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  1. Gnabry Unhappy with Lincoln (Gnabry (7) talking to players during Mini-camp) Reports have emerged that the Mammoths starting kicker/punter, Jadon Gnabry, is growing increasingly frustrated with the team. Sources close to the situation say that Gnabry is upset at the sheer lack of offense displayed by Lincoln through the first couple weeks of the season resulting in him not being able to attempt field goals. One source has even quoted gnabry as saying “I signed here to kick field goals, but all I do is punt and I [expletive] hate punting”. It should be noted that Gnabry has only attempted 1 FG in the first 3 weeks of the season, while he has attempted 20+ punts in the same time span, so there may well be a substantial basis to these rumours. There has been no official statement by either Gnabry or the Mammoths on the situation but it is easy to see why the young kicker would be upset with the team. Having come to Lincoln all the way from Germany with the promise of getting to be a kicker, Lincoln’s weak offense has prevented him from even being able to attempt field goals. Certainly that would be frustrating for anyone. Add on the fact that Lincoln’s defense has been lackluster as well resulting in major losses and it is clear that the situation would be difficult for any player. It remains to be seen if this displeasure will result in any action from Gnabry or Lincoln but things could get interesting if Gnabry continues to feel as though he is wasting his time in Lincoln. Gnabry could opt to sit the rest of the season and enter straight into the EFL draft, certainly he would be lucky to even be drafted but it could offer him the chance to catch on with an EFL team. Gnabry could also choose to transfer for what would likely be his final season in the ECFL though it’s not clear if any team would be willing to offer Gnabry a chance. The final and most likely scenario is that Gnabry talks it over with the team; they get the bad feelings out of the way and move on so they can try to salvage what has been a difficult start to the season. It will also be interesting to see if Gnabry faces any punishment from the Mammoths. Oftentimes when internal conflicts get leaked it results in some sort of disciplinary action for the player who criticizes the team. Gnabry could be benched, suspended or even removed from the team for creating unnecessary conflict and distractions. Though any of those actions would further jeopardize the ability of Lincoln to put together a winning football game. Whatever the case the Mammoths clearly have some issues to resolve here both on and off the field. Sitting at 0-3 with no sign of life, this distraction is the last thing the Mammoths needed. We will continue to update the situation as more information becomes available and of course we wish both Jadon Gnabry and Lincoln the best moving forward.
  2. Gnabry on His First Season (Gnabry practicing his kicks) Jadon Gnabry’s first season with the Lincoln Mammoths was difficult to say the least. The mammoths finished the season with one win to their name, and a bunch of hard fought losses. Personally Gnabry had a decent season, he struggled at some moments to put points on the board for his team. At other times he was absolute money when it came to putting the ball through the uprights. However, most of the action Gnabry saw on the field came through his punting duties. Gnabry had never punted before in his career so for him it was particularly challenging getting used to his new job on the fly. When asked about how he adjusted to punting duties he responded “I just kinda went out there and did it, I watched some youtube videos on how to get more hang time and then I just went on the field and tired it out. That's probably why my first few punts were garbage, but by the end of the season I really got into a groove. I had plenty of practice ya know”. Gnabry also expanded upon his feelings about his first season with the mammoths and where he wants to go from here. “This season sure was tough, we had a lot of hard fought losses and not a lot of wins. All those losses really started to hit the team morale hard, even though I had some trouble getting motivated to get up and practice. However, the coaches kept pushing everyone and the older players kinda stepped up and made sure we kept our minds right. Then our first win came and it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off our shoulders. Getting that first win validated all of our hard work really. I think that will go a long way with the team next season, we can build off our win and continue to work toward making the playoffs. I still think that Lincoln is building a special program and the future is bright. We took our bruises, took our lumps. We fell down and got right back up, and now it’s time to focus on winning”. Gnabry’s comments seem to resonate with the rest of the Mammoths as well. Many other players and staff echoed his sentiment that the future is bright for Lincoln. The Mammoths had many young players on their roster that will be returning for next season and that bodes well for them. Continuity can be a powerful tool in building a winning program. The players will be familiar with the schemes and with one another so things should go much smoother next season. As for offseason development, Gnabry has said that he will return to Germany and work on increasing his leg strength “I just want to go home for a bit, work with some of the trainers from my soccer days and try to really increase my leg strength. That will be important going into next season, I cannot miss those long ranger field goals that could put points on the board for my team”. Whatever is in store for the Mammoths and Gnabry we wish them the best, and hope to see them successful next season!
  3. Pulisic +3 Gnabry +3
  4. 1. My takeaway is that this a young team who have just not had a chance to find their identity yet. This season might be a little rough but the team will come out the other side better than ever! 2. Sometimes being thrown into the fire is the best way to learn. I think that it is a great opportunity for our players to develop and get better! 3. Marcus, because why not? 4. I would play football, but you know like the European version. 5. The offense is just so reliant on the run game, and it showed in this game so being able to mix it up a bit will pay huge dividends 6. Overall I think were meeting expectations, this season is one for developing not necessarily winning. 7. My ideal vacation spot is somewhere in South Carolina on the beach, but not Myrtle Beach because there are way too many people. 8. Before every game I have a large iced vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts and then call my little brothers so they can wish me good luck.
  5. An interview with Gio Pulisic DeSoto, TX - Today at DeSoto Daily we have a special treat, DeSoto’s very own Gio Pulisic has taken time from his busy schedule to give us a call for an interview. The last time that we spoke to the young man he was carrying the state championship trophy off the field in celebration. Since then Gio has committed to play for the Manchester Lookout, and has played in 4 games for them. We check in with Gio as he looks to become the first player from DeSoto to make it to the EFL. Daily: Hello Gio, welcome to the show! It’s so great to hear from you again! Gio: Yeah thanks, it's great to be back on the show. Last time was a really special moment for me so I have good memories about the DeSoto Daily. Daily: Ok, first question, since making the jump to play for Manchester have you noticed a difference? Gio: Oh yeah, the guys in this league are much faster, and stronger. The game is just played at a much faster pace too, so I have had to adjust to that. You know it's obviously a big step up in competition and I'm just taking my time getting used to the new level of play. Daily: What’s your biggest goal heading into this season? Gio: I think just show the coaches that I can continue to improve and continue to keep getting better every week. As a first year player I think it's important to take this time to develop my game and not rush it. I am fine with not starting as long as I can improve on my game this season. Daily: Let’s talk about your new team & teammates, what do you think of them? Gio: If I’m being honest I don’t really interact with my teammates too often. I like to put my head down and get to work, I get into my own little space and I just don’t have time for socializing. However, I will say that from what I’ve seen they’re all good people who are ready to put the work in and get to winning. As for the team, I mean the culture there is amazing. You can tell the coaches really care about the players and they are trying to build a winning program! I’m really excited for the future. Daily: Ok, about winning. You guys are now 2-2, what are your thoughts on the season's start, both the team and personally? Gio: Well you know those losses were tough ones, we really felt like we had a chance in every game we played this season. We just gotta cut down on the mistakes and tighten things up on the defensive side of the ball. As the season moves on I think you’ll see us consistently improving and with that the wins will come eventually. As for myself, I mean I definitely think my best football is ahead of me. I give 100% on every play but sometimes you get beat and there’s nothing you can do about it. So far I’d say i’ve performed admirably but trust me i'm only going to get better. Daily: Alright Gio, thanks for joining us and best of luck! Gio: Aight thanks guys, talk to y’all later!
  6. Gnabry puts through his first career FG! (and the only points of the night for Lincoln). Tough game, just keep grinding!
  7. 1. My goals for this season are to prove I can kick at a high level. Honestly, I hold myself to a high standard so anything less than an 85% conversion rate on FGs would be disappointing to me. So I think that's going to be my biggest goal is keeping my FG% above 85. 2. I think that while the team is young we have some quality players and we should expect to be competitive. Of course there are programs with stronger rosters, at least on paper, than us. So I think we'll make the playoffs but anything more than that and we are exceeding expectations. 3. Oh yeah I am very excited for the future of the school, as I said before we have some real quality young guys coming in who are going to be the building blocks moving forward. On top of that we have a really good AD, he's working his hardest trying to get things done for us and get some more recruits into the program. 4. I never really met @Rockstar I've only heard tales of his time as an AD, and from what I gather he did a good job. I would like to congratulate him on his promotion to the big leagues, and I wish him nothing but success in his career moving forward. 5. I hinted at this earlier but I think our AD is doing an amazing job. You can tell he's trying his hardest to get this program on track to competing for a championship. He's been a good presence in the locker room and is always trying to help the players. Taking over as AD can be stressful and difficult but @Caboose30 has been killing it, I would say. 6. Well my one job for the team is to come in and kick some footballs. The best part of my game as a kicker is my ability to place the ball where I want it, and of course that's going to help me make a lot of FGs. Hopefully those FG's translate into wins. 7. Star Wars for sure. I have nothing against Star Trek, but I grew up on Star Wars so the nostalgia factor is what gives it the edge for me. 8. Honestly I could care less, I will be happy to just get drafted. Being a kicker you are always kinda pushed to the background while the more popular positions are picked, so just hearing my name called in the draft would be amazing. I don't care where I get picked or who picks me, I'll be ready to work.
  8. Lincoln - Sometimes when recruiting teams like to take chances on players they think could be special, players who have flashed potential even if their current skill level isn’t up to par. It appears that the Lincoln Mammoths have taken a big chance on their newest recruit, Jadon Gnabry. Gnabry is a kicker from Stuttgart, Germany, who has played exactly 12 games of American football in his entire career. Yes, his entire football career thus far has consisted of 12 games, which he played his senior year of high school. Gnabry though is well versed in another brand of football, the European brand of football to be exact. Growing up in German it is not hard to understand why Gnabry began his athletic career playing the sport most Americans know as soccer. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and that certainly rings true in Germany. Gnabry from the age of 4 was being groomed as a star on the pitch. After flashing a strong leg and high-quality finishing ability on some youth teams Gnabry signed with Borussia Dortmund, one of the top clubs in the world, at the age of 15. However, after a year at Dortmund, he was worn down and decided to take a break from soccer. Looking for something else to pass his time, Gnabry became enamored with American Football, specifically kicking field goals. After a year of studying and practicing, Gnabry finally convinced his parents to send him to America where he spent his final year of high school. Gnabry joined his school's football team and became the team's starting kicker and punter. In his 12 games of football, Gnabry never missed going a perfect 24 for 24. While it is impressive not missing a single field goal, the fact remains that Gnabry has kicked only 24 field goals in his entire life. With such little actual game experience it is reasonable to question if he can perform at the next level. Further complicating the issue is that Gnabry may also return to soccer where he is still viewed as a top prospect. With his limited game experience and the lingering possibility of a return to the sport he grew up on, Lincoln’s choice to award Jadon Gnabry a scholarship is questionable at best. Now it must be said that Lincoln, Nebraska is not the flashiest city in America, and one can understand how it can be hard to convince recruits to come to play in Lincoln. However, for the team to put a kicker who has played in just a handful of games onto the field they must truly be desperate. Kicker is not a trivial position, Kickers have some of the most stressful and demanding jobs of all. Oftentimes when a kicker comes onto the field it is to decide the outcome of a game, and most teams like to have someone they trust kicking the pigskin. Can Lincoln honestly have that much faith in Jadon Gnabry? More importantly, can they convince the fans that Gnabry will be able to handle the kicking duties throughout the season? Word Count: 512 @Caboose30
  9. +6 Article: +4 Speed (55 > 57) +2 Intelligence (50 > 51) TPE: 68 APE: 68 Bank: 0
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