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  1. 2 wins, a TD and an INT. Not mad.
  2. I didn't even notice I did that lol
  3. The EFCA will see the Manchester Lookout (11-5) go on the road to face the Death Valley Rangers (14-2). Let's take a look at the matchup between the two teams as these two heavyweights will decide the next EFCA Champion. Previous Matchup The Lookout and Rangers faced each other one time during the regular season. This was at Death Valley in which saw the Rangers defeat the Lookout by the score of 34-7. In this game, it was Hinata who went off for the Rangers having 22 carries for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground. For the Lookout, They had a good showing from Dupree wh
  4. I did a few series in the past about the new sim that came out this past year in DDSPF21. I thought it may be interesting to go into more reasons why we should update to the new sim. Well, I hope you enjoy reading this! 1. Every player may be built differently Let's take a look at the league now. There's basically a template of how to build a player and everyone looks just about the same. Will that happen in the new sim? Yeah, I mean, it probably will, but will people like to get more traits and less about the attributes? I think there's a lot more opportunity for people to lo
  5. Going into the EFCA, Thea Thanos had no idea what would be ahead of her as she entered the league into a storied franchise such as the Death Valley Rangers. There have been such huge names to come from the program. Where would she stack up? Would she even be remembered? There's a lot to think about as she gets ready to go for her second season. But first, let's look back to her freshman season to see where she was. In the 16 games, Thanos had 278 carries for a total of 1,696 yards and 21 touchdowns. That is right, you read that exactly correct. She had 21 touchdowns as a freshman.
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