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  1. damn the East got a little more competitive after today. Wondering when the other 3 games are gonna be presented?
  3. McCorn/Cornholio Year 8 Update #2 What a difference a week truly makes. As of last week, McCorn was looking at a stinker of a season before he suddenly woke up with a 3-interception day in Week 5 against Toronto Skyhawks' quarterback J. Terrafrom. While this is largely expected from a rookie quarterback on an expansion team to make that many mistakes -- all three of his interceptions conveniently ended up in McCorn's hands and one was returned for a pick-6, McCorn's first since S19. Yes, he did not have a pick-6 in his DPotY season, which is kinda weird. But yeah, Wisconsin seems to have prevailed to become the second best team in the EFL right now with a 5-1 record, with their lone loss coming against the undefeated Memphis Mambas. These Brigade are cruising along with a Top-3 offense and a solid defense and McCorn leads the league in pass deflections and is tied for seventh in interceptions. Not bad for somebody who supposedly regressed this past offseason. Mr. Cornholio and his Memphis Mambas teammates continues to win week in, week out as the lone undefeated team to date. They've survived scares the last two weeks, both coming against expansion teams. Was it a matter of the expansion teams overachieving or the Mambas underperforming, but getting by on talent and experience alone? In an interesting twist of tales, the veteran Cornholio seems to be on the bottom of the pecking order in the passing game. Fellow receiver Vorschlaghammer leads the pack in receiving yards while tight end Antonio Gonzalez has been raking in the receptions and is a close second in yards. Second-year running back sensation Dale Cooper has emerged in the passing game and and is second on the team in receptions. Cornholio is actually neck and neck with third-string receiver Gus Bus in the passing game.... dafuq? Cornholio also recorded his worst receiving yard game in Week 6 when he recorded just 29 yards, ten yards off his previous worst mark which was when he was a member of the L.A. Reign in S17. Sad face indeed.
  4. Big game between Winconsin and SA
  5. unacceptable Memphis. we need to destroy this expansion team.
  6. Damn, Vince C playing like a MVP McCorn... meh, time to hop on the Montgomery for DPotY bandwagon
  7. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/49088-classifying-the-sba-teams-in-s47/ +6 SBA
  8. 1 over 2 Carson 3 Hades Creek 4 over 2250 5 Markstrom 6 over 7 Cardwell 8 Gunner 9 better 10 over
  9. McCorn/Cornholio Year 8 Update #1 Lester McCorn and his Wisconsin Brigade teammates suffered a devastating loss at the hands of the Memphis Mambas in S21 Week 3, the teams’ first meeting since the S20 Eastern Conference Championship matchup. It wasn’t close at all as Memphis unloaded on Wisconsin after figuring out an answer for the Brigade’s offense. Meanwhile, the Mambas passed all over what was thought to be the strength of the Brigade’s defense, the secondary. McCorn has not quite lived up to his S20 DPotY campaign at all. Even though he has played against three top teams so far and hasn’t had the chance to feast on weak teams, the fact that McCorn has zero interceptions and maybe 2 or 3 pass deflections is troublesome. What a bum, one-yeR wonder. Life continues to be good for Mr. Cornholio, the veteran wide receiver for the Memphis Mambas. His team is off to a 3-0 start and Cornholio has been a significant contributor this year now that the Mambas are two-strong at the position. Hybrid back/receiver Dale Cooper has been nothing but sensational and wide receiver Tiktakschler Vorschlaghmmer is just ridiculous with his 100 strength. Tight end Antonio Gonzalez rounds out the offense and they are all getting their plate and eating it up whole. With the big Week 3 test out of the way, these Mambas could reach the halfway point of the season undefeated if cards fall their way.
  10. Brigade-Mambas gonna be lit
  11. Monday ECFA Week 3 Mammoths @ Pirates Tuesday EFL Week 3 Steam @ Kraken Wednesday ECFA Week 4 Mammoths @ Growlers Thursday EFL Week 4 Herd @ Mambas Friday ECFA Week 5 Phalanx @ Growlers Friday EFL Week 5 Skyhawks @ Brigade
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