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  1. I think the obvious choices for both Leagues, are the QB's of Ajax Cole and Martin Isaac II. They have both been absolutely lights out so far this season and have their respective teams in prime position for a title run. The glory position of QB always elicits priority votes when it comes to award time, but in this case it's warranted with the quality of play from both of these guys.
  2. I'll take that defensive performance for grandpa Boom.
  3. 1. The off-season ended, how prepared are your players for the new season? Well one is preparing for retirement and the other is hoping to make an impact this season at WR for the Herd, so mixed feelings. 2. Pre-season games already happened, how do you feel about your players performances? Pre-season games are just glorified warm-ups tbh. I'd be surprised if the QB wasn't playing long-snapper or some other wacky shit. 3. Do your players have any pre-game rituals and if so, what is it/ or are they? No, not really. Just get to the game and get ready. I don't need voodoo or anything weird. 4. When not playing football, what do your players do for entertainment? Sleep, eat, f*ck. Repeat. 5. Name one move that you have seen recently and why you enjoy it. The coaxing of my player JD Boom back from the verge of retirement by @Wheaties I guess it's now or never. 6. What is one hidden talent that your players have? MY players have zero talent away from the field. Honestly, even that talent is limited. 7. If you were to host a party for your teammates, what's on the agenda? Booze, women(or suitable companions to meet pronoun requirements), great food and music. 8. Do your players come from backgrounds in the sport or have they worked hard and got here on their own? Honestly, I can't remember the backstory of either of my players. They are probably boring anyway, so no great loss. 9. Do your players have any rivals and if so who are they? I try not to embrace hate, so I just appreciate playing against the plethora of talent here in the EFL. 10. Do your players have any idols and if so who are they and why? I don't idolize anyone, but I do respect the players that have come before me and established records and championships in the EFL. 11. What goals do you strive for when creating or recreating? Simply creating and naming a player that will keep me motivated/interested for a career. I get bored more easily these days. 12. Time to be thankful again and thank either a GM or AD who helped you out so far. Both current GM's @oilmandan and @Wheaties have been good to me and patient when I need to make career decisions etc.
  4. I'm taking the non-combative road on this. Hey Cutthroat, JD Boom is going to break your neck this season, you pussy.
  5. Tough question tbh, but despite not offering an actual solution, recruitment/retention are real issues that I know the Admin has been trying to fix. I applaud the efforts and hope that it eventually pays off. The EFL would obviously benefit from more users and created players, maybe even to the level of the return of a team or two which would be awesome. Overall the league is trying to do what it can, but those new players would really help.
  6. SBA Quotes and VHL.com articles/graphics/podcasts for 1 TPE each. Max of 2 uncapped TPE.
  7. With another season of development behind them, A.C.E. and Cutthroat could develop into a strong combination for New York, but true chemistry might be the season after if I'm being completely honest.
  8. UZI®

    MW Shit

  9. What a way to end my time in Miami. Congrats WIS and thanks to MIA for having me for a while.
  10. Seemed like a good game. Congrats LA.
  11. Broken record, but I'm never going to like this.....
  12. Looking forward to some high quality ECFA action!
  13. As usual my support did nothing. Sorry BBP.
  14. For no particular reason, let's go Pirates.
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