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  1. brenstl

    S18 EFL Week 6

    Let's go Mambas Reign Herd!
  2. Oh, umm, okay then.
  3. brenstl

    S18 EFL Week 5

    Oof, rough week.
  4. brenstl

    S18 EFL Week 4

    At least my players didn't both lose?
  5. brenstl

    S18 EFL Week 3

    Both my players won, and did decently. Neat.
  6. brenstl

    S18 EFL Week 2

    Not the best start for LA.
  7. brenstl

    S18 EFL Week 1

    Well damn great game by Oshiomogho wasted
  8. Well my dudes did alright.
  9. Name: Lamarcus Oshiomogho Team: LA Reign Workout/Equipment Name: 20 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: $7,000,000 Cash you Have: Apparently 8,500,000 Cash Left: I guess that leaves $1,500,000
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