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  1. Player Name: Jadon Gnabry Current Player TPE: 185 Combine TPE: 14 Player Name: Gio Pulisic Current Player TPE: 176 Combine TPE: 23
  2. Gnabry Unhappy with Lincoln (Gnabry (7) talking to players during Mini-camp) Reports have emerged that the Mammoths starting kicker/punter, Jadon Gnabry, is growing increasingly frustrated with the team. Sources close to the situation say that Gnabry is upset at the sheer lack of offense displayed by Lincoln through the first couple weeks of the season resulting in him not being able to attempt field goals. One source has even quoted gnabry as saying “I signed here to kick field goals, but all I do is punt and I [expletive] hate punting”. It should be noted that Gnabry has only
  3. Gnabry on His First Season (Gnabry practicing his kicks) Jadon Gnabry’s first season with the Lincoln Mammoths was difficult to say the least. The mammoths finished the season with one win to their name, and a bunch of hard fought losses. Personally Gnabry had a decent season, he struggled at some moments to put points on the board for his team. At other times he was absolute money when it came to putting the ball through the uprights. However, most of the action Gnabry saw on the field came through his punting duties. Gnabry had never punted before in his career so for h
  4. Pulisic +3 Gnabry +3
  5. 1. My takeaway is that this a young team who have just not had a chance to find their identity yet. This season might be a little rough but the team will come out the other side better than ever! 2. Sometimes being thrown into the fire is the best way to learn. I think that it is a great opportunity for our players to develop and get better! 3. Marcus, because why not? 4. I would play football, but you know like the European version. 5. The offense is just so reliant on the run game, and it showed in this game so being able to mix it up a bit will pay huge dividends
  6. An interview with Gio Pulisic DeSoto, TX - Today at DeSoto Daily we have a special treat, DeSoto’s very own Gio Pulisic has taken time from his busy schedule to give us a call for an interview. The last time that we spoke to the young man he was carrying the state championship trophy off the field in celebration. Since then Gio has committed to play for the Manchester Lookout, and has played in 4 games for them. We check in with Gio as he looks to become the first player from DeSoto to make it to the EFL. Daily: Hello Gio, welcome to the show! It’s so great to hear from you a
  7. Gnabry puts through his first career FG! (and the only points of the night for Lincoln). Tough game, just keep grinding!
  8. 1. My goals for this season are to prove I can kick at a high level. Honestly, I hold myself to a high standard so anything less than an 85% conversion rate on FGs would be disappointing to me. So I think that's going to be my biggest goal is keeping my FG% above 85. 2. I think that while the team is young we have some quality players and we should expect to be competitive. Of course there are programs with stronger rosters, at least on paper, than us. So I think we'll make the playoffs but anything more than that and we are exceeding expectations. 3. Oh yeah I am very excited for
  9. Lincoln - Sometimes when recruiting teams like to take chances on players they think could be special, players who have flashed potential even if their current skill level isn’t up to par. It appears that the Lincoln Mammoths have taken a big chance on their newest recruit, Jadon Gnabry. Gnabry is a kicker from Stuttgart, Germany, who has played exactly 12 games of American football in his entire career. Yes, his entire football career thus far has consisted of 12 games, which he played his senior year of high school. Gnabry though is well versed in another brand of football, the
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