take a look at the matchup between the two teams as these two heavyweights will decide the next EFCA Champion. Previous Matchup The Lookout and Rangers faced each other one time during the regular season. This was at Death Valley in which saw the Rangers defeat the Lookout by the score of 34-7. In this game, it was Hinata who went off for the Rangers having 22 carries for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground. For the Lookout, They had a good showing from Dupree who had 82 yards on the ground, but it was not much more than that. The Rangers had 409 total yards and a 33 minute time of possession to really control the game. This was not a good showing for the Lookout who really fixed a lot of their gameplan while winning 4 of the last 5 games to end the season. Key for Death Valley The key for the Rangers is to get the running backs going. Hinata and Thanos are an insane one-two punch, so if they can get them going, it really could be all over. Now, that is easier said than done as the Lookout had the 2nd best running defense in the entre league. They only average 15 points against while scoring 28. So, it is going to be important to get the two headed monster going. That will open the air as well, but this will be the first key. Key for Manchester Do not turn the ball over. I think this could honestly be the most important thing for both teams, but you cannot give the Rangers any more possessions or short fields. I think that Dupree and Empire are good enough to get the job done on the ground for the Lookout. The Rangers have the best run defense and the 5th best pass defense, but they need to stick to their strengths. Do not overthink this and just hand the ball off, and hand the ball off a lot. I think that is the best way to control the clock and limit turnovers. Prediction This is a really hard thing to predict and I really did not want to do it since I have a player on both teams, but I am going to say 28-14 Rangers. I think the ground game for the Rangers is just going to be too much and really capitalize on that. Carswell being a rookie will have a bad turnover or two to really hurt the Lookout. The Lookout will absolutely be back at it next season, but the Rangers are a strong team and will be taking this one and winning the EFCA Championship. Well, I hope you enjoyed this preview of the Championship. Let me know what you think. Do you agree with me? The game will be at 7PM EST, so we will see how right I am after the game. Have a great rest of your night and congrats to another great season!
  4. I did a few series in the past about the new sim that came out this past year in DDSPF21. I thought it may be interesting to go into more reasons why we should update to the new sim. Well, I hope you enjoy reading this! 1. Every player may be built differently Let's take a look at the league now. There's basically a template of how to build a player and everyone looks just about the same. Will that happen in the new sim? Yeah, I mean, it probably will, but will people like to get more traits and less about the attributes? I think there's a lot more opportunity for people to look different. Will different traits only be available to certain archetypes? I think that is a way to differentiate between two people. Will someone get to max speed and then buy a big trait or sacrifice that max, but add the Scat Back trait to catch more balls. What will people do? I think this will allow people to build differently but also be successful in the way they choose. There will not be one right answer, but different ways to get there. 2. It's not about running anymore Defenses can play for teams that run a lot. They can set their Linebackers to be Pass Rush and have their defensive line be more about stopping the run rather than rushing the passer. It can make a huge difference in stopping the run. You will need to have a more balanced attack as if you try to run, the other team will likely just key on that. In the current sim, it's almost impossible to do that. Look at Alexander Rivers in the EFCA. It was impossible to stop him. That shouldn't be the case. You should need a more balanced attack to be successful. 3. The Customized Strategy I think the custom strategies are another reason that the new sim should be considered. You can look at who will wear the radio. How cool is that, so you could, in theory, use that in your pitch for a player. I think there's a "captain" now which is pretty cool. How about how you want to use your Tight End? Do you want your TE to be more catching or blocking? I think it'll allow for different types of players in the league to be useful. How about how to focus on passes? Do you want to have short passes over the middle or long passes on the outside? How will you break down the other team? I think with the new sim, it really allows you to focus on where the weakness is of the opposing team. I think these are 3 reasons to go to the newest sim. There's a ton of different options that are benefits to the league as a whole. I think presentations could still be the same, but there's no longer any timeouts before punting. So, there's 3 reasons why you should think about going to the newest sim. Any questions, feel free to let me know!
  5. Going into the EFCA, Thea Thanos had no idea what would be ahead of her as she entered the league into a storied franchise such as the Death Valley Rangers. There have been such huge names to come from the program. Where would she stack up? Would she even be remembered? There's a lot to think about as she gets ready to go for her second season. But first, let's look back to her freshman season to see where she was. In the 16 games, Thanos had 278 carries for a total of 1,696 yards and 21 touchdowns. That is right, you read that exactly correct. She had 21 touchdowns as a freshman. That is second in the entire EFCA only behind who will likely be the MVP in the entire league, Rivers. She also averaged 6.1 yards per carry which is absolutely fantastic. Considering she was the backup, she has an insane amount of success as a freshman. Will she be remembered? Absolutely, she absolutely will. We did have a chance to catch up with the freshman running back about her thoughts on her Freshman Season. This is what she had to say about the season. The Death Valley Rangers defeated the Biscayne Bay Pirates who had a 15-1 record during the season. They are going to the finals to face the Manchester Lookout. This is going to be a hell of a game. Can Thanos make an impact in a game where it really matters? We shall see.
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