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  1. (Pulisic Grabs a INT) On the Record: Gio Pulisic Welcome to 'On the Record' a little series that we have come up with where we talk in-depth with an EFL player about their performance in the previous game. Today joining us is Gio Pulisic, who had a monster game for the Wolfpack this past weekend. Unfortunately his team ended up losing the game, but he definitely put himself on the map with his showing. Pulisic has pretty much flown under the radar his whole career, even in the ECFA. He has been a decent role player at the safety position and on a very team friendly contract he has found himself as one of the constants in the Wolfpack secondary. However, he’s not expected to be an impact player, he’s not a star. Which is why when he grabbed 3 interceptions against the Denver Steam it came as a shock to the EFL community. To get a more in-depth look at his insane performance we invited Pulisic to come and talk about what led up to this game and how it felt: “You know to be honest not even I expected to grab 3 picks in one game! Of course I come to each game ready to perform, but grabbing 3 ints in one game is a dream for even the best DBs. The funny thing is that I didn’t really do anything different, I played the same game I do every other day I'm on the field. It just felt like the balls were just falling into my arms, it was crazy. After the first pick I was already hyped, I don’t grab many of those. The second one really sent me, the guys were going insane on the sideline. It was my first time grabbing multiple picks in one game and it just had me walking on cloud 9. The third pick I was really hunting for, the team was in a bad position and we needed to make a stop and then boom the ball was in my hands. It was definitely the best game of my career, and it might not get better than that. The only thing that sucked was that we couldn't pull out the W. The team fought really hard and we had a chance so it was a tough one to take when we couldn’t get the job done. I’m a team guy first, so losing really stung like honestly it kinda overshadowed my performance in my mind. The team was really proud of me, and they were hyping me up in the locker room but losing just really bothered me. Anyway, moving forward I’ll keep doing my best and try to help the team win” Pulisic’s performance was certainly special and fun to watch. Was it a fluke? Probably. However, it still will be one of the best performances of the season. We look forward to seeing if Pulisic can follow up on his performances, or if his production will dip back down to his career average. If Pulisic can take his game to the next level, the Wolfpack will be that much better and poised for a playoff run.
  2. 9th place feels disrespectful given my actual stats kicking and punting the ball are solid. Feels like this rating system punishes too much for being on a team that doesn't score a ton. Which has nothing to do with actually being a good kicker or not. But hey at least I'm on a list and I respect the time and effort you put into this!
  3. Dear Lincoln, As I write this letter, there's so many things I want to talk about and so many people I want to thank, but I’ll try to keep it short. When I first arrived at Lincoln four years ago I was just some cocky kid from Germany who thought he was the best kicker to ever grace this earth. In my first season here we struggled. I think we won only one single game that season, the team didn’t perform on any level and that included me. That season taught me humility, it brought me down to earth and I learned a lot from that experience. In my second season here things didn’t get much better. We continued to struggle and I was so frustrated with losing and not getting opportunities to kick that I thought about transferring to another team. After a long heart to heart with the AD we sorted things out, and I decided to stick with the team who gave me my first opportunity. That season taught me about loyalty, and it's something I will never forget. In our third season things got better, our wonderful AD brought in some really good freshmen who provided the team with a spark. We didn’t make the playoffs that season but we won a couple games and I could tell we were building something special here in Lincoln. The team really came together that season, we became a family. That season taught me the importance of being a team and sticking together, for that I am ever grateful. This season was by far the best season I had at Lincoln. I broke every single kicking and punting record in team history. The team clicked and we made the playoffs! Then we went on a miraculous run to the ECFA championship. Nobody thought we could make it to the championship, hell not even we did at some points. Playing in that championship game was just a life-changing moment, even though we came up short. Even though I missed some big kicks, I really thought that the championship game was the culmination of everything we had worked so hard for, for these last 4 years. From a single win in my first season to conference champions in my last. This past season taught me nothing is impossible even if it feels like it is. My time in Lincoln has helped me grow as both a player and a person. I have learned so many valuable lessons and made so many valuable relationships. I am sad that I have to leave Lincoln now, this place feels like home and I hope that one day I can come back and join the staff, help build another winning team here. Until then I will continue my journey in the EFL. So thank you for 4 years, even though we didn’t end things how we wanted, it sure was a fun ride. To the fans, thank you for cheering me on every step of the way. Without you guys my time in Lincoln wouldn’t have been half as fun. To all my teammates, past and present, you guys were the absolute best! You all have been supportive, fun and just the best group of guys anyone could have asked for. To the coaches and staff, thanks for giving me the opportunity to come play football and show the world my abilities. Thanks for inducting me into the team’s Hall of Fame, even if I think I’m not worthy. Thanks for believing in me and thanks for showing me how to be a winner GO MAMMOTHS, Jaden Gnabry
  4. Gnabry Talks Playoffs & More! (Jadon Gnabry heading to team workouts) Lincoln - Jadon Gnabry’s time with the Lincoln Mammoths has nearly reached its end. As the Mammoths gear up for yet another playoff game in hopes of capturing a title, Gnabry quietly acknowledges that the next game may be his last in a Lincoln uniform. Gnabry, a senior, is the longest tenured player on the team and also the best kicker in Mammoths history. Gnabry holds almost every relevant record for kicking and punting in Lincoln’s record book and there’s only one way he would like to end his illustrious career with the Mammoths, winning it all. Lincoln, coming off a big win against the Rangers, looks poised to give Gnabry a proper send off. We caught up with the young kicker to see how he’s handling the playoffs, the end of his college career and what he might be doing in the future: “I feel good right now, the whole team feels good, we had a huge win the other night and we’re kinda riding the momentum into the next game. We think we have a shot at going all the way, just gotta keep focused and take it one game at a time. Though, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about graduating and moving on. Everytime I come out on the field could be my last at this point so I just want to enjoy it while I can and see where it goes. I am super grateful for everything Lincoln has done for me and I hope we can end our time together on a high note! I mean just looking at how far we have come since my freshman year, to be in a position to challenge for the championship is amazing and I would love nothing more than to bring that thing home. Of course I am looking forward to potentially going into the EFL, some teams have already talked to me in pre-draft interviews! However, those things can wait until my ECFA career comes to a proper close. I can’t wait for that next game, I hope to see all you guys out there, we’re gonna give it our all to bring Lincoln to the top!" Gnabry certainly has the mindset of a winner, which you love to see, and while he may be focused on the ECFA championship certainly some EFL teams have their eyes on him. Gnabry will be entering the draft as the best kicker in the nation, while kickers are not always a top priority, having a good one is a necessity to win. We anticipate Gnabry to entertain at least moderate interest from EFL teams, however, only time will tell. For now, like the rest of Mammoth nation we wait and see if Gnabry and the team can pull off the storybook ending and send their best kicker into the proverbial sunset on top of the world. We wish Jadon Gnabry and the rest of Lincoln the best of luck moving forward and we cannot wait to see their next game! As always, stay happy and healthy! (Word Count: 510)
  5. (Gnabry Practicing at his former High School) Lincoln - A new season, a new start for Jadon Gnabry as he sets his sights on becoming the best Kicker in Lincoln history. However, there is one thing that Gnabry has already accomplished and that is becoming the best punter in Lincoln history. Gnabry may even be able to claim he is the best punter in ECFA history. Certainly the numbers don’t lie when it comes to his punting career. Gnabry holds the ECFA single season record for most punts inside the 20, as well as the ECFA career record for most punts inside the 20. Gnabry is also second all-time in the ECFA for most career punting yards, with a season still to play so he could feasibly take over the top spot. Gnabry is currently 7th all-time in the ECFA for punt yard average at 42.1 yards per punt. Gnabry sits in the top-10 in every relevant punting statistic, and is the record holder for arguably the most important statistic in punting. While Gnabry’s kicking career is less illustrious he has made himself a weapon for his team by being able to pin opponents deep in their own territory and flipping the field. While punters often go unrecognized for their work, Gnabry has stuck with Lincoln through some of the toughest times in team history, so the team and fans really single him out for being a contributor on and off the field. When asked about his legacy as a punter Gnabry had this to say: “You know I came to Lincoln to kick field goals, not to punt the ball. I actually didn’t even know how to punt properly when I started playing for the team, I had only kicked field goals in high school. However, after going through so many games where I had to punt 5,6,7 times I realized I needed to learn how to do it well. So I spent many hours getting punting down to a science, I worked with so many instructors and former punters and eventually we got it right. I know I hold some records or something in punting the ball but for me it really is about helping the team in any way that I can. If I’m not kicking many field goals then this is the only other way I can contribute, so I try to do the best I can. You know alot of people say punting is easy or not important but I think it can really affect the game, it's like having a secret weapon.” With one more season to play Gnabry has a chance to add to his already record breaking punting statistics and further solidify his case for being the best punter in ECFA history. All the while he will be attempting to help Lincoln bounce back from another tough season. Lincoln and Gnabry have another tough season ahead, will his punting skills be able to help them notch some more wins this season? Only time will tell. We wish both Lincoln and Gnabry the best of luck. GO MAMMOTHS !!
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