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  1. Dear Lincoln, As I write this letter, there's so many things I want to talk about and so many people I want to thank, but I’ll try to keep it short. When I first arrived at Lincoln four years ago I was just some cocky kid from Germany who thought he was the best kicker to ever grace this earth. In my first season here we struggled. I think we won only one single game that season, the team didn’t perform on any level and that included me. That season taught me humility, it brought me down to earth and I learned a lot from that experience. In my second season here things didn’t get m
  2. Gnabry Talks Playoffs & More! (Jadon Gnabry heading to team workouts) Lincoln - Jadon Gnabry’s time with the Lincoln Mammoths has nearly reached its end. As the Mammoths gear up for yet another playoff game in hopes of capturing a title, Gnabry quietly acknowledges that the next game may be his last in a Lincoln uniform. Gnabry, a senior, is the longest tenured player on the team and also the best kicker in Mammoths history. Gnabry holds almost every relevant record for kicking and punting in Lincoln’s record book and there’s only one way he would like to end his illustrious
  3. (Gnabry Practicing at his former High School) Lincoln - A new season, a new start for Jadon Gnabry as he sets his sights on becoming the best Kicker in Lincoln history. However, there is one thing that Gnabry has already accomplished and that is becoming the best punter in Lincoln history. Gnabry may even be able to claim he is the best punter in ECFA history. Certainly the numbers don’t lie when it comes to his punting career. Gnabry holds the ECFA single season record for most punts inside the 20, as well as the ECFA career record for most punts inside the 20. Gnabry is also second all-
  4. Player Name: Jadon Gnabry Current Player TPE: 185 Combine TPE: 14 Player Name: Gio Pulisic Current Player TPE: 176 Combine TPE: 23
  5. Gnabry Unhappy with Lincoln (Gnabry (7) talking to players during Mini-camp) Reports have emerged that the Mammoths starting kicker/punter, Jadon Gnabry, is growing increasingly frustrated with the team. Sources close to the situation say that Gnabry is upset at the sheer lack of offense displayed by Lincoln through the first couple weeks of the season resulting in him not being able to attempt field goals. One source has even quoted gnabry as saying “I signed here to kick field goals, but all I do is punt and I [expletive] hate punting”. It should be noted that Gnabry has only
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