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  1. Many thanks for the sim @PigSnout nice bounce back today Wisconsin. The W4 loss still stings a bit but moving forward to next week with a big game against San Francisco that could make or break our season
  2. Nice second quarter bounceback, hope San Francisco holds on in their game
  3. Bruh another GotW?! This is definitely bad news
  4. Ahhh Specriggivi EFL Year 7 Update #1 Year 7 has gone just as well as you'd expect out of the Wisconsin Brigade on paper. The expectations are a bit different this year especially after the amazing 7-year stretch that this franchise has had... maybe something that will never be duplicated in EFL history. The players are getting old. Literally. The average age of the defensive unit on the Brigade is 6.75 (7.125 on offense) so everybody's been around the block or two. This also means that nobody's pressing any panic buttons just yet. There's only a three-game sample size, but there are some bright spots on defense. They are actually leading the league in total yards allowed and currently have the second-best rushing defense. The secondary unit has allowed the 6th most - although they've played both Miami and New York - two pass-happy teams so the numbers may be skewed. Everything should balance out over the course of a 14-game regular season, but the defense is actually respectable - it's just the offense that needs to be tinkered around a bit. Wisconsin will have a game on the road against Minnesota in hopes of evening out their record before they take on the Californian beasts of the West in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These games will be the true test of Wisconsin's merit this year. Tres Uno EFL Year 8 Update #1 There's a reason why nobody in EFL history has ever accomplished a four-peat. Three-peat even. Until the S32-34 Wisconsin Brigade. The team's off to a 1-2 start and the offense has actually shown signs of solid balance incorporating both the pass and the run. The only thing that has plagued this unit -- turnovers. Wisconsin was actually 21 yards away from winning the home opener against Miami in Week 1 and uncharacteristically threw two pick-sixes to New York's Xander Farmer within the first 17 minutes of the Week 3 game, effectively ending the game before it had a chance to play itself out. Tres Uno has gotten off to a nice start, leading the league in receiving yards and touchdowns. In a role that has been 8 years in the making, Uno has finally emerged as the number one target for Cole Kelley after 7 years of Kazmeir/JFH. Not that Uno minded anyways, but this may be his best year to truly showcase his skill and abilities in a leading role for Wisconsin. Who knows, it might lead to something truly special at the end and perhaps that long-coveted WRotY award for Tres Uno. But one thing at a time though and that's getting Wisconsin back on the right path toward the S35 postseason.
  5. 1. I'd probably comment on the fact that my WR Tres Uno has performed up to what I've expected out of him and that's leading the EFL in receiving to date. It's his time to shine now that JFH is out of the spotlight. 2. Negative thing... probably the fact that Yo Mama of Savage City is subpar lol. What can I expect out of a 100 APE quarterback in the ECFA playing with lower-level TPE players? It's been a while since I was at that rank with a skill position player, so it's a nice refresher course for myself. 3. Savage City has surprisingly done well at 3-1 to date, so I guess it's good to know we are better than the other bottom feeding teams in Trenton and Biscayne Bay. We got whooped pretty good by Athens so yeah there's that. As for Wisconsin, we're 1-2 for the first time in a long time. Nice plate of humble pie for ourselves especially after the dominating run we've had the last 7 seasons although I'm not quite ready to pull the plug on this season just yet. 4. I'm gunning for a WRotY out of Tres Uno. Not sure if Specriggivi can do anything meaningful, but it's all about earning team wins at this point. As for Savage City - it looks like teams are already counting us out of the playoffs, saying it's going to be Death Valley and Roswell in the Legends Conference, so I hope we can shake that up. 5. Athens... man, they're good. Scary good apparently. I'd say Death Valley will always have the best shot at topping anybody as they've been so damn good for so long. 6. I give San Francisco the best shot at beating Miami this season. Kinda sucks that Wisconsin isn't in the conversation anymore although I'm not quite giving up on us yet. 7. I expected us to drop at least one game to this point. I chose to remain loyal to my core for everything that they've given us over the span of a career instead of flipping them for shiny new assets. It may prove to be my downfall, but I'll gladly live with the results. I hope we're able to get back to our winning ways and challenge New York/Miami for a postseason ticket. 8. Eeek. I think Biscayne Bay probably has a better shot of getting their first win although I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade wins on their home fields this season. 9. My money's on Nathan Algren although Ajax Cole IV probably has the better arsenal of receiving threats plus the tight end too. 10. No, it's MI2 all the way. 11. For Wisconsin, it's probably our depth in the secondary outside Lemony Snicket and Wally West. I wish I had gotten a legitimate CB2 to help Snicket out 'cause our linebackers are hauling asses but it's the secondary that has lost its #1 ranking all the way down to #6. Again, small sample size so that could easily change. We're still #1 in defensive total yards though. 12. If I had the #1 pick in S35, I'd stay with Dalibor Dvorsky no doubt about it. If I was in this position for S36, I'd go Martin Isaac II no doubt. Perfect replacement for a legend going out the door in Cole Kelley.
  6. Who’s your pick for the EFL and ECFA MVP award this season, and why?
  7. Well... I haven't seen this kind of game out of Wisconsin since I took over... glad to check that milestone off my bucket list
  8. solid read, enjoyed this one very much! Most of what was commented matched up with my intuition feelings of each teams' current situations.
  9. Good stuff, good stuff. Thanks for stepping in @omgitshim
  10. Good game as always @Wheaties I’ll see you again later in the season might as well get that L out of the way so we can grind our way through another fun, competitive season! Hopefully the preseason was just a fluke Weird seeing this much balance in our run/pass numbers but if that’s what it takes to compete this year then let’s do it. On to Week 2 against Toronto
  11. 1,145 words - Claim 1/2 for Week of 6/18
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