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  1. Winner winner chicken dinners for you all!
  2. Your predictions are due by EFL 1st Round of Playoffs Kickoff (Saturday, October 23, Time TBA). #3 NEW YORK HERD VS. #2 MIAMI NEPTUNE Line: Miami (-5.5) ----- If NEW YORK wins, pick NEW YORK. If MIAMI wins, but by 5 or less, pick NEW YORK If MIAMI wins by 6 or more, pick MIAMI
  3. Ahhh Specriggivi EFL Year 2 Update #3 It's been a while since I was last here. Sheesh. Been a wild ride in real life, but I'm trying to get my stuff together and return to my routines. Wisconsin's defense may not be as formidable as they once were (compared to the last two seasons) in terms of team statistic rankings, but this unit still gets the job done when it matters the most and that's on the scoreboard -- allowing fewer points than the other team are, to the tune of a 13-2 record through 15 games. With this mark, Wisconsin has officially clinched home field advantage throughout the postseason for as long as they're playing. Specriggivi ranks second on the team in tackles with 114 through 15 games -- just behind TJ Dunne who's coming off a career-best game with 17 tackles agains the Minnesota Frontier (Specriggivi finished with 12), as Dunne has a total of 130 to date. However Specriggivi is neck and neck with Dunne for the team lead in pass deflections (15 through 14 games) -- which speaks volume to Specriggivi's multi-dimensional game, not just as a run-stopper but as a competent coverage linebacker too. Tres Uno EFL Year 3 Update #3 Tres Uno has been putting together a nice third-year campaign of his own. It's always tough when you're the third-best receiver on a pass-happy team and you also have a competent tight end who happens to lead the team in receptions (through 14 games). The trio of Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen, Demetric Kazeir and Tres Uno have all accumulated over 1,100 receiving yards apiece and combined for 39 receiving touchdowns. This group has been a huge part of Wisconsin's success and run of dominance over three seasons (including this year). A positional award isn't quite in Tres Uno's range yet -- however his focus is fully on helping Wisconsin accomplish a huge FIRST in EFL history-- and that's pulling off the three peat. While the Western Conference seems a little weaker in general, Wisconsin still faces stiff competition in the East -- namely the Miami Neptune, Memphis Mambas and the New York Herd -- who all have given Wisconsin either a loss or a run for their money in the teams' two regular season matchups. If Uno and Wisconsin can make it out of the East in the postseason, odds are looking good for this team.
  4. Congratulations to you all on accurately predicting San Antonio’s continued dominance over San Francisco! An extra entry you all shall receive
  5. Your predictions are due by EFL Week 14 Kickoff (Saturday, October 16, Time TBA). SAN ANTONIO WOLFPACK (5-7) VS. SAN FRANCISCO FRENZY (7-5) Line: San Francisco (-4.5) ----- If SAN ANTONIO wins, pick SAN ANTONIO. If SAN FRANCISCO wins, but by 4 or less, pick SAN ANTONIO If SAN FRANCISCO wins by 5 or more, pick SAN FRANCISCO
  6. Congratulations to all of you lucky dogs for the Phalanx beating the spread with a 6-point loss!
  7. (Insert witty gif here about the lottery) You know the drill. You have until Sunday, October 31, at 11:59 P.M. EST to get your entry in. Or not. The choice is yours. (I'd advise you to enter)
  8. Your predictions are due by ECFA Week 10 Kickoff (Saturday, October 9, Time TBA). ROSWELL ENCOUNTER (-7.5) vs. HADES CREEK PHALANX ----- If HADES CREEK wins, pick HADES CREEK. If ROSWELL wins, but by 7 or less, pick HADES CREEK If ROSWELL wins by 8 or more, pick ROSWELL
  9. Ahhh Specriggivi EFL Year 2 Update #2 Wisconsin Brigade currently sports the #1 ranked rushing defense and you can bet your sweet ass that second year linebacker Ahh Specriggivi has a large part to do with the team’s stinginess. Sure, Wisconsin has gotten out to early leads, which usually forces the other team to pass early and often, sometimes abandoning the run. Regardless of this game flow, Specriggivi has been disruptive in the backfield once again this season despite the regression of his two other linebacker mates. Specriggivi is a bit off the league leading pace, but he’ll catch soon enough and even maybe climb up a rank or two amongst the tackling leaders this season like he did in his rookie season. The fact that Specriggivi is still in his second season is very incredible on top of that. Tres Uno EFL Year 3 Update #2 This guy is ready to rock and roll. However it appears as if Uno and his offensive teammates have hit a bit of a rut after steamrolling through the first three weeks of the season or so. There was the 14-point offensive display against the winless Minnesota Frontier, followed by a squeaker against the Toronto Skyhawks. Wisconsin was able to maintain their winning ways today with a victory over San Antonio, but it involves surviving a fourth quarter comeback attempt. what happened to this so called offense that was simply too much to be true? The unit that no other team could keep up with on paper? That’s something that Wisconsin hopes to solve before it is too late.
  10. Congrats you all on accurately predicting the road upset!
  11. I know it's technically October 1st but wanted to give you all one more opportunity to get an extra entry in for September! Your predictions are due by EFL Week 6 Kickoff (Saturday, October 2, Time TBA). MEMPHIS MAMBAS VS. DENVER STEAM (-4.5) ----- If MEMPHIS wins, pick MEMPHIS. If DENVER wins, but by 4 or less, pick MEMPHIS If DENVER wins by 5 or more, pick DENVER ----- October's Lottery will be released shortly!
  12. That was a weird looking win for Wisconsin. Not what I expected but let’s move along and take care of Toronto before the Western swing
  13. That’s a kick to the nuts right there. Oh well, everybody’s bound to hit pay dirt once in a while. on to Week 2 and get this Brigade army rolling
  14. Ahhh Specriggivi EFL Year 2 Update #1 After some uncertainty and off-season madness, we’re at the start of S30. Wisconsin lost defensive back Mizzed Tackle to retirement, sending him out properly after his faithful service to Wisconsin through the good and the bad times. There is a bit of a shuffle in the secondary with safety Donnie Polamalu being the lone new face on this veteran laden defense. Speaking of which, Specriggivi earned the Defensive Rookie of the Year award and was among one of the finalists for the LBotY award. Won an EFL title on top of that too! Not bad. With fellow linebacker Gustav Palpaturner and TJ Dunne going through another round of regression, it appears that Specriggivi will b counted on now more than ever before to be a disruptive force within the first two lines of defense, challenge accepted. Tres Uno EFL Year 3 Update #1 Tres Uno and his Wisconsin Brigade offensive squad is ready to make history. Only five teams have pulled off back-to-back titles but none has successfully completed the trifecta. The Brigade was able to keep everybody on the offense minus kicker Jadon Gnabry who was an unfortunate cap casualty. Yeah. That’s right - Wisconsin arguably has the best offense of the league once again and they’re determined as ever to really make their mark on the EFL history books. Preseason went fairly well with a commanding win over Toronto Skyhawks who are in a bit of a rebuild of their own. The defense is aging, so the offense will absolutely have to pick up the slack this season. But the odds are looking pretty good if you ask me.
  15. https://vhlforum.com/topic/108408-that-dude-ready-for-4th-season/?tab=comments#comment-872744 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/59885-cooper-no-place-like-vancouver/ +2
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