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  1. Also what are the odds that I swing through for my bi-monthly EFL check in right as I'm pinged in this article?
  2. Would they still do so if it was just way more expensive though? Like if it takes triple the TPE to add to Speed as it does to get the equivalent amount in a few other atts, at what point does another option just get more efficient? This is something we also addressed with the hybrid changes in the VHL. On top of SC being broken, DF, SK, and PH were also just better than like every other attribute. We played with ratios until those became expensive enough to stack that it encouraged some build diversity.
  3. About time. Wisconsin comes off my do-no-be-drafted-to list!
  4. Wraiths come back and score 2 TDs in the last 6 minutes to beat the 9-0 DVR and don't get game of the week, I sleeeeeeep
  5. It's been a while since I've written anything in this league, and I suspect many of you don't recognize my name at first glance these days. We are pretty far gone from the heyday of Boaty McBoatface and the far less successful Jean Christophe. I've finally dragged myself and a couple players back in the draft. First off, we have Boaty McBoatface Jr., following his father's footsteps in the RB position. So far, he hasn't seen the same personal success as his old man, but he's on a tear this season. On defense we have Rasmus Winther, a FS just like the completely unrelated Jean Christophe. I know the whole ranking draft destination thing has been done to death, including by myself. I'm going to do something a little different here though. Today, I'll be ranking the teams that I specifically do not want to play for. Any unranked team is one I would be more or less equally happy to go to on draft day, but anyone listed here would be met with varying degrees of distaste. Let's get this ball rolling and get ready for some tears (probably not, who actually cares about being on a late 2nd rounder's no-draft-list?). 1. San Antonio Wolfpack Love the city, love the logo, but I've already done my time there. I made a big deal on each of my last players testing FA together and heading over to SA to win a cup, but they didn't really meet much success there, I believe even missing the playoffs at one point. No hard feelings to AW, but I really don't want to end up there again, not yet anyways. 2. New Orleans Kraken Kinda similarly, each of my last players spent varying degrees of time here. Also once again, they saw very little success, and I'm genuinely not sure if either Boaty Sr. or Christophe even made the playoffs once in New Orleans. Apologies Latti (I believe he was the GM at the time) and Caboose, but in my eyes that franchise is on the level of Davos or New York in the VHL. Forever cursed and something to avoid. 3. Wisconsin Brigade Ugly logo, uglier GM. 4. Memphis Mambas We're hitting the point where I don't expressly hate the idea of going to these teams, but I moreso just have some level of apprehension. With Memphis it comes down to everything I've ever said about the franchise in the past. I have no idea where goddamn Memphis is and I don't care to learn. I'm halfway convinced it only exists to be a city for a team in this particular sim league. Prove me wrong. 5. Denver Steam I have no idea what it is, but train-related branding has always been such a turn off to me. There hasn't been anything threatening about trains in any fashion since the days of tying a damsel in distress to the tracks in silent flicks. Plus I spent several years commuting on a route that had me cross 3 train tracks every day, including one next to a CN terminal or whatever so the trains would frequently stop over the crossing for over 30 minutes. Yeah, I just don't like trains. So that leaves us with Toronto, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle as franchises that I would prefer in the upcoming draft. No particular order, and I won't be putting any thought into a ranking there because I'm past my word count. See ya, losers.
  6. Me still looking for a challenge after clobbering the other 4-0 team:
  7. TIL that a safety in OT doesn't end the game
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