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  1. smh why i even gotta sign up for this Username: Enorama Player 1 Name: Boaty McBoatface Position: Running Back Player 2 Name: Jean Christophe Position: Free Safety
  2. San Antonion + Seattle >>>>
  3. Enorama

    S18 EFL Week 5

    Boaty dropped like a thousand passes holy shit. Christophe with a big INT tho
  4. Enorama

    S18 EFL Week 5

    @oilmandan what's with the angry react eh?
  5. Enorama

    S18 EFL Week 5

    what about their sitting
  6. Enorama

    S18 EFL Week 4

    Big W in the end lmao. 3 TDs for McBoatface 2 INTs for Christophe Ya love to see it
  7. Enorama

    S18 EFL Week 3

    2 Bad Kick 2 Good
  8. Please post your Affiliate check links for the month of February 2020 here! Remember: that PTs you are claiming must have been posted in February and must be a task that is included in the list here. You can earn 1 uncapped TPE for a VHL task and 1 uncapped TPE for a SBA task.
  9. TIL coyotes and wolves are the same thing
  10. Enorama

    S18 EFL Week 2

    163 yard L LMAO
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