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  1. That was tense AF. Good game @Adrest245
  2. Many thanks for simming on Turkey Day @AW13!
  3. 1K+ words, Claim 1/2 for Week Ending 11/26
  4. New York and Toronto Heads over Everybody Else? New York thru 3 Games: W1 v. SEA - W 56-20 W2 @ MIA - W 61-14 W3 v. WIS - W 31-19 Toronto thru 3 Games: W1 v. MIN - W 39-14 W2 @ WIS - W 25-22 W3 v. MIA - W 33-23 When somebody mentioned in the main EFL discord channel that NY and TOR were both 3-0 while everybody else were 1-2, that made me double-check for myself to see how legitimate this actually was. I think it might be. It's been a relatively accepted fact that the four teams in the East are apparently superior compared to the West (at least for this season) with practically all four Western teams in a rebuild of sorts at varying stages of development/talent drain at the moment. Wisconsin surprised people last season before fading down the final stretch to give way to New York and Miami. We all knew that New York was title-hunting this year once again. With the prized offseason acquisition of free safety Cilin Mac Suibhne along with retaining everybody else, the Herd sent a strong message that they were determined to make the final hurdle and bring home an EFL Championship trophy to New York once again. On the strength of their #1 ranked offense and defense, reigning league MVP quarterback Alexander Chase Everett & New York demolished both Seattle and Miami through the first two weeks. Wisconsin slowed down New York's offense (relatively speaking), but the Herd were able to cruise-control their way to a 3-0 mark through the first three weeks of the season. This year, Miami's regression at the quarterback position and elsewhere may prove to be too much for them to maintain their postseason streak... however, the newcomer to the party this season isn't Wisconsin... it's actually Toronto who was in the rearview mirrors of the East for the last few seasons. Now that Toronto and Wisconsin has once again swapped spots in the East pecking order -- Toronto may have actually leaped over Miami for good. On the strength of Toronto's #2 ranked passing offense led by third-year franchise quarterback Martin Isaac II, they were able to dispose of Miami at home by 10 points (although the lead was larger than 10 points for most of the game). Coupled with their 11-point comeback win against Wisconsin the previous week, Toronto has arrived at the party for good. You know everybody in Toronto's got Week 6 marked on their calendar for the first matchup between these two teams... at New York. These two teams will get to tune up their craft the next two weeks against Western teams before the main event. Let's start building up hype here, folks. Who is ACE's Biggest Competitor at MVP this year? I touched on this briefly in the first topic only because I wanted to dive a bit deeper here. Last season, we saw a remarkable apple-and-orange kind of competition for the most coveted individual hardware in the league -- the MVP award, between New York's Alexander Chase Everett and Wisconsin's running back Captain Cutthroat. Let's check out their hand-computed numbers. ACE thru 3 Games: 92/147 (62.6 Comp%), 1,211 Passing Yards, 12 TDs, 4 INTs CC thru 3 Games: 107 Carries, 441 Yards (4.1 YPC), 13 Catches for 157 Yards We all know what ACE brings to the table as the playcaller behind New York's #1 ranked offense. His numbers speaks for itself, although the two interceptions against Wisconsin in Week 3 stings a little bit. Captain Cutthroat continues to lead the league in rushing and even added a 100+ receiving yard game in the New York loss -- however, the drawback to his candidacy last year (and this year too) will be the lack of touchdowns and Wisconsin's 1-2 start/potential of missing the playoffs. We may have a third fruit in the MVP picture this year. I present to you... Toronto's young quarterback Martin Isaac II. MI2 thru 3 Games: 88/140 (62.9 Comp%), 1,158 Passing Yards, 8 TDs, 1 INT Martin Isaac II's leading his team to a playoff spot if the season ended today. His numbers are every bit as good as ACE's. He's got a solid arsenal of receiving options (although not as "top-end" as New York) but the Skyhawks sure are clicking through the airways. Keep an eye on MI2, he could very well surprise everybody and maybe steal some votes if he's able to outperform ACE in their two regular season matchups this year. Who Wins the West??? In an interesting twist, all three Western teams have won one game and lost twice already. The competitive parity is real in this conference, which has gained a reputation for fielding postseason races all the way until the very last game of the regular season in recent years. In Week 2, San Francisco and Los Angeles beat Minnesota and Seattle respectively. Then Minnesota dominated Los Angeles and Seattle squeaked by San Francisco. This is starting to get wild. Minnesota's remained true to their ground and pound attack despite the talent drain. Los Angeles is an exciting team to watch as their young skill position players develop. Seattle is basically Minnesota-lite and San Francisco is trying to make something out of inactive quarterback Tactique Marteau in spite of their shortcomings in other areas of the roster. The West gets a two-week break from each other before we see the Californian battle between San Francisco and Los Angeles and the Ground & Pound battle between Minnesota and Seattle. This will definitely help us get a better picture of how the West will truly finish out this year. Who wins the West this year? My early money is probably on Minnesota with Los Angeles coming in as a surprise second although this could easily go wrong. The difference maker in the end will be if any of these Western teams are able to steal a win from any of the Eastern Conference teams. Corn's End of Season Standing Predictions East: 1) New York 2) Toronto 3) Miami 4) Wisconsin West: 1) Minnesota 2) Los Angeles 3) San Francisco 4) Seattle
  5. I’m going to go out on a limb and say East goes NY-Toronto-Miami-Wisconsin this season. West will shake out like this: Minnesota-Seattle-San FRANCISCO-LA. as for the ECFA - I’m fully gunning on a SYIV monster season that will help Athens run the table for the reminder of this season as we see all top4 picks from next season come from Athens.
  6. SYIV with the pick-six, nice. guess that family curse is indeed over
  7. Crazy how Wisconsin outgained NY in total yards (2 yards shy in passing too!), dominated the time of possession and still lost by 12 points
  8. It’s a white flag kind of season, could care less
  9. Lemme guess, no 3Q scores for us?
  10. FINALLY A NON-GotW. Still gonna get rung up for a L tho
  11. Ahhh Specriggivi EFL Offseason 10 Update #2 Most of the dust has settled in from the whirlwinds of all the EFL offseason transactions. A good number of players switched teams in free agency and we saw a strong S38 Draft Class come into the ranks - which bodes quite very well for the league as a whole depth-wise. If this league can string together two or three more draft classes like this one, we could potentially see all teams become more competitive or... even expansion? Well, probably not the latter as the EFL might not want to risk another contraction. Specriggivi has filed his retirement papers within the league and plans on finishing out this season with the very same team that drafted him ten seasons ago - the Wisconsin Brigade. The defense were able to retain everybody from last season's #1 ranked unit - however, the squad was able to add a young promising rookie defensive back in Fandon Solanin through the Draft with the #5 overall pick. Solanin and his long-distant relative wide receiver Wandon Rolanin, who was also drafted with the 4th overall pick, should slot in a starting role on their respective units immediately. Specriggivi looks forward to another strong year with the Wisconsin Brigade, competing for tackles alongside Yalla The Biter and Artur Bonner on the second line of the Brigade defensive ranks. It'll be an uphill climb in the East with the ever-growing Toronto Skyhawks group as well as the championship-gunning squads in New York Herd and Miami Neptune who basically won the offseason by hogging all the prized veteran free agents. With the Western Conference basically in shambles, there is a growing call from the State of Wisconsin to make the EFL a single-conference where the top-four best teams can truly qualify for the playoffs. Will it ever become reality?
  12. As a GM, it's definitely the busy nature of the drafts (scouting / talking shop with prospects), all the FA talks and trades with other teams. As a player, I hated the long idle time because there wasn't any games going on. But all the offseason TPE, spending doodles of banked TPE and mock drafts were pretty cool I guess. The best thing of the offseason is really the preseason sim. There's so much energy and excitement all around from all 8 teams... until reality sets in on Week 1.
  13. You're too kind to Wisconsin imo. I'm banking on Toronto's growing offense taking them a step above Wisconsin's this year.
  14. 2.75M and a trout dinner for the shark
  15. 2.75M and a full-body massage
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